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The fourth work in the widely acclaimed laugh out loud Trash n' Treasures series by the husband and wife writing team New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins and mystery writer Barbara CollinsSpring has sprung a major leak in far from serene Serenity as the Mississippi River drops in for an extended stay With homes and businesses flooded how better to help the town recover than by staging a church bazaar?Brandy Borne knows her mother Vivian's plan however is likely to lean towards Bizarre especially when she hears Mother wheedle a reclusive Russian heiress into donating the last Faberge egg ever created When the winning bidder turns up mortally scrambled Brandy and Mother cook up a plan to crack the case of this killerwho is one seriously bad egg

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    This fourth entry in the series has our detective duo organizing a charity Bazaar to raise funds for flood victims One of the items up for auction will be a faberge egg owned by a Russian lady Of course she dies the egg disappears and other start dying too Our heroines have to solve the murderPretty good stuff even though Vivian only gets one chapter this time

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    Perhaps I'm just really not cut out for cozy mysteries I keep on trying them from time to time because I like a good mystery novel that doesn't get too gruesome or horrific eg that time I read a Robin Cook novel about horrible things being done to pregnant women while I was pregnant Not the smartest thing I've ever done But inevitably I find the characters obnoxious to the point that I would probably murder them if I was in their world And then we'd have another cozy mysteryParticularly annoying in this novel the mother And the way the daughter just went along with her And well I've been trying to be a little less harsh in my reviews lately I have already failed but at least I don't have to make it any worse by going on with the listRating PG sort of The events in the novel themselves were uite sueaky clean I mean obviously not the murders but the other stuff Pretty much no swearing But then again our main character is divorced because she really really messed up which she doesn't seem particularly bothered by And you just get the impression that morality isn't all that big a deal

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    Let's just say I am very glad this book was free I am not sure why this book has so many positive ratings because I cringed while reading this book I had to force myself to complete this excuse for literary fiction I'm sure the author is aware of her heavy handed use of parenthesis so I won't rant about it Suffice it to say we the readers are not idiots We didn't need her to remind of us of something we just read the page before on the next page in parenthesis The writing was choppy the story was all over the place and yet predictable run on sentences galore Here's a tiny example it is by far not the worse infractionWe went to the “cop shop” as Mother insisted on calling it which is to say the police station and had a conversation with Tony in his office that lasted better than two hoursOne sentence should have been broken down into three to four sentences instead it was a block of unwieldy text I would not read another story by this author even if it were free

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    I am hooked I love this uirky cozy series

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    To answer the uestion What did you think? I must reply rather so so about it all The characters are vivid but I do have a few ualms about them The main character Brandy Borne is 31 living at home with her Mother running a small antiue business and we learn carrying a baby for her best friends Ok Actually there is nothing wrong about this except her attitude about her Mother's mental illness My discomfort may be due to my not having lived with a Manic Depressive but I am not at ease with the sarcasm and going around saying to all the Sheriff etc in general Mom is nuttyI also do not feel at ease with the best friend's attitude towards Brandy when Brandy is giving her such a tremendous gift of carrying her child It didn't feel right to meThe mystery? A Faberge Egg stolen and a man murdered for it Good plot but felt like it was just thrown in to me So you say 'why even 3 stars?' Well because I laughed out loud in places I saw the great potential in the story line and I like the characters individually but not together There is much to like about this book but I felt it fell short of my expectations in this case I have bought the next book Antiues Knock Off and am sure I will enjoy it

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    Basically liked this book but I'm not sure if I'll read anything by this author Like the book I just read before this one it has a character that is so self centered so convinced she knows than anyone else and is a top amateur detective that she is bordering on unlikable I'm sure the author is trying to be amusing I guess I just don't find these kind of characters funny they're annoying to meThe mystery was good and there were other characters I find likable so it wasn't a disaster for me But the warning signs apparently are there for me

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    This cozy mystery fit the title uite well as it was a bit bizarre I think it could have been an excellent storyline but the writing involves so many asides and unconnected pieces that IMHO it detracted from the storyline Both the mother and the daughter crime team are supposed to have mental issues; and at times I felt like I was nutcase trying to follow their thought processes Also I figured out who done it fairly early in the story line so wasn't too surprised at the ending

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    A fun read but the huge amount of named products was a little frustrating I have to say that if you get anoyed by someone taking twice as long to tell a story because heshe makes too many aside comments this book and probably the series is not for you This is a strong part of the main character's personality A little frustrating but consistentI'd recommend this for a light read

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    I enjoy the light and breezy style to these books by Barbara Allen

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    Having enjoyed Antiues Frame so thoroughly I'm now working my way through as many volumes of the series as my library system carries Againwhy do libraries refuse to provide an entire set? There are only 4 books available Alas As with the last entry for Antiues Flee Market I'm glad I read Frame first or I wouldn't have pursued the series Although Bizarre is a trifle better than Flee Market it still doesn't attain the wit and pace of Frame Maybe this is a maturing process in the authors' collaboration? Hard to say But Bizarre was a pleasant read I was sucked in than usual by the image of a Faberge egg on the cover and was a little disappointed when my expectations of descriptive passages fraught with gems and precious metals and lyric designs wasn't met But I suppose a bona fide Faberge egg would be less credible than the wooden prototype we're offered in the storyWhat put me off than anything though were the numerous references to movie stars and music and other social hallmarks that I've never encountered It made me think this series was written for someone in their 70s or 80s Or someone versed in social icon history perhapsWhat I also missed in this installment was the presence of Vivian as a writer She's given a bit page time than the previous Flee Market but not enough The balance of humor and the fleshing out of the character by letting her inner dialogue take over occasionally made Frame enjoyable Still I'm not uitting on the series My library can offer one Antiues Knock OffAs the series gets closer to the time Frame was written it does become enjoyable Nice holiday cozy improbable mystery