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If You Like Pandora Hearts, Then You Ll Love Crimson Shell, Jun Mochizuki Sensei S Debut Rescued From The Darkness By Xeno, A Mysterious Swordsman, Claudia The Rose Witch Is The Foundation Of The Crimson Shell, A Special Division Of The Red Rose An Organization Aiming To Capture The Results Of One Mad Scientist S Experiments, The Deadly Black Roses But When Xeno S Loyalties Are Called Into Question, Will Claudia Be Strong Enough To Believe In Her Dearest Friend And What Is The Color Of The Rose Blooming In Xeno S Heart A Deep, Passionate Crimsonor A Traitorous Jet Black Crimson Shell is the debut manga for the talented Jun Mochizuki It demonstrates just how good she is at plot twists that you don t actually expect to be coming.I enjoyed every moment of this single volume series but wish that it was longer My favorite character ended up Wilhelm, a sort of bodyguard character with very questionable personality resemblance to two later characters for Pandora Hearts, Vincent Nightray Baskerville and Xerxes Break Kevin Regnard.Mochizuki knows how to pull the reader into the narrative and make them second guess themselves without compromising the story If you are a fan of Pandora Hearts or The Case Study of Vanitas, why not give her debut series a read as well I am now even worried about Noe and Vanatas. An exquisitely dark steampunk fantasy drawn in the romantic shoujo ai style of Jun Mochizuki, which evokes dolls, toys, fairytales, and magic The theme and plot grows from the concept of roses being people with special powers Many of these people are in the Crimsell Shell Organization which supports and controls Claudia, its Rose Witch Outside the organization are the Black Roses, who hunt her.Not all of her enemies are outside Someone within Crimson Shell is a traitor Someone is out to get Claudia This enemy is revealed, breaking Claudia s heart, forcing her to draw on reserves of inner strength, while she discovered how much complicated her betrayal is than it appears on the surface The plot involves a deepening mystery of magic and suspense, punctuated by moments of humor and character driven quirkiness For a single volume, this manga delivered a stunning amount of development and depth, ending in tragedy, yet the sadness contains a note of hopeful bravery which is inspiring If you want a taste of Mochizuki sensei can deliver in her beautiful stories, I recommend you check this out. So fun to see Pandora Hearts elements in a different context, with a story that s really good for a oneshot. Jun Mochizuki s never fails to impress, even with her debut manga volume I love both Pandora Hearts and The Case Study of Vanitas, so it came as no surprise that this would be great The plot was full of unexpected twists and turns and an interesting magic system My only qualm is its length The world and characters weren t fleshed out enough for it to be a 5 star read The ending was pretty open ended, but in a good way It keeps you guessing what could possibly happen next in this world without really needing any concrete answers If you enjoyed any of Mochizuki s other works, this is not one to miss Rescued from the darkness by Xeno, a mysterious swordsman, Claudia the Rose Witch is the foundation of the Crimson Shell, a special division of the Red Rose an organization aiming to capture the results of one mad scientist s experiments, the deadly Black Roses But when Xeno s loyalties are called into question, will Claudia be strong enough to believe in her dearest friend And what is the color of the rose blooming in Xeno s heart a deep, passionate crimsonor a traitorous jet black This was one of the first manga I have ever read and I loved every single second of reading it The characters are all very well made you just cannot help but love them Their personalities were all very different from each other, so I did not feel like everyone was the same The villains in my opinon were also just as good as the good guys They actually had a good reason to do the wrong thing and be the bad guys I will not tell you the reason as that would be a spoiler I just loved Claudia She was not weak and she fought for the people she cared about and was not just a damsel in distress The plot was just awesome and creative What I really liked about this is that there is no other setting than the Crimson Shell headquarters All the battles are in the headquarters, all the conversations, and all the investigating everything is in the headquarters I personally thought that was kind of cool because Crimson Shell IS the story and Crimson Shell IS the plot The whole story is about the Crimson Shell and all of it s very adorably awesome characters The relationship between Xeno and Claudia was very sweet and cute I thought of it as a brother sister relationship than a couple relationship The ending was pretty good to There were alot of questions to be answered but I was pretty satisfied I loved the open ending because I could decide the fate of all the characters myself which is what I think Jun Mochizuki was going for The art was wonderful The characters all looked very different from eachother so I was not guessing who I was looking at the whole time The backgrounds were pretty good to I was very happy to have found out about this manga and Jun Mochizuki s other work Pandora Hearts.You can find this review at my blog LaLovelyStories.wordpress.com I ve read and enjoyed the first two volumes of Pandora Hearts by the same mangaka While waiting to get further into that extensive series I decided to try out her appealing looking single volume complete story.Crimson Shell centers on Claudia the Rose Witch and the mysterious and deadly Black Roses who wage war on her Red Rose organization searching for something they possess Red Rose could be in trouble, because there seems to be a traitor aboutThis is a pleasantly ambitious story for a single volume, with a good number of characters, mystery elements, several twists and a plot important magic system Overall it all works but it certainly could ve benefitted from being somewhat longer, particularly in giving details about the magic system and Red Rose organization and letting the tension build at key points That said the intrigue and main plot are really well done and several characters surprisingly deep and well developed given the short average screen time The art is very good Strong character designs, appropriate body language and facial expressions and cleanly depicted action support the story well The backgrounds are often sparse but well detailed often enough that you really don t notice unless you re looking for it.Crimson Shell is a decent little stand alone story that s certainly worth a read despite feeling a tad rushed It made me even interested in reading of the author s other work.10 13 2013 This was pretty good I wish it were a series, because I think there s a lot to expand upon.The only complaint I really have is how rushed it is Little is explained, and what is explained has such a sloppy explanation probably do to page constraints that it s hard to understand It s like Mochizuki sensei tried to cram a three or four book series into one book.I would ve liked to see , since there s a lot of promise for this. At first glance, I really liked the art for Crimson Shell, so I couldn t help but buy it Although it took me a while to finally sit down and read the manga, I rather enjoyed it when I did That s not to say that Crimson Shell was perfect, but it was certainly entertaining.Art aside, the characters for Crimson Shell were really well put together Each character had their own distinct personality and interacted with each other fairly well Names and relationships were fairly easy to remember through the manga, which made understanding the content really easy The story had a nice flow to it and ended relatively well There was a few unanswered questions, but nothing serious enough to drive me crazy.The main problem I had with the manga was a dialogue Most of the dialogue was fine, but there were parts of the manga where a character would be thinking, and then another character would respond to what they were thinking as if they were talking out loud It made the situation feel very surreal and I felt like I d missed a huge plot point that Jun Mochizuki tried to make earlier.Really, Crimson Shell is pretty good for a one shot manga I wasn t disappointed, and I enjoyed most of what Mochizuki had to offer.