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Nanaka Loves To Paint So When She Enters High School, She Gets Excited At The Prospect Of Joining The Arts Club However, There S Only Two Members The Mysterious Chihaya And The Energetic Kento They Re Both Good Looking Guys, And Chihaya Shares Nanaka S Love For Painting Alongside The Two Gorgeous Guys And Nanaka S Best Friend What Will Happen

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    Rarely has a shoujo manga in one volume captured my heart and strung me along page by page as 24 Colors has The thing about this manga is that it is gorgeous Kozue Chiba s artwork is just visually stunning and contains a lot of standard shoujo tropes walking through cherry blossoms, dramatic spreads of one panel scenes, highly textured emotional moments while twisting them about into something unique Plus, everything is about art This manga never forgets it is a story about art students trying to create something beautiful on a canvas together.You can read the rest of my review at Nagareboshi Reviews

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    Wow It was soo good I loved it I sort of wish there were 24 chapters, one for each color It was very sugary sweet, and a nice short read I will really enjoy reading it again in the future

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    Love it, I truely do.I wish the story was longer.

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    It has a too fast growing romance but it s only 192 pages so I really like painting mangas though I guess if you want a quick romance shoujo manga this would be for you I used to like it much than now, probably because I have read so many mangas by now that the quick romance ones doesn t do it for me any.

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    This was meh borderline on boring Nothing new and I didn t feel the chemistry at all I don t even understand why they like each other to be honest

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    Cute and light Very predictable, and very fast romantic feelings on both sides, but it s only five chapters long, so that s only to be expected Not bad if you want a quick, fluffy read.

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    It s a cute manga but beware of the cliffhanger ending Since it s short I do thinks it s fitting though There isn t any shockers in it but it does contain a few up and downs with a hint of a love triangle The typical stuff.

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    Pretty like a watercolor.

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    Very nice story I really loved the art, but I think they should have added some volumes If the author had continued to make volumes, it would have been much popular.

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    wah. these is soo waow