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Belly finds out what comes after falling in love in this follow up to The Summer I Turned Pretty from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before soon to be a major motion picture Jenny HanCan summer be truly summer without Cousins Beach?It used to be that Belly counted the days until summer until she was back at Cousins Beach with Conrad and Jeremiah But not this year Not after Susannah got sick again and Conrad stopped caring Everything that was right and good has fallen apart leaving Belly wishing summer would never comeBut when Jeremiah calls saying Conrad has disappeared Belly knows what she must do to make things right again And it can only happen back at the beach house the three of them together the way things used to be If this summer really and truly is the last summer it should end the way it started—at Cousins Beach

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    For helpful visuals of Conrad and Jeremiah Favourite uote I stared at him Did he really say that? Did he remember? The way he looked back at me one eyebrow raised I knew he did And this time I was the one to look away Because I remembered I remembered everythingDon't you love it when the second book in a series is way better than the first? That is the case with It's Not Summer Without You I enjoyed The Summer I Turned Pretty but sometimes founds the characters are little annoying But in this installment of the series the characters have grown and the story seems a little deeper and meaningfulI love Han's writing She really captures the emotions of being a teen and in love I am sure we all remember how painful and confusing it is And Han writes it perfectly so that it causes your heart to acheBelly's character is showing some maturity in this book If you have read the first book you will know she was a little bit selfish Sure she still makes mistakes but in this installment she starts to get a little wiser That's when I finally got it I finally understood It wasn't the thought that counted It was the actual execution that mattered the showing up for somebody The intent behind it wasn't enough Not for me Not any It wasn't enough to know that deep down he loved me You had to actually say it to somebody show them you cared And he just didn't Not enough Love triangles for me are either sooooooo bad or sooooo good And surprisingly considering it is two brothers how complicated could it get it is good Probably because I really love them both even though they are complete opposites Conrad is moody and sometimes selfish and is definitely unpredictable when it comes to his interactions with Belly I love how in this book his character is very slowly unravelling and we are getting a glimmer of who he really is behind all that angst And there is something about a flawed soul that I can't resistJeremiah made me swoon I mean how could anybody not adore this guy especially since in this book we got snippets of his POV allowing us to get know him on a deeper level Seriously he is the biggest sweetheart and the underdog when it comes to Belly's affectionOverall I loved It's Not Summer Without You Shout Out I would like to say a big thank you to Nomes for reading this with me It was an awesome experience We read it over one night and check in every hour or so to discuss We had so much fun dissecting the book and ended up typing over 3700 words through conversation on google docs about it Okay so most of it was Jeremiah is making me swoon and Conrad is moosyI mean moody still laughing about your typos Nomes

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    355 Belly was obnoxious in this book and the love triangle was hit SO HARD but I still really liked it

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    Man So many ups and downs I feel so attached to everyone and I feel like they are real people dealing with real struggles It's a nice change

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    I didn't liked it as much as the first one Belly is starting to piss me off and don't make me talk about Conrad I can barely stand himJeremiah Laurel and Susannah are my faves 3

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    This didn't even feel like a real book It was just a continuation of the last one which ended kinda abruptly so this series is probably meant to be read back to back to make it seem like all one storyline I definitely liked book one way In this there's just SO much angst and going back and forth and everyone's emotions were haywire But I do love Belly She's selfish and childish in a way that i'm sure some people hate but to me it's completely relatable It's her flaw and it makes her real to me I'm definitely gonna be finishing the third book this summer and i'm excited to see what these characters have in store for them even if I wish the first book had somehow remained a standalone

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    Wow how to take a happy and hopeful ending twist and turn it inside out until it becomes so sad that you don't really want to finish the story That's what happened here and I didn't like itThis story takes a long time to roll out being uite a ways into it before it all stops being back story and you actually get to some action The back and forth in this one didn't work as well as the first book and I didn't think the two person point of view added anything Knowing Jeremiah's thoughts didn't add to my understanding of him If we were going to have another viewpoint it should have been ConradBelly in this book is well to put it bluntly irritatingly childish She is still pining over Conrad and yet the first real chance she gets to lock lips with Jeremiah she jumps right in managing to hurt Conrad in the process like somehow although she's known all along that he really loves her being kissed by his brother convinces her that she is suddenly over him Again I didn't like it Does she really know Conrad and her own self so little? Is she that shallow? I'm left to wonder why either of these brothers are interested in her other than we've been told that she grew some nice sized boobs and is now uite the cutieAnd Jeremiah whom I really liked in the first book becomes far less likeable He is smart enough to know Conrad isn't going to tell him the truth of what he feels he doesn't tell anyone Jeremiah knows it's not true when Conrad says it but he chooses to believe the lie Didn't like that from him and moving in on the girl you know your brother loves is Not OkayJeremiah and Belly hate this nickname btw seem very selfish to behave that way particularly at the time they choose to make out Not Okay Jeremiah's thought process seems to be that he wants to be the one chosen over his accomplished and better at everything brother than it's about him actually wanting Belly Like he'll feel better about himself if he gets chosen insteadBelly tells Conrad off the day of the mother's funeral unable she says to stop herself These two brothers have just lost their mother and are dealing with that grief so Belly maybe it shouldn't be all about you just this once There seem to be so many instances in this book where Belly needs to stop herself from saying or doing something childish and then when Conrad calls her on being childish well she acts even like a whiny baby I felt like I actually understood Conrad far less at the end of this book than I did at the end of the first one Belly regressed a lot and Jeremiah wasn't the same person as the first book If this guy went to five proms with five diffrerent dates what possible reason would he have for then going after someone his brother cares for? What kind of person does this? With all the girls he could have he wants the one he shouldn't have He seems unfeeling of his brother who has always had a difficult time dealing with thingsHow truly stupid is Belly? When Conrad tells her he never cared about her which she knows to be a lie and which happens right after she's been caught up close and personal with his brother she chooses this time of all the times to believe that's the truth and when he later tells her it wasn't true she thinks to herself aha gotcha and then ignores his heartfelt words Did Not Like HerI thought this story was about Conrad and Belly and how she was going to help him the way his mother asked her to the way she promised his dying mother that she would after his mother tells her how much Conrad loves her not just another teenage love triangle with two fabulous boys enchanted by a girl not worthy of either of them I'm tired of this particular overused plot very unrealisticI read that this is actually the second in a trilogy Not sure I'll sign on for the third one as this installment was very disappointing

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    What the what? I finished the second book without realizing it It felt like I have just started and then suddenly it’s done? I guess that’s how addicted I am in Ms Han’s writing The second book is a lot gloomier than the first now that the glue that supposedly holds the characters together is now gone Even I miss her too Sniffs The second installment has become mature than the first book The conflicts a lot complicated and the love triangle has become deeper and intense I’m not so sure which team I’ll go for Usually I go for the dark brooding indifferent guy so I should go with Conrad but I’m starting to get annoyed at his coldness so maybe I should go for the sweet caring and happy Jeremiah instead Ugh I guess I’ll finally get to pick my final guy come third book so third book here I come

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    Short and bring on the angst Another year has come and gone and things are not uite so rosy for our summer crowd We knew Susannah was sick last year and with her gone everyone is having trouble coping We ended “The Summer I turned Pretty” with Conrad and Belly finally maybe being a thing but with Conrad’s mother passing away of course that’s going to throw things into turmoil It was interesting the way the love triangle between the brothers began to slowly grow during this one Conrad is the dark mysterious one Belly has always loved but you have to feel sorry for Jeremiah the sweet neglected kid who never gets the girl and seems to fade out of the spotlight every time his brother is around Definitely want to read book 3 Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han is the second book of the young adult contemporary Summer series This one picks up a year after the end of the first book as summer is beginning again During the past year away from Cousins Beach Belly and all the boys have gone back to their lives away from one another Finally however Belly had gotten Conrad's attention and thought things were looking up when something devastating happens to them all After the event that changed all of their lives they begin to drift apart until the day Jeremiah contacts Belly looking for help finding Conrad Missing his college classes Conrad seems to have run off to the beach house without them so Belly and Jeremiah try to bring him back It's Not Summer Without You was by far a lot emotional than the first book of the series but in many ways still the same progression While still following Belly's coming of age crush on her long time friend the characters grow a lot and deal with a lot in this second installment Not a fan of the whole triangle angle really but I couldn't help but be drawn to the direction the story took and feel for the struggles this time leaving me to rate this at 35 stars For reviews please visit

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    455This was definitely a somber and emotional read than The Summer I Turned Pretty but I really liked it I couldn't give it a full 55 because I still think Belly is annoying and childish at times which bothers me but I read the whole book in about four hours If you loved the first book like I did definitely read this one