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Fourteen Year Old Kisaki Tachikawa Has Psychic Powers She Works For PSI, A Secret Government Agency That Fights Aliens She S In Love With Her Partner Giniro, But PSI Won T Allow Operatives To Get Involved Just When Kisaki Thinks She May Be Getting Closer To Giniro, She Finds Out She Is To Be Transferred To California

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    Thanks to their psychic powers, Kisaki and Giniro work for a secret government agency which takes on aliens who have made their way to earth Although they work together as a team, the agency does not permit them to have any contact with each other outside of their work Unfortunately, Kisaki is in love with Giniro and doesn t know how to tell him without their superiors knowing Mistress Fortune is cute and has a touch of magical girl boy without taking itself too seriously Although there weren t any parts I found overly hilarious, I like that there s a constant comedic undertone a very welcome change after Tanemura s overly dramatic The Gentlemen s Alliance Cross The few emotional scenes are soon interrupted by other shenanigans and even the aliens are basically just weird but cute things that can hardly be taken seriously Kisaki and Giniro present a nice duo that keeps the story flowing I find Giniro unusually perverted for a Tanemura manga while this is by no means unusual for a manga character, it s quite a bit of fresh air for a male character by this author Their designs look as though they could be from Fullmoon wo Sagashite but they re otherwise quite unique and quirky characters as far as oneshots allow Mistress Fortune is by no means a deep or thought provoking read but you can t go wrong if you just want a short and fun magical girl story with a drop of romance and an alien defence agency that s run by people who are probably less competent than their teenaged employees The art is adorable and it s just an overall light read

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    Was interesting but seemed to have a very open ending and there was one thing that happened that was important and than it s never mentioned again

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    Mistress Fortune, es un one shot que se hace cortito, no llega a las 200 paginas y contiene dos cap tulos extra al final.La historia principal se llama ngeles del despertar absoluto Mistress Fortune Los dos cap tulos especiales nos cuentan un poquito mas sobre un par de personajes que aparecen en la historia principal los cuales me han parecido muy divertidos.Al ser una historia bastante corta, no llegu a empatizar mucho con los personajes Quiz s no sea de los mejores shojo que tiene Arina Tanemura.Pero a mi me tiene cautivada su dibujo Esos ojos enormes y expresivos, a parte de lo trabajada que es la caracterizaci n de cada personaje, me parecen realmente bonitos, la vestimenta, el pelo Si os gusta la mangaka os lo recomiendo.Mi personaje favorito en esta historia fue Ebeko

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    Re Read Well, a recent re read than the other Manga by Arina Tanemura, but since I m on a re read spree and getting through the one shots first, I thought why not.And yeah well I actually ranked this one down Ooopsies So, this is the story of Middle School students Kisaki and Giniro, who possess superpowers and work for a secret organization to fight aliens on earth They are forbidden to share any private information and to see each other outside of their work which becomes a problem for Kisaki who falls in love with Giniro.Good things first The artwork is beautiful, which is to be expected since it s Arina I also enjoy the character of alien Ebeline a lot, even though she is clearly the attempt here to add a cutesy mascot, just because stories like that always come with a cute mascot.Except for Full Moon s Mitsuki, those are probably the youngest main characters Arina ever wrote not counting My Magic Friday s here, because I m still trying to ignore that and it shows she has experience writing High School students She basically took some of her High School romance tropes and put them into Middle School without adjustments The story also feels very rushed, even for a one shot ION had a couple chapters and overall development and even the shorts in her collection Squib Feeling Blue felt well rounded Maybe if this had two chapters instead of bonus stories or would have gotten the Time Stranger Kyoko treatment it could have worked a little bit better.Kisaki is a very naive young girl, which is probably age appropriate, but she is also not written as the sharpest tool comparing how she once accidentally blew up a rice steamer to Giniro accidentally blowing up his house , killing two family members goes too far and there is not much going for her apart from her massive crush on her partner Everything she does is motivated by Giniro Her desire to control her powers better only comes from her wish to impress him and her briefly leaving the team because she is told it could help someone close to him, but there is little Kisaki in there I have no idea who she is as a person There is also a lot of fat shaming going on for some reason She is drawn as a very petit girl with big boobs and yet her weight is constantly mentioned and how she needs to be on a diet and it s really disturbing.Not that Giniro is doing much better as a character, but compared to Kisaki he at least gets some backstory and personal motivation The one strange, to call it that, characteristic here is that Arina tries to write him as the lovely perv type If you are familiar with Manga and Anime, you know the archetype of Perv with a Heart of Gold There are prime examples like Fruits Basket s Shigure, Inuyasha s Miroku or the probably most famous one, DBZ s Muten Roshi And for some reason Arina thought trying that with a boob obsessed 14 year old Okay, whatever Didn t work really.Mistress Fortune might be the Manga by her that really made me realize that I have grown out of her kind of storytelling I am still reading 31 I Dream but I m also aware how my tastes have changed This is why re reading some older stuff from her is so interesting, to see if it s just her newer stuff or even the old ones that just don t grab me any.

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    Originally posted here at Anime Radius.I ve always been a moderate fan of Arina Tanemura s works Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne was a pleasant romp while Full Moon o Sagoshite had me in tears with every volume However, I approached the glossily covered Mistress Fortune with no small amount of trepidation I ve never known shoujo manga ka like Tanemura to do well in the arena of one shot manga They either end up too short or without any focus and become a big mess by volume s end Luckily, this particular manga does not fall into that trap Which is not to say that Mistress Fortune has single handedly overturned the genre of magical girls with superpowers in any big way, but it does make a lot of tired tropes enjoyable to read, which is a feat in itself in an era of Nanoha and Card Captor Sakura clones.Amid Tanemura s typically gorgeous art, all decked out in shoujoesque tones and gradients without becoming overbearing, is a love story A love story, of course, that happens to involve teenage psychics protecting the world from aliens who actually seem pretty cute for the most part Kisaki is a spirited enough protagonist, one who works hard and cares deeply about her partner while juggling her work and her school and her personal life She also makes Mistress Fortune a blast to read any other protagonist, anyone less cheerful and genki, would have absolutely killed the mood of the story It also helps that the story itself has a lot of fun elements, like the odd little aliens and the inner workings of PSI, not to mention the entire California subplot which involves well, I won t spoil you, but if you know who the editor of this particular manga is, you ll be doing a double take after the American PSI member is introduced Go, Tanemura, go In general, Mistress Fortune is a lighthearted fun single volume of mahou shoujo manga absolutely no risk in picking this one up There s tons of romance and action and humor and magic between the covers no reader will go disappointed It s typical Tanemura and that s no insult.

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    Actual rating 3.5 out of 5 starsI ve heard of Arina Tanemura s work before, but this was my very first thing I ve read from her It s only three chapters long with two bonus short stories , so I didn t have to dedicate myself to a whole series yay I thought this was a light, fluffy, and completely adorable romance complete with an interesting story.Let me start off by saying that the art is absolutely gorgeous There s something about the designs of each character that has the drawings popping out of the book with great detail There s also some good background art and the whole thing was just so cutely drawn Here are some examples Forgive me for posting so many pictures, but I can t resist GINIRO AND KISAKI ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER Well, even if Giniro is a little bit of a perv P The supernatural elements with Giniro and Kisaki being part of an agency to protect the world from aliens was also interesting, even if most of the development was solely focused on the characters For what it s worth though, I still found this to be entertaining and a quick, cute, and romantic read.

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    Really adorable short manga If you re a fan of Arina Tanemura, I suggest reading it.

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    I loved this one shot The story is predictable but I simply love Arina Tanemura s drawings and her sugar cute stories

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    A cute and fluffy read by the talented mangaka Arina Tanemura Her artwork is simple gorgeous

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    Mistress Fortune Oneshot von Arina TanemuraZum Inhalt Kisaki hat nicht nur eine Traumfigur, sondern besitzt auch Superkr fte Kein Wunder, dass Giniro ein Auge auf sie geworfen hat Und auch Kisaki findet den supertalentierten Giniro sehr schnuckelig Dumm nur, dass die beiden im Kampf gegen die au erterrestrischen Ebes alle H nde voll zu tun haben und ihnen als Kampfteam Mistress Fortune pers nliche Kontakte strengstens verboten sind Besteht trotzdem Hoffnung auf die Liebe Mit Superkr ften ausgestattet k mpfen Kisaki und Giniro als Mistress Fortune gegen die au erirdischen Ebes, welche die Erde immer wieder bedrohen Mit Hilfe von speziellen Energy Drinks kann Kisaki, die noch nicht lang in der Spezialeinheit der PSI ist, auch mit ihrem talentierten Partner Giniro mithalten Doch die Drinks haben zu viel Zucker und so muss sich Kisaki mit ihrem Gewicht herum rgern, denn sie will Giniro gefallen, ist sie doch heimlich in ihn verliebt Aber auch Giniro scheint ein Auge auf sie, besonders auf ihren Busen geworfen zu haben, denn immer wieder macht er darauf Anspielungen Als Kisaki mehr Kontakt zu Giniro m chte, weist er sie jedoch ab Denn die beiden d rfen keinen privaten Kontakt haben Als Kisaki aber schlie lich nach Amerika soll, m ssen die beiden eine Entscheidung treffen.Der One Shot aus der Feder von Arina Tanemura h tte superniedlich sein k nnen, konnte mich dann aber doch nicht so ganz berzeugen Zwar ist die Idee an sich sehr sch n, jedoch viel zu schnell abgehandelt, ohne dass wirkliche Emotionen aufgebaut werden k nnen Au erdem nervt die Einstellung von Kisaki sich selbst gegen ber Sie findet sich fett, hat aber angeblich eine absolute Traumfigur etwas, was ich also nicht nachvollziehen kann Auch in der Geschichte sehr zweifelhaft ist die angebliche Tatsache, dass die vierzehnj hrige Kisaki mit einem E Cup ausgestattet ist E Also bitte Wenn Giniro nicht grad hinter ihren Busen oder Hintern hinterher hechelt, dann besiegen die beiden die Ebes, was sie sehr gewissenhaft tun oder es zumindest versuchen Und irgendwo dazwischen wird die Liebesgeschichte zwischen den beiden reingepappt obwohl ich noch immer nicht verstehe, was Kisaki nur an Giniro findet seine Art ist in meinen Augen absto end So ein degeneriertes Verhalten sollte in einem Manga nicht noch hoch gelobt werden, das ist einfach unpassend.Arina Tanemuras Zeichenstil bleibt auch in diesem One Shot relativ konstant Zwar gibt es optische nderungen an den Figuren, aber sie unterscheiden sich wieder mal nicht wirklich von den anderen Charakteren, die Arina geschaffen hat Ich wei gar nicht, warum sie es einfach nicht schafft frischen Wind in ihre Zeichnungen zu bringen Es gibt so viele M glichkeiten und sie verf llt immer und immer wieder in das gleiche Schema, das ist schade, denn ich habe das Gef hl, dass sich Arina einfach nicht mehr weiter entwickelt Da gab es bei anderen Mangaka mehr zu sehen.Empfehlen m chte ich den Manga all jenen, die einen OneShot lieben, mit einer schnellen Story zufrieden sind und kein Problem damit haben, dass sich das Charakterdesign bei Arina Tanemura immer und immer wiederholt F r mich war Mistress Fortune eine Entt uschung, weshalb ich hier nur 3 Sterne geben kann.Taschenbuch 192 SeitenVerlag TOKYOPOP Auflage 1 22 Juli 2009 Sprache DeutschISBN 10 3867197377ISBN 13 978 3867197373Vom Hersteller empfohlenes Alter 13 16 JahreGr e und oder Gewicht 14,4 x 1,8 x 18,9 cm