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It all starts with an innocent proposition When her father dies leaving her penniless and without prospects Elizabeth Medford is faced with a horrible future marriage to the utterly vile Harold Wetherby Her family thinks he's a brilliant choice but Elizabeth has witnessed Wetherby's cruel nature and knows a life with him would be a miserable one If only he didn't want to marry herbut for that to be the case she would have to have a damaged reputation and despite her father's missteps Elizabeth's own name is pristine among society So far But innocence is in the eye of the beholder A brilliant plan is hatched Elizabeth will organize her own ruin and escape the betrothal leaving her old life behind The only hitch is the man she hopes will do the ruining—the irresistible Alex Bainbridge Duke of Beaufort But he has secrets of his own that make Elizabeth Medford a woman he should avoid at all costs—for both their sakes He insists he will have no part in her crazy schemeno matter how tempting she may be

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    Nothing But Scandal is the first book by Allegra Gray It's a charming historical with passion and a bit of intrigue and I found it a fairly uick readElizabeth Medford's father died recently leaving her and the rest of the family broke Although she's always been the dependable one she just can't uite bring herself to willingly wed her despicable distant cousin Wetherby He's cruel and seems to enjoy her fear and hurt He only wants to marry her to improve his standing in society so Elizabeth decides to ruin herself uite publicly therefore taking herself out of his sights But the rake she chooses just won't cooperateAlex Duke of Beaufort can't get the beautiful Medford chit out of his thoughts Was she actually serious about ruining herself? Or was her suggestion another piece of her late father's plot? Unfortunately the he sees of her the he realizes she is just the Duchess he's been looking forif they can avoid yet scandalNot the most memorable historical but for a first book I was much entertained Allegra Gray is for me an author to keep an eye on as she gains experience

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    I really enjoyed this book It started out fast and kept going First Elizabeth decides to ruin herself by asking the Duke of Beaufort to ruin her so her awful cousin wont want her He is shocked and refuses to do it So Elizabeth flees London to get away from a forced marriage Her family needs money very badly Her father died leaving them owing many people He was a very bad gambler She becomes a governess even though she is of noble birth Then enters againAlexDuke of Beaufort She is the governess for his niece and nephew Alex likes what he sees watches her with the children etc in Elizabeth and sets out to seduce her You can feel them fall in love Wowit was a great book It also has a mysterywho killed Elizabeth's father? Was it an accident? I stayed up until almost 2 am to finish this book

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    To call this a wallpaper historical would be an insult to wallpaper historicals everywhere I should write but really I have no words to describe how this is a contemporary with a historical cover and this book is not worth the effort anyway

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    Nothing but Scandal is Allegra Gray's debut historical romance I am usually not one for historical romance though I have fallen in love with many a highlander Allegra's voice is new and fresh and drew me into the beautiful story she wrote Allegra Gray is definitely one to keep an eye out forElizabeth Medford is in a bind Her father has died leaving her family penniless and desperate for a good marriage Her uncle is determined to marry her off to Harold Wetherby an abusive nasty man who happens to have the money to support the family Unable to stand the thought of spending any time than is necessary with him Elizabeth hatches plans to escape her fateWhen Alex Bainbridge crosses paths with the fiery Elizabeth he knows that he is in trouble A Duke known for his rakish ways he is not interested in marriage but would love a dalliance with the redhead He is in for a surprise when he can't stop thinking about her and when he has an undeniable urge to protect her from the perils of lifeElizabeth is constantly getting into trouble that Alex has to rescue her from He is so dashing and dangerous you can't help but fall for him just a little Elizabeth is no wilting flower to be rescued but she does have her moments that remind you how women really were in this time periodI am looking forward to Allegra Gray's newest novel Nothing But Deception It is the story of another of the women in this story I can't wait to see what scrapes she gets into

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    Another stellar regency Yeah I was hooked into this book about two pages in and I couldn't stop reading until the end The hero and heroine were great the story was well told and the twists and turns kept me guessing The writing was excellent and the plottoromance ratio was perfect This book delivered everything I love in a regency

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    I just couldn’t get into this The first chapter was great Such a great idea for a book but that wasn’t what the book was about at all It was very odd

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    Weak book The story was readable I wasn't sure if I liked the leads because we knew so little about them The character development was uite poor It took me days to read it a sure sign of lack of interest

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    I read this series out of order but I am really enjoying it On to book 2 now since read 3 first Things make a bit sense now that I know the characters better Both books could be read as stand alone novels but insight into the lives of the characters before the third book is awesome

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    Don't judge me This is the debut novel of the sister of a friend of mine And it's actually not bad

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    35 stars There were some parts that dragged and I would have liked to see a little groveling from the hero But overall a solid book