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My New Year's resolution I'm moving on from everything that's happened I'm not going to talk about it think about it let the memory pounce upon me like a waiting tiger nothingAll Sophie wants to do is forget But it's not easy now that everything's changed The house feels too big school drags on for too long lights are too bright the room spins and her hands get sweaty for no reason And she can't remember why she was ever best friends with Abigail who is obsessed with parties and boys Only the new girl Rosa Leigh with her prose poems and utter confidence might understand But talking to her seems impossibleLost in memories of the life she once had Sophie retreats into herself But there's only so long she can keep everything bottled up inside before she explodes Maybe by confronting the tragedy of her past she'll figure out how to fix her future

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    Sophie releases the details of the worst thing she ever did through journal entries and this turns out to be a blessing and a curse in Alice Kuiper’s second YA novel The Worst Thing She Ever Did It’s a blessing because we get to hear Sophie’s authentic teenage voice and a curse for the same reason Teenagers are by definition insular and of course no where is this made apparent than in the pages of a teenager’s diary Sophie is keeping this journal at the reuest of her therapist Lynda who tells her that “Writing in here will help you remember” Sophie doesn’t want to remember though and The Worst Thing She Ever Did takes its own sweet time revealing what it is Sophie is so desperately trying to forget I’m not suggesting that Sophie’s tragedy is not worth the effort just that Sophie often teeters on the edge of coming across like a petulant child than the survivor of a horrific act of violence But maybe that is part of what would make this story so compelling to young adults I think they will recognize themselves in the pages of Kuiper’s novel Here is a girl who is living her life Her sister Emily is home from art school and Sophie doesn’t varnish their sibling relationship Sometimes Emily really pisses her off Sometimes Sophie feels like Emily is the favourite child Mostly though Sophie misses her older sister and it is clear that something horrible and unspeakable has happened Sophie’s mother is coping with the loss as badly as Sophie is but the two of them don’t talk about it In fact sometimes they “circled each other like cats” Sophie pretends not to hear her mother crying There is no joy in the house they share There’s no joy for Sophie at school either Everything is different “Everything going on around me – the others the noise the ring of the bell to get to class – was so loud it gave me a headache” Sophie’s best friend Abigail has moved on Sophie tries to navigate the aftermath of the tragedy which is only alluded to until almost the end of the novel and work her way through being a teenager with varying degrees of success There’s school to contend with and fractured friendships and boys – one boy in particular – and her mother All of these elements would have been enough for a YA novel and a half but Kuipers ups the ante here If some of the reconciliations seem a tad trite at the novel’s end I wasn’t really fussy about the subplot concerning Abigail they don’t really detract from the story’s larger theme healing takes time Kuiper’s is a lovely writer and although my feelings about The Worst Thing She Ever Did are similar to my feelings about 40 Things I Want To Tell You I still think Kuipers is worth checking out

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    Honestly this is a hard book to rateI didn't enjoy it but I think that's the point Sophie the narrator and protagonist really really drove me insane She's grieving after the death of her sister yet doesn't 'reveal' although I found it very obvious and saw where it was going early on details as to how her sister died until about the last uarter of the bookThe book is set in the UK which I liked I didn't really feel the voice Sophie was supposed to have I guess due to my lack of interest overallI found Sophie to be naive selfish immature and unthoughtful I mean yes she was grieving but so was her mother The way she spoke to and treated her mother was appalling I honestly wanted to smack her round the head Sophie's 'friends' I truly hope I never have 'friends' like them were horrible They were I guess the UK's version of Mean Girls although I did like the 'newcomer' to the school Rosa Leigh She was a genuinely nice person The writing style was in my opinion juvenile It was full of very Short sentences Which drove me crazy And THE USE OF CAPS which was SUPPOSED to express Sophie's annoyance frustration whatever was SEVERELY IRRITATING Yes that is what several sentences on say every second page looked likeNegatives aside this was a thought proving read and I'm sure to the right person it would be a good book It just wasn't my cup of tea I think the only thing that bumped it up to a 2 star rating for me was pages 197 209 That and a couple of poems which were supposed to have been written by Sophie; The sticks on the treesStand up harsh and bareWith rings on their fingersAnd knots in their hairThe silver of winterIs smoky with rainThe witches of sunlightFly low againIn a puddle of greyLast summer liesWhere nothing can swimAnd my sister diesThe spring is weightedWith what has been And she's still with meBrightly unseenand I remain turned outside in the darkest corner of the forest open to hot wet light I remain without you; a glass half full to everyone else half empty to me

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    Okay when the main character describes herself as plain and expounds on that you can't go and put a heavily made up model on the front cover it just seems ridiculous There is no reason to have this woman on the front cover who the hell is she supposed to be? I did love about this and about Hold Still that they both show how parents can want to the best for their kids but not always know how to deal with their own hurt Still as I always say at work kids tend to not pop out with an instruction book following them Parents don't always know what to do and it's nice to see them too as human Seeing Sophie's mom's grief was really important here Anyway this started out slow for me very choppy hard to get drawn in which is probably realistic about how Sophie was living her life but it also made it tough to get connected to the story But by the end I was crying at all the parts when you're supposed to cry and probably Or maybe I was just emotional in my own life for no real reasons Or maybe I was emotional because of this book Either way by the middle I was hooked and weepy and let's be honest I like it when books make me hooked and weepy Almost four stars but not entirely

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    This was an interesting book I had seen it all over the Internet lately and was intrigued Plus I love the cover Yes I do tend to judge a book by its cover ; The story was OK Having lost someone I love I could feel Sophie's pain – to a degree Thankfully I've never been in a situation like she was in so I can't fully understand Anyway it became clear to me pretty uickly that she likely was suffering from PTSD post traumatic stress disorder – especially once she started having the panic attacksI liked how her story came out in bits and pieces While it would've been easier to understand her behavior earlier on if we knew her story earlier I didn't mind waiting I didn't feel strung along It made sense to me that she forgot – or at least refused to remember I liked how she went from remembering things about life with Emily to remembering bits of the day When it all came back wow I can't imagine anyone having to live with what all she saw And she was just a child No wonder she couldn't find the words to sayThe last chapter or two of this book – primarily the memorial service – almost made me cry I was tearing up and felt choked up I think if that part was longer I would have bawled While I don't feel the need to read this one again I won't go so far as to say I WON'T read it again Maybe someday We'll see Overall I found it a uick easy read It was NOT a light read however It's weighty All I can think even though I know it's fiction is that poor poor girl A book that does that – keeps me thinking about it and importantly feeling it – is a good book indeed

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    Plot It is about a girl called Sophie who struggles to forget an incident that happened last summer It is all about how she copes with her new life after that She finds it hard to communicate with the people around her; she rarely talks about it and basically pushes people out She starts writing a diary on a notebook her psychiatrist gave her at some point believing it’ll make her better The book is Sophie’s diary stating her life on a day to day basisLikes I did not find it that likeable at all Probably what I liked most is the character Rosa Leigh a Canadian girl Sophie ends up being friends with Sophie’s’ mom is just heartbreaking which made me love her I also probably like the ending because it got better during that moment Dislikes I believe that this book is just too depressing Sophie was basically annoying she wants help from people but she pushes them away anyhow? Probably that’s what the author wanted to make a sad novel but it was just irritating because it was veeeeeerrrryyy dark and depressing Sophie treats her mother horribly during the story which made her seem soo freaking annoying The storyline was a drag from me It took me to read the whole book until finding out what happened I wish the mystery was at least solved in the middle of the book rather than the end just to grasp what I was readingOverall I would probably not recommend it to people who wants to read something light because this book is heavy with sad emotions

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    I have to say that this book took a bit for me to get into I thought it was going to turn out as a whole book of a girl being unable to move past the death of her sister However once I got about half way through the book things changed and you could see a huge change in not only her but other characters in the book I was glad that by the end of the book there were others seeking help in many various ways After the entire book I am gonna summarize the book as a good guide for others going through grief of some sort as it truly is a step by step process that each person goes through on there own terms It is a good book

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    Having lost her older sister recently in a tragic bombing whilst travelling to the National Gallery on a train Sophie finds herself struggling with her loss and after it was suggested by a councillor begins writing her thoughts about the present and her memories of Emily in a journalAt the start I felt very sorry for Sophie but that didn't last long I found her to be extremely sell obsessed judgemental and uptight For most of the book she was either yelling at her mother and friends feeling sorry for herself or in tears I realise Sophie's mother wasn't always able to give her daughter the emotional support she needed as she was lost in her own grief however the way Sophie spoke to and behaved around her mother was totally unacceptable By the halfway mark I had had enough of herI also loathed Dan the boy Sophie was obsessed with He was a two timing wretch who blasély cheated on one girl after another totally uncaring of their feelingsIn fact Rosa Leigh the new student from Canada who befriended Sophie and Kalila a Muslim girl in the same year level as Sophie were the only characters I actually liked Both girls showed compassion and kindness to Sophie even when she didn't deserve it

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    Lost a star for misleading title

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomLOST FOR WORDS is the latest novel by Alice KupiersTold in diary format LOST FOR WORDS is Sophie's attempt to forget what happened last summerWhen I first picked up the book I didn't know what the event was that Sophie alludes to at the beginning of the story None of the synopsis I read had given any indication what Sophie was trying to run away from But because I loved LIFE ON THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR so much I wasn't that concerned about being in the dark from the first pageMs Kupiers unfolds the story at just the right pace to keep the reader anticipating what will happen next while at the same time frustrating the reader to give you details NOWAs the story unfolds Sophie slowly reveals the events of the previous summer with her shoe laces the train her sister Emily and the aftermath Her friends don't know how to reach Sophie Sophie and her mother have a strained relationship and Sophie herself is unwilling to open up to anyone including her therapist It's through her diary entries that the reader comes to know what's going on in her mind and her inability to cope with what she experienced the previous summerLOST FOR WORDS is a tragic novel but deeply moving and relevant in these unstable times Though the novel takes place in England the events can and have happened in other places around the world Once I started the book I didn't want to put it downIf I have any negative comments on the story it would be purely cosmetic The book is also being published in Canada and the United Kingdom under the title of THE WORST THING SHE EVER DID Not only does that title make sense to the story the cover artwork on that edition ties in much better But that being said Ms Kupiers is definitely an author I'm going to keep an eye on This is the second book by her that I consider a winner

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    This was a truly griping story of a young girl who is trying to deal with the unbearable grief of losing her sister Sophie is completely devastated and her therapist tells her to keep a journal which is what this book is Every day Sophie goes through life trying to forget the fact that her sister is dead Her mother walks around in a daze and barely talks to her It's been a year spent in a house that is completely uiet Sophie's love for her sister was completely touching I felt for her through every page any little thing that reminded her of her sister brought a fresh wave of pain that was heart breaking Sophie's best friend is pulling away from her and hanging out with other girls because she just doesn't know how to reach Sophie Around this time and new girl Rosa Leigh shows up and her and Sophie become fast friends Rosa Leigh was probably my favorite character in this story She's from a huge family and she's completely sympathetic to Sophie's pain but she's also very blunt in telling her when she's acting like a snot to other people My main complaint with this book is that the author didn't tell us what actually happened to Sophie's sister until almost the very end of the book I think it was supposed to be a big dramatic reveal after all the little hints brought up throughout the book but to me it just ended up being very frustratingOverall I was touched and invested in the story from beginning to end and I definitely recommend it to all of you YA book lovers that enjoy an emotional tale