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Europe Has Fallen Pearl Harbor Is In Flames Enter The EighthIn The RAF Fought A Desperate Battle Of Survival Against The Luftwaffe Over Britain Then, From Across The Atlantic, Came A New Generation Of American Pilots, Gunners, And Bombardiers, A New Generation Of Flying Machines Called The B Flying Fortress, The B Liberator, The P Thunderbolt, And The P Mustang Fighter Soon These Brave Young Men Were Hurtling Themselves And Their Unproven Planes Across The Channel And Into The Teeth Of Enemy Firepower, Raining Down Bombs On The German Military Machine, And Going Up Against Hitler S Best Fliers In The SkyThis Is The Dramatic Oral History Of The Army Air Corps And The Newly Created Eighth Air Force Stationed In Britain, An Army Of Hard Fighting, Hard Playing Flying Men Who Suffered Fatalities Than The Entire US Marine Corps In The Pacific Campaign Of World War II Here, In Their Own Words, Are Tales Of Survival And Soul Numbing Loss, Of Soldiers Who Came Together To Fight A Kind Of War That Had Never Been Fought Before And Win It With Their Courage And Their BloodBut The Road To Victory Was Paved With Sacrifice From Its Inaugural Mission On July Until V E Day, The Eighth Air Force Lost Men Than Did The Entire United States Marine Corps In All Its Campaigns In The Pacific The Mighty Eighth Chronicles The Testimony Of The Pilots, Bombardiers, Navigators, And Gunners Who Daily Put Their Lives On The Line Their Harrowing Accounts Recall The Excitement And Terror Of Dogfights Against Nazi Aces, Maneuvering Explosive Laden Aircraft Through Deadly Flak Barrages, And Fending Off Waves Of Enemy Fighters While Coping With Subzero TemperaturesBeginning With The Opening Salvos From A Mere Dozen Planes, Crewmen Describe The Raids On Berlin And Dresden, The Fiasco At Ploesti, Romania, And Black Thursday Over Schweinfurt They Fell To The Terror Of Seeing Aircraft Destroyed Helplessly Watching As Comrades Crash And Burn, Or Parachute Over Enemy Territory, Where They Will Attempt To Evade Enemy Capture Through The Underground Others Tell Of Mourning Downed Airmen Murdered By Vengeful Citizens And Soldiers, And Of Those Who Endured Captivity In POW Camps

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    I have been a keen fan of Gerald Astor since I first read his book Operation Iceberg Up until that time I was not keen on oral histories but this author has changed my mind in regard to this style of history In this book he once again produces an excellent and moving account of the strains, experiences and horrors that men bear in wartime This book covers the American daylight effort in the airwar over Europe which was just as horrific as that of the British Commonwealth nightime efforts At times when I read this book I could picture the spinning and burning B 17 s and B 24 s going down and I think that this is a timely book to remind us of the young men who went down with those planes on behalf of their family, friends and country The book offers a good overview of the terrible battles over Europe and also covers the efforts of the fighter pilots and ground crew Enjoyable and sad

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    Enlightening I learned a lot I didn t know about WWII Liked it 2nd time around.

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    Courageous Men Who Faced Death Almost Daily, But Still Went UpGood editing of a large number of memoirs and remembrances to put together a pretty good narrative of the horrors of trying to bomb the Nazis into submission The effort proved the Billy Mitchell theory wrong It also took boots on the ground to ultimately be the Germans Unfortunately a great many lives were lost before this was realized by the Generals in charge Tremendous courage was shown by the vast majority of the aircrew from 1943 through 1945 It s too bad that General Eaker and others underestimated the ability of the German fighters and the flak gunners on the 88s for so long This cost the Eighth Air Force dearly in the early years In fact it almost destroyed it as an effective fighting force.

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    In this book, Gerald Astor combines many war stories into one fluent history about the Air War in Europe I think it was a good combination between personal stories of RAF and USAF airmen and a informative writing of ww2 I would recommend this book if you are interested in the air combat and bomber strategies of ww2 The book talks a lot about specific aircraft and uses some technical aviation language, so a small amount of knowledge on ww2 aircraft may be necessary to enjoy the book I rated the book 5 stars based off of my interest in the reading.

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    Find out what it was like to fly in the US 8th Air Force during WW2 The author brings history to life through the eyes of participants from all backgrounds, and demonstrates the variety of experience From the trials of taking a pee in the ball turret of a B 17 at 30,000 ft and 40 degrees to formation flying through cloud to head on fighter attacks, flak, and , we get a look at what these 20 somethings experienced.

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    This was a good book providing a ground, or air level account of the 8th The author recounted many 8th member personal accounts of the war and their missions Fully capturing the emotion of the men who flew I would have given the book 5 stars had the author contextualized those account a bit with the strategic implications of the losses missions and accomplishments of the 8th.

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    This book contained some very interesting and personal accounts of what it was to me a flyer in World War II, seen from both the bomber and fighter pilot point of view Excellent narrative prose Definitely worth reading if your interests lie in history.

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    Well researched and written The story of the 8th Air Force was so extensive that any effort to summarize it completely must fall short Although much could have been included Astor did a fine job of combining personal accounts with the overall 8th s goals and objectives.

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    This is the most comprehensive and most thoroughly researched book on the Eighth Air Force and I have read quite a few that I have encountered Have a lot of time set aside for reading this book It takes a while but is well worth the time and effort.

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    Excellent book Had a lot of fun listening to it.