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In this irresistible follow up to her captivating debut In Bed With a Stranger Mary Wine revisits the McJames clan their loves their battles their conuests Cullen McJames will not have his honor sullied certainly not by his clan's nemesis Laird Erik Mcuade So when Mcuade tells the Court of Scotland that Cullen has stolen his daughter's virtue Cullen steals the daughter insteadSince his brother wed a fetching lass Cullen's been thinking he too needs a wife A marriage could end the constant war between the clans And looking on Bronwyn Mcuade but once has put her in his dreams for a weekBut Bronwyn won't go uietly She won't be punished for what she did not do Nor is she eager to live among the resentful veterans of Mcuade wars And however brave and beautiful a man Cullen may be he has much to learn about a woman's fighting spirit But as Bronwyn will discover he has much to teach her as wellMy kind of historical Sweeps you into the time period without taking a thing away from delightful characters and a charming romance definitely a must read Heather Graham on In Bed With a Stranger

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    My ReviewWe first meet Cullen McJames in In Bed With A Stranger Brodick and Anne’s story in which he is Laird Brodick McJames’ younger brother Full of laughter and love for his brother and clan he takes great pride in teasing Brodick as his relationship with Anne develops from that of an arranged marriage into a union built on love From the very beginning I just knew that Cullen’s story would be amazing and I was right I’ve been waiting and waiting to read this book so I could savor it without interruption certain I would love it every bit as much as In bed With A Stranger Much to my delight I loved it even As Cullen watched his older brother became a different man when he fell in love and started his own family Cullen had begun thinking that maybe giving his heart to a lady wasn’t such an awful thing after all However he also knew that an arranged marriage between himself and Bronwyn Mcuade daughter of Laird Mcuade would help ease tensions between the feuding clans Then one day while he was out riding he spotted beautiful young lass riding on horseback just across the border – NOT on his lands Her plaid gave her away as belonging to Clan Mcuade but that didn’t stop him from crossing the border and approaching her This is where the trouble – and the excitement – beginsThere’s something so special in Mary Wine’s writing Her characters come to life on the page their lives become ours as do their hopes dreams and desires Cullen is such an amazing man; devoted to his clan full of laughter and simply loving life If I had to choose one character in all of my reads who I would really want to spend my life with I think it would be him He made me smile with his naturally easy going way And his sensuality both in and out of bed makes him one sexy Warrior Indeed he is truly drool worthyBronwyn was a great character – refreshingly real in her actions and reactions to being swept away by Cullen and not under the best of circumstances She is loyal to her clan but can see where that loyalty will get her nowhere Her evolving relationship with Cullen was both heartwarming and entertaining She was his perfect match in all waysI truly enjoy Mary Wine’s stories and am anxiously awaiting Bedding the Enemy and To Conuer a Highlander

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    After realizing that the last 7 romances I read were all written before 1993 I craved something newer Mary Wine's In the Warrior's Bed is not a bad book but it lacks that extra something that makes it memorable Actually it's memorable for one thing they didn't get the cover right If you're anal retentive like me this will bother you As much as I dislike them a headless torso cover would have been preferable The heroine is supposed to be blond and the cover depicts a black haired woman And let's not talk about the inaccurate plaid grumble grumble You can't blame the cover artist because the heroine's name is Bronwyn and most Bronwyns in Romancelandia have black hair Plus the author doesn't give a physical description of her heroine until page 69 of this trade back and then it's only to briefly describe her honey colored hair If one is writing a romance novel there is no shame in giving a physical description of your character by page 10 Anyhoo onto the actual book We've seen this plot before two Scottish clans are feuding and the hero abducts the heroine schtupps her silly and they fall in love while the evil doers do their bad thing and try to separate themkill them In the Warrior's Bed falters when the main characters are not together so fortunately they're together a lot Cullen McJames is a sexy masculine hero but I couldn't really understand Bronwyn Her loyalty to her family is noble but not reasonable They treat her like a slave humiliate her and want her dead Here's this hunk with a brogue who wants to treat her like a lady take her away from her violent clan and give her lots of orgasms But of course she just has to fight him every step of the way As this is a Brava romance there will be no mention of manhoods manroots or members but cs will be constantly stirring in kilts For the first half of the book Cullen is in a constant state of priapism even when the heroine is nowhere to be found I thought the guy should have called his doctor because we've all heard what those commercials say about 4 hour erections The love scenes are very sexy; the good guys are good and the bad guys are eeevilll Plus there's lots of blood and killing and the book ends nice and violently so that's a plus I gather this is the second novel in a series so one day I may pick up the others out of curiosity because Ms Wine's writing style is to be admired Still it took me two weeks to finish this 277 page book as I kept putting it down and reading something else I'd give it 3 stars which rates about a high C Not bad but not a keeper

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Cullen McJames evies while out surveying their border came across a stunning lass he only wants after one exchange with her He sees a passion in her that he resonates with But when he learns that the Laird of the Mcuade has accused him of taking his daughter's virtue Cullen goes to prove the Mcuades what he is really capable of So he kidnaps Bronwyn to convince her that will her reputation in tatters thanks to her father that they must marry Bronwyn has only known how men treat women with disdain greed and lust She never imagined that her captor a man she never thought would be capable of such an act She is shocked when she discovers that she feels something for him than dislike He may be her husband but he isn't going to tame her easily She will fight for her independence and free willwith the battle of wits who will when it comes to matters of the heart? The Hero Cullen is envious of the relationship that his brother has with his wife But Cullen isn't a meek male to just allow any women to run over him Cullen has a very dominant and alpha like tendacies He is a powerful warrior in his own right Cullen is close to his family and his clan but he also has a mischevious and playful nature You never know what he will do next He has uite a entertaining character and even though he is a bit he man and not everyone will like his character I found him highly entertaining and probably a very realistic view of men back in the day The Heroine Bronwyn has lived under her father's cruel rule all of her life He treats her like a servant she has learned to work hard She knows that one day he will barter her for wealth or land She only has one out of three brothers that treat her like real family Even though she should view Cullen as the enemy she is not angry at him for just being a McJames She knows how her father works She is furious that he kidnapped her and she was practically forced into marrying him or go against the church I really had fun with Bronwyn's character I liked that she was willful and passionate and didn't back down from a fight with Cullen even though it would probably save her tons of drama and tension Plot and Story Line In The Warrior's Bed we get to be drawn back into the McJame's family and clan and we finally get to Cullen's book I really fell made for this character in the first book He is very alpha at times and I started to remember why I loved him so much He isn't a character you take too seriously though Now this books has uite a bit of angst in it And the bantering between Cullen and Bronwyn is very very lively and dramatic at times But with Mary Wine you just know that you will have a good time with her books and In The Warrior's Bed was high entertainment We see the history and the culture of the Scottish clans and the complications of the Scottish Court at this time frame I was pretty intrigued with seeing how this story played out in the end though The romance is packed with tension drama and seeing these two come from being enemies to lovers packs uite a punch The Cover I do love the way this pose is situated hereI love the purple tones and the gold detail on her dress Overall View In The Warrior's Bed is a scottish romance that packs a powerful feelits lively historically crafted and riveting Click To Buy On foogallery id19358

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    I was torn with rating this book 3 or 4 stars The beginning and ending of the story made it 4 stars for meThis book was simple to me At points Mary reused lines over and that kinda bothered me I don't need to be told 3 times how nice the bathing room is She did this a few times with other things through out the bookAnother thing that bothered me was the cover of the book did not match the HH at all I don't understand why they do that The heroine on the cover has black hair and the heroine in the book is blond The plaid the hero is wearing on the cover is not the same colors used in the book It may not bother all readers but it does bother meThe sex scenes were hot that is always a plus for meThe ending was done well and I do look forwars to reading the next book in this series

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    I give this 375 stars This book started out a little slow for me but definitely picked up as the book went along At first I wasn't a fan of Bronwyn I thought she struggled against Cullen a little too much However I can understand her fear of the unknown and fear of how she would be treated in the McJames household after the feuding Although from what we knew of her father how could anything be worse? It took some time but she did see Cullen for the honorable man that he is trulyAs Dhestiny mentioned in her review I enjoyed reading about Cullen and Bronwyn learning about and beginning to love each other I especially loved Cullen's charm Who couldn't help but fall for him? This book reads uickly and is an easy read Even with the feud between the two families this isn't a stressful read Issues are handled uickly I'm looking forward to Bonnie's story and I believe she is going to be matched with Alarick

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    Summary Cullen McJames will not have his honor sullied certainly not by his clan's nemesis Laird Erik Mcuade So when Mcuade tells the Court of Scotland that Cullen has stolen his daughter's virtue Cullen steals the daughter insteadSince his brother wed a fetching lass Cullen's been thinking he too needs a wife A marriage could end the constant war between the clans And looking on Bronwyn Mcuade but once has put her in his dreams for a weekBut Bronwyn won't go uietly She won't be punished for what she did not do Nor is she eager to live among the resentful veterans of Mcuade wars And however brave and beautiful a man Cullen may be he has much to learn about a woman's fighting spirit But as Bronwyn will discover he has much to teach her as well I like Cullen he's an honorable Highland warrior that doesn't try to fight his gentler feelings Also the fact that he wanted Bronwyn before he actually found out who she was made me feel better about the abduction itselfBronwyn is likable as well she wasn't too stubborn when it came to admitting that she does in fact want Cullen I like that she didn't just fall in line with his wishes but did try to resist although I'm not sure why exactly she wanted to her home is not a nice place given that most of her family hates herHer father and brothers are complete villains there's not a single redeemable thing about them and I find that a bit too neat Nobody is just that evil and greedy I like it when I can see something nice about them it makes it realI like seeing the couple from the previous book here as well as Sterling And I really do wish we could get Bonnie's story sister of the heroine of In Bed With A StrangerRating35 stars

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    Let me start by mentioning that I didn't read In bed with a Stranger the book before In the Warrior's Bed but even with a handful of references to it I didn't have any trouble follwing this oneHaving said that the story for the most part is well written but ultimately a let down It's the same ol' song and dance as every other highlander HR I kept wating to be surprised but if you're familar at all with Historical Romances the the plot is pretty predictable Added to that there are uite a few huh? Why did heshe do that? moments that aren't really explained and just left me confusedOh and the love scenes MW is was? a writer for Ellora's Cave so I actually expected hotter scenes then the humdrum ones In the Warrior's Bed offered Again they're well written just a bit too tameOverall I think the best way to describe this is as a comfort read or an in between read Nothing new is offered there's only a minimum of angst to deal with no Jealous exes and a HEA Very easy very light reading

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    With a bold and lusty hero a brave heroine and intrigue at the royal court of Scotland Mary Wine's IN A WARRIOR'S BED is as sexy and exciting as the highland hills themselves

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    I really wanted to like these characters In truth I was rooting for them most of the way; however there was just something not uite right I felt they were not well cemented Which way would they go in their decision making process and why? For lack of a better word they were'wishy washy' in the author's depiction Especially Bronwyn the heroine Wishy washy isn’t uite the right word but the ‘huh?’ going off repeatedly in my head made her appear so It certainly slowed down what would otherwise be a fast read Or maybe it was the fact that I could drive a battering ram through the plot view spoilerThe heroine’s father wants to keep her unmarried and also without issuefemale off spring so he can keep her dowry land in the family Yet he declares before court and the king that she is a slut??? No no no This surely leaves her open for than just leers from lecherous slobs at court or home Now that could result in a pregnancy And why would Bronwyn want to remain loyal to such an abusive family save one brother? There is also a killing in court that totally pulled me in but then failed to deliver when assumptions are made by her family that would have been explained even shouted out by other court members to the ones who misconstrued the event hide spoiler

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    In the Warrior's Bed3 StarsFalsely accused of dishonoring Bronwyn Mcuade Cullen McJames decides to settle the longstanding feud between his clan and the Mcuades by kidnapping and wedding her Unfortunately for Cullen Bronwyn is no timid miss and refuses to marry and be used as a pawn Can these two passionate yet stubborn people find some common ground?Not as enjoyable as the first book in the series Bronwyn and Cullen’s scenes together are exceedingly erotic While this is not necessarily a bad thing their romance lacks foundation and is based on mutual lust rather than any real love and affection Bronwyn’s relationship with her family is underdeveloped and her interactions with the McJames clan are unrealistic Where is the animosity and the antagonism? There are intriguing hints at an underlying suspense plot spread throughout but it never fully materializes and is ultimately resolved rapidly and unsatisfactorily All in all the book does not live up to its potential and the next one will hopefully be better