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    I liked it But it was a really short romance.ALRIGHTY, THIS REVIEW IS GOING TO REVEAL THE WHOLE ENTIRE PLOT OF THIS ONESHOT, SO IF YOU RE IN THE MOOD FOR SOME SPOILERS, SCROLL DOWN SPOILER BOUNDARY LINE Now what earns it a three star is that it was adorable and it taught a small life lesson Nothing can replace something that s important to you But the reason why it was a three star and NOT a five star is because the romance in this oneshot is very blurry and it went by REALLY REALLY FAST I mean I know that the oneshot is only about 30 page manga but still I dunno if I can call it romance.So basically, Yuzuki is a girl who cherishes her brother To her, her brother is kind and amazing She loves him to death.But when her brother gets a girlfriend, Yuzuki can t help to have jealousy swim through her.So, in the middle of sulking, she runs into a dude She looks up at him to see that he looks exactly like her older brother She learns that his name is Atsushi, and the way that they both fall in love goes by waaaaay too fast to be real.First of all, she starts to like Atsushi because he looks just like her older brother But throughout the story, she learns that his personality is nothing like her older brother s But she still recognizes that he is still a nice dude, even though he and her older brother are like two opposites This is a nice structure for a plot that teaches life lessons if the story didn t zoom by so fast.The rising action is when Yuzuki reveals that the pink scarf she wore around her neck was a scarf that was pooly knitted by her older brother She says it was very important to her and as if on cue, it suddenly falls into a river.Atsushi jumps in to save the scarf, even though Yuzuki shouts that she can easily find another scarf to replace it It was poorly knitted and everything, right But Atsushi returns her scarf, saying that no other scarf can replace that one because that one is special to her That s a pretty good life lesson, even though it was just a little, teeny tiny bit cheesy It was just a little bit cheesy just a litte .Yuzuki realizes that she does like Atsushi, but he shouldn t ever find out that the reason why Yuzuki started hanging out with him in the first place is because he looks just like her older brother especially since he knows that her older brother is very important to her.When Atsushi takes Yuzuki home and they go inside, her older brother returns home to see the two of them together Against Yuzuki s wishes, her older brother demands to see Atsushi s face They both realize that they look exactly alike, and Atsushi gets up to leave, hurt because he realizes that he was a substitute for Yuzuki s older brother.Yuzuki s brother assures Yuzuki that there s nothing to worry about, saying that he can have fun with her in Atsushi s place.So Yuzuki confronts Atsushi, saying that he isn t a substitute for her older brother and that her older brother is not a substitute for him because you can t replace something that s important to you The story ends with Atsushi telling Yuzuki that he is willing to compete against her older brother for Yuzuki But Yuzuki states that Atsushi is already her number one THE END Do you realize how fast that love went by It might have been true love if you were there to see it, but it was revealed in such a short oneshot that it really doesn t seem too real However, this does get a three star rating for the original plot and its adorableness.But the romance is a little too blurry to understand So I conclude this review saying THIS GETS 3 STARS FROM THE GREAT NINJA, THERESA I will show you a sweet dream next night Vampire Knight Meaning LOOK FORWARD TO MY NEXT REVIEW o

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    Loved it