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I thought this was a really good read It reminded me of dark Sense and Sensibility, if Marianne and Elinor had been abused orphans that raised themselves on the East End While there are many romantic heroes with physical scars, etc I thought it was a refreshing change for the female characters to deal with these limitations.I also really enjoyed the sisterhood friendship between the two main characters I also enjoyed how they had been beaten down, starved, and neglected their entire lives but because they had each other were able to fight through. Familiar Scars is a fantastic all night read Orabella and Rosayln were orphaned children when they were witness to a young boys throat being slashed and left for dead When Mr Satine offers Rosalyn the opportunity of a lifetime, it seems to good to be true Rosalyn is overjoyed, while Orabella is skeptical and suspicious Their past haunts them, and becomes a reality they must face They are bound by their tragic past and love for each other Mystery, suspense and intrigue awaits in this fascinating story I anticipategood reads from this new author, Christy Leigh Stewart. Orphaned, Throat Slit And Left For Dead As A Child, Orabella Struggles To Survive With Her Fellow Victim, Rosalyn She Ll Grasp At Any Bit Of Luck, Until It Becomes Too Good To Be TrueMr Satine Is Willing To Offer His Home, Heart, And Riches Over To The Beautiful Rosalyn The Moment He Lays Eyes On Her His Intentions Seem Obvious, But Become Less So When He Shows No Romantic Interest In Her, And Pure Animosity Toward OrabellaBoth Orabella And Satine Live In Their Pasts, But What Happens When They Actually Have To Confront It OK so since I REALLY liked this book I am going to get the worst part about it out of the way It was very hard to get past some of the spelling errors in the book and it took away from the story when I was trying to figure out what the author meant There is a part where the word detoured was used in place of deterred and many other similar mistakes At times it made it frusterating to have to keep rereading certain parts and it took away the enjoyment of reading the story.That said I loved this book The story is great The characters are real and the end is perfect I loved the last page and what Orabella says about their family I am glad that everyone found eachother some again and that while not a fairy tale ending it whas still a happy one The story is told with equal parts humor and sadness which I really liked. I enjoyed reading this story I have to agree with the previous reviewers about the spelling and grammatical errors being a distraction at times I hope the author is able to republish the book after some editing, because then there wouldn t be anything to detract from the story I liked that the characters seemed to be from a different time, but their modern way of talking often threw me off, many times making me snicker I thought I d figured how the story would play out, but, was pleasantly surprised by the end The book was dark at times, funny at others, and well thought out Though the author mentions in her blurb that her writing career is non existent, I would say that this book is a great first step and I d love to readKeep writing Reading Review I only downloaded the e book from lulu com, for I think somewhere near 5 American dollars, maybe worth reading if you have an interest in the strange to explain and other oddities, some cursing words too definitely interesting and hard to knock it if you don t try it, so far I enjoy classic theme, historic novel and Gothic and so this definitely turned up my brows Not my nose But I m assuming this is the authors first pick or published book Well I look forward tofrom her talent category that s for sure Read it Review I downloaded this by lulu.com and what a blast when you ve an interest in odd explanations or strange oddities or some cursing words a theme definitely interesting and hard to knock it if you don t try it, in so far as I enjoy classical themes, whether American or England Victorian, this novel with it s personality of Gothic imagination or Emo language in bat, so this definitely turned up my brows and smiles time to time. I did not read this for an accurate portrayal of the Victorian era I read it because I m internet stalking the author This was a dementedly, enjoyable read How could you not like gothic fairy tale that has long lost orphaned siblings, horrible deformities, and cross dressing thieves It s a quick read The characters are for the most part, fascinating, and have stayed with me It s one of the few books that I wanted to learnabout the main characters.For some reason, it reminded me of a darker, less silly version of Dame Darcy I should mention that this book was number 666 on my read list. I really wanted to give this novel five stars Unfortunately, the typographical and grammatical errors were a distraction That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel This story presents a romance that reminds me of the Victorian romances of the Bronte sisters However, it also incorporates the darkness and violence of that era, which produced Jack the Ripper.The characters were interesting and engaging I was engrossed in their story in the first few pages I also liked the author s sense of humor, and found myself laughing out loud several times.I hope Ms Stewart keeps writing She is a talented storyteller and I am looking forward to readingof her work. I have to recommend this book because I wrote it That aside, you should get it for the cover art alone The very talented and SINGLE Megan Hansen was kind enough to design it and it outshines the book itself.Not to say that the book isn t worth reading Great Prologue It shows that author has promise Burn everything else and start over The first thing I want to say is that the book does not live up to its cover and description You are promised a dark Victorian novel, maybe even a horror story However, as you dive into the book, after a brilliant prologue, the promise of a Sweeny Todd like atmosphere turns to roses and doves With horror, I found myself in the cheesiest failed historical romance novel I say failed, because Victorian romance novels, even 176 page ones, require either a lot of research or deep knowledge of Victorian times The author has neither The infamous f word was not used during Victorian times, performers were not invited to mingle with guests as equals and were not considered marriage material, Victorian LADIES did not wear dresses that opened their nipples for the world to see, and the word self esteem was not something women during Victorian times repeated to themselves over and over again Yes, the are some historical exceptions to that, but does every bad novel have to have a rags to riches story without the benefit of being well plotted and written down without countless typos and grammatical mistakes Also, I do not think a surgery to correct a harelip on an infant existed until the 20th century And so on A well written Victorian novel leaves you a biteducated about history, and a well written book keeps you on your toes until the end This book failed on both ends Shortly after the girls move in with Mr.Satine chapter 2 , it is obvious how everything is going to end unless you are 11 and never read a romance novel in you life Remember Mom s advice the boy who pulls your braids is in love with you Mr.Satine Orabella the boy who smiles at you is either gay or a long lost brother Mr.Satine Rosalyn Ok Let s set aside the historical inaccuracies and total predictability of the book The plot has some serious problems with brother recognizing sister immediately, but sister, who still has nightmares about her brother s death, is clueless when she meets him The kind of wounds the children had should have killed them without any medical care, not only because of the bleeding for hours in the dirty river infection and etc , but also because being in the water stops the blood from clotting bathtub suicides , and you die Why did Peter have to be maimed in order to join the happily ever after Did Orabella s baby have to be born with a harelip to truly belong Let s go back to the prologue once again The book s prologue was the only reason it is going to get three stars out of me instead of one The prologue was great it had promise and whispered to me that the author has it in her to write something amazing She would have to burn everything past the prologue and start over Keep the cover, use it as an inspiration I think illustrator s and author s names are aliases of the same person , and get the book edited for constant typos, grammatical mistakes and misusage of verbs it is like eating a soup with worms I read the book for the group read otherwise it would be goodbye after the first chapter Oh, and because all of the main characters have some kind of disfigurement, the whole book reminded me of a famous Mother Goose rhyme There was a crooked manand he walked a crooked mile, he found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile, he bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in a little crooked house, and he walked a crooked mile, he found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile, he bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in a little crooked houseIf only all of us could say it as well as Mother Goose could