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What happens when you leave twenty six little monkeys home alone? Lots of monkey business that’s what The charming chimps in this book with names and misbehaviors to match each letter of the alphabet cause all kinds of trouble when Mom and Dad go out Jim Aylesworth’s rollicking rhyming text and Henry Cole’s irresistibly mischievous monkeys teach thealphabet with unmatched exuberance from Andy all the way to Zelda

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    Text to Text ConnectionThis book reminds me of the story of The five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Both stories are about monkeys being naughty but this story does not end with the monkeys going to bed It also made me think of all the trouble Curious George gets into in every book or tv show he appears in Monkeys are always portrayed as mischievous playful and naughty much like how they are in this book

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    This book is about 26 naughty little monkeys that are left home alone while their parents go out Each monkey has a name that begins with a letter of the alphabet and each monkey creates their own trouble Hanging from the curtains playing with mommy's things and sliding down the banister are a few examples of the trouble these monkeys make At the end of the story the parents load up the monkeys and take them to the zoo Young children love this book and I read it to my class almost daily I believe that this book has helped teach my two and three year olds the letters of the alphabet A creative activity to use to correspond to the story would be pasta letter alphabet stories They can use the pasta letters to make words for each letter of the alphabet

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    Each monkey from A to Z is doing something wrong The illustrations are nice and the story is clever but I'm not a fan of books that give preschoolers ideas of bad choices they can make especially when spoiler alertat the end they all get sent to the zoo because they can't be good I don't want to give my kids the message that if they screw up I'm going to send them away spoiler alert

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    Picture BookThis is a perfect book to help teach children the alphabet It goes through each letter highlighting a word in the text and also associating a name of the monkey with the correct letter of the alphabet Great illustrations

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    Carson's new favorite book

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    Naughty monkeys are naughty when mom and dad are out What will happen when they get home? Cute alphabet book both what they do and their names each correspond with a letter

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    Naughty Little Monkeys is book is good for teaching the alphabet to young children In this book the ABC’s are shown on each page highlights a new letter

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    ABC book Great illustrations My Kindergarten class very much enjoyed this book

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    Title Naughty Little MonkeysAuthor Jim AylesworthIllustrator Henry ColeGenre Alphabet BookThemes Alphabet Making a Mess SiblingsOpening linesentenceNaughty Little MonkeysKnow a lot of tricksBut Mom thinks they’re angelicAll naughty twenty sixBrief Book Summary The twenty six monkeys’ parents go out leaving the monkeys home alone They start trouble and make the house a mess but before their parents come home they are back in bed At the end all of the monkeys and their parents go to the zooProfessional RecommendationReview #1 Horn Books40 pp Dutton 2003 ISBN 0 525 46940 0 4 PS Illustrated by Henry Cole Chaos abounds as twenty six naughty monkeys stir up trouble in alphabetically named order when their human parents go out The mischief begins with Andy's paper airplanes and continues boisterously through Yates's yo yos until the beleaguered parents put the monkeys back into bed to rest for a next day zoo visit Zany rollicking illustrations add to the fun and help to counterbalance the sometimes awkward rhymesProfessional RecommendationReview #2 CLCDMarilyn Courtot Children’s LiteratureDressed in a ball gown and tuxedo Mom and Dad are headed out for the evening The twenty six little monkeys are all bedded down for the night Or are they? Twenty six should be the first clue since that is the number of letters in the alphabet Aylesworth has his naughty crew up to a bunch of tricks and they manage to make a pretty good mess of the house It starts with one named Andy who flies a folded airplane and then moves to Brooke to jumping on her bed By the time the readers get to Ike food has been spilled and ice cream is dropping on the dining room table Pete tops it off with a stack of pancakes with syrup dripping all over the kitchen When Mom and Dad arrive home these naughty little monkeys are all in bed but the house is a wreck The very next day they all troop off to the zoo Young listeners and readers will get a bit of a surprise at the way this romp through the alphabet ends Henry Cole really adds humor to this rhyming text featuring an unconventional family Further he extends the alphabet lesson by printing each monkey’s name on his or her shirt and the dominant word beginning with the appropriate letter is highlighted in the appropriate stanza The alphabet is recapped in the final picture 2003 Dutton 1599 Ages 3 to 7Response to Two Professional Reviews These reviews explain that the book is good at explaining the alphabet and giving an example of a word that starts with a specific letter of the alphabet The second review focuses on the study while the first reviews touches on the book as a whole The illustrations by Cole make the book fun for readers A review of the alphabet at the end of the book exposes readers to the alphabet in a formal settingEvaluation of Literary Elements The letters of the alphabet are highlighted at the top of the page and when they are used in a sentence The book’s plot is easy to follow and the illustrations are very colorful This book is good for young children who are learning the alphabetConsideration of Instructional Application This book could be used when teachers are teaching their children about the alphabet Also the book can be used for introducing the ideas of alliteration into the classroom as well The younger aged classroom would probably have a lot of fun with this book but older children can also enjoy going in depth in the lesson besides just learning the 26 letters of the alphabet

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    Listen here's what's up If YOU had 26 small children to take care of human children not even MONKEY children would YOU leave them all night without a babysitter?I didn't think soReally the parents had it coming When their children dive into the bathtub to make a big splash when they write their names with jam when they leave the fridge open and ruin the curtains and all in alphabetical order too I know whose fault it is THE PARENTSThe alphabet theme is a little understated here it's a fun addition but they're not announcing in big letters A is for APPLES and ANDY throwing an AIRPLANE on each page There's a 4 line rhyme with the alliterative word in bold and that's about it The names of the monkeys are on their pajama shirtsThe pictures are amusing enough but to tell the truth I didn't like the language that much It seemed a little like I've seen it all before It could have been better And I didn't like the rhyme for Z either Not only did the 26th monkey not get to do anything but they were all taken in pink dresses for the girls and blue sailor suits for the boys to the zoo as a treat? That's how it reads with them walking along with balloons and umbrellas I know it's Mom and Dad's fault the house is such a mess but still shouldn't they be punished just a little? Maybe by having to STAY HOME and clean it up? Unless they're being brought to the zoo to be abandoned there for being so naughty which makes sense but WOW what a messageI don't know it's just not sitting right And like I said the rhymes? I've read better Nice artwork though