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Felix Gomez Latino vampire detective extraordinaire tackles a sexy werewolf cabal in Werewolf Smackdown the fifth installment in Mario Acevedo’s satirical supernatural series This is the author’s wonderfully twisted blend of comedy horror and detective noir

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    Possibly the best of the Felix Gomez series Werewolf Smackdown has our vampire protagonist go to the Deep South Charleston South Carolina where he is invited to work for two feuding werewolf clan leaders Both of them are untrustworthy and both of them are willing to do anything to become leader of the werewolf nation Felix himself is bigoted against werewolves and couldn't care less even when a beautiful Lupine woman seeks to win him over to her side There's a surprising amount of tragedy twists and turns with one of the best mysteries since the second book A solid 5 out of 5 recommendation

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    This book was from cover to cover a non stop problem for Felix Gomez half of the time it was caused by his own pride This book kept me interested enough to finish it but I probably will not pick up another one to read

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    An excellent expansion of urban fantasy highlighting the politics of two supernatural factions at oddsThe writing isn't always the best but it's fun to read

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    I'm so glad this is the last of the Felix Gomez books It looks like there's one volume on its way which will actually revisit some of the loose threads that were left dangling in books three and four but I'm done with it This book was pretty horribleI'm not sure what made me think that the first two books were fun other than their titles Acevedo has a bad habit of telling much than he shows which is odd because he does a bit of showing through dialog and then follows it up with telling us what just happened You know like having a character say Felix you're this close to crossing the line with me and then follow it up with Felix's observation She was pissed It's not necessary but apparently Acevedo wants to make sure we get the pointHe's still reusing the hypnosis thing but at least in this book he gives Felix a reason to not have to rely on it so much The werewolves tell him that if he takes his contacts out then he's telling them he doesn't trust them so he keeps them in for most of the story It's a weak reason he's had three attempts on his life since arriving in Charleston and has good reason to not trust the werewolves so why would he agree to that? but it at least gets him out of the habit of hypnotizing everyone within rangeAcevedo also refers to werewolves as weres italicized for much of the novel and at first it was really hard to get used to that convention He tends to check their auras to confirm whether someone is human vampire or were and since were looks like were plural past tense of to be that is it kept tripping me up and making me re read sentences It seems like it would have been better for the pacing if he had gone with werewolves or even Were but hey these books aren't exactly Steinbeck you know?Felix also talks a lot about how his kundalini noir the spiritual thing that drives his vampirism reacts to certain things It twists it cringes it tenses and it basically tells us how Felix feels without having to observe anything that Felix actually does Hell it even gives him a spider sense for when danger is about to happen Not only is it a cheap way of skipping over some narrative but it's also oddly reminiscent of Anastasia's Inner Goddess from Fifty Shades of Grey At the very least the kundalini noir was just as annoyingBut hey this book actually has a story that's relevant to the title Said smackdown doesn't ever uite happen but the threat of it is the main thrust of the novel so there's that On the flip side we're almost treated to an explicit vampire wolf on werewolf wolf sex scene so I guess it all evens outHonestly? Don't waste your time with this book or series I wish I had stopped reading these after Jailbait Zombie but hey I don't have a kundalini noir to warn me away from this crap

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    It seems that lately I have come across a lot of books that have combined mystery and horror Mostly they are centered around a detective that has supernatural powers For example Jim Butcher has written 13 novels based on wizard detective Harry Dresden There is also the Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery series by Elizabeth Eagan Cox The book I want to talk about here follows the adventures of vampire detective Felix Gomex in Werewolf Smackdown by Mario AcevedoA high powered werewolf Attorney named Eric Bourbon wants to hire Felix to come to Charelston North Carolina to kill his rival another werewolf by the name of Randolph Calhoun Felix refuses but now someone is trying to kill him and it looks like he is now in the middle of a werewolf war weather he likes it or not To complicate matters further Felix’s ex girlfriend is working for Randolph Calhoun Also a vampire gangster named Gullah Gullah is trying to keep Felix away from the werewolves because he believes vampires should not meddle in werewolf affairs but he may have a large stake in the battle for the top werewolf in CharelstonWerewolf Smackdown is basically a detective novel with some horror elements mixed in I originally bought it because I like werewolves also I liked the title and the cover art I guess I should learn to never judge a book by its cover because the book was not what I expected I didn’t realize that this was book 5 in a series of vampire detective novels All of the books are self contained stories but this book referred to a lot of things that happened in previous novels and I was a little lost at times I was also expecting a horror novel or at least a book with a lot of humor and didn’t get itThis book wasn’t all bad though the action picks up in the second half of the book I really liked the character of Gullah Gullah he was kind of like a vampire pimp and hard core gangster rolled into one Also there is a scene in the book where the werewolves are having a convention and play Nintendo Rock Band One group of werewolves have vampire detective Felix Gomez sing lead on Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London This leads to a big brawl and riot that was the best scene in the book Towards the end of the book there is a ceremony to decide the future of the werewolves in Charleston which I liked as well Weather you like it or not depends on what your expecting If you wanted a bloody horror novel then this book might leave you wanting but if you want a decent mystery you might enjoy it

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    Once again Ira vet vampire pi and Araneum enforcer Felix Gomez finds himself a touble magnet A civil war among werewolf factions that may drench the Old South in blood is brewing and Gomez will do anything he can to make sure it doesn't explode into a world war engulfing everything alive and undead To make things even complicated an old girlfriend has become involved in the growing trouble in Charleston South Carolina and a gang of local vampires is for unknown reasons trying to kill him This witch's brew of volatiles may be too much for even Felix Gomez vampire pi extraordinaire to handleI love Mario Acevedo's novels about Felix Gomez the vampire private eye and enforcer for the Araneum the ancient guild forged by vampires to protect their secrets and keep the human world from discovering their existence and nature I've followed his adventures through four previous novels The Nymphos of Rocky Flats X Rated Bloodsuckers The Undead Kama Sutra and Jailbait Zombie and loved them all None of his novels entail the usual cliches about vampires and Werewolf Smackdown is no exception Rather than the willowy adolescent vampires of Twilight and their ilk these novels are as gritty as those of Raymond Chandler Their hero Felix Gomez is an Ira vet with a terrible secret he was forcibly converted into a vampire while in Ira and while his powers as a vampire are extraordinary his sorrows and regrets and the agony he has had to bear since he was turned make him wonder if it was all worth itI can't wait to read the next novel in the series Come on Mario let's have another one just like the other one

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    So sad Why couldn't have life been a little easier for poor Felix? I wonder what happened to him

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    Much a detective novel than a supernatural one in my opinion but a good read all the same I wasn't put off by the fact that there are apparently four novels or so before this one because the salient points were highlighted in various places as necessary It did make me want to go back and read them but it didn't make me feel like I was missing something by not having read themThe writing was easy to follow the mystery a bit transparent no hidden clues because it wasn't a solve it yourself kinda mystery but there were plenty of twists and turns before the endThere were also a couple of new twists on supernatural lore particularly as regards werewolf culture and the choice of a new clan alphas Acevedo highlights the contrast between werewolf culture and vampire culture nicely The protagonist is a vampire being dropped into unfamiliar werewolf territory The only really new to me piece of lore was that he makes a distinction between the three stages of werewolf 1 human form; 2 werewolf form like the werewolves in The Howling; and 3 supernatural wolf form shape of a full wolf He mentions a similar situation for vampires 1 human form and 2 animal form which is different for each vampire it's not always a batOther supernatural races ie zombies are mentioned but don't make an appearance in this book except for one lone dryadI may very well find myself going back to the series beginning

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    This series has always been a little bit uneven and I have to say that this was a fairly weak addition to the group The dialog is a touch cliched and stilted and in order to keep the plot moving the protagonist vampire PI Felix Gomez has to repeatedly fail the Moron Test I'll just sit here and talk casually to the villain while the slow moving minions slowly crawl over to me and stab me in the faceAlso characterization is a trifle weak Gomez in a previous book supposedly came to terms with his vampire nature which in turn supposedly left him a cold hearted literally bastard And yet he spends most of the book being pulled around by his chivalrous nature A sophisticated book could have done a lot with that dichotomy but Acevedo just sort of left it there in favor of uick action which to be fair he's a lot better atIt wasn't a bad read I'm giving the two stars literally it was ok But it wasn't great and it didn't leave me in any hurry to read any of Acevedo's work