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Forty Years Ago, The Legendary Manga Artist Moto Hagio Reinvented The Sh Jo Girl S Comics Genre With An Ongoing Series Of Whip Smart, Psychologically Complex, And Tenderly Poetic Stories Here Now, In English For The Very First Time, As The Debut Release In Fantagraphics Books Ambitious Manga Line Of Graphic Novels, Are Ten Of The Very Best Of These TalesThe Work In A Drunken Dream And Other Stories Spans Hagio S Entire Career, From S Bianca To S The Willow Tree, And Includes The Mind Bending, Full Color Title Story The Famously Heartbreaking Iguana Girl And The Haunting The Child Who Comes Home As Well As Autumn Journey, Girl On Porch With Puppy, The Eerie Conjoined Twins Shocker Hanshin Half God, Angel Mimic, And One Of The Saddest Of All Romance Stories, Mari , Ten Years Later A Drunken Dream And Other Stories Is Supplemented With A Feature Length Interview With Hagio, Where Discusses Her Art, Her Career, And Her Life With The Same Combination Of Wit, Candor, And Warmth That Radiates From Every Panel Of Her Comics

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    Delicate, masterfully nuanced short stories.My only criticism barely a criticism, a suggestion is that both thematically and artistically there is a considerable degree of commonality between the stories, so they do not benefit from being read one after another So many lovely, delicate girls with big eyes and flowing hair, so many sad girls feeling ugly and unloved and guilty.My favorite story was Iguana Girl I would recommend this even to people who aren t generally interested in manga.

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    This is a beautiful book of short, often mystical or fantastical, emotionally complex stories To quote a goodreads reviewer Charles Hatfield Hagio does comics the likes of which I ve never seen anywhere else The best stories in this volume, such as Iguana Girl, Hanshin, and the title story, are disturbing little masterpieces of mood, insinuation, psychological depth sounding, and sheer gender troubling uncanny strangeness Sentimentality turns on a dime into horror horror into weird humor sadness into reflection I ve read these stories before and this second reading I appreciated them and felt moved by the emotional depth and anguish, as well as the small victories of empathy and connection.The first story, Bianca , sets the mood for a book about misunderstandings and tragic mistakes Clara, a painter in her later years, is showing art pieces to a man who comments on the subject of much of her work, a dancing girl in the woods Clara goes on to tell the story of this girl, Bianca, a cousin who stayed with her family very briefly when they were children As she narrates the story unfolds in eerie and yet sparkling pictures We witness not only the childhood scenes, but the mystical worldview of Clara unfolding The natural world comes to life in Clara s eyes in a way that at first seems idealized, but also hints at an awareness of a wolfish hunger and brutality By the end of the childhood saga, Clara has become something of an adult At least, this is a coming of age story But we see that she has also, in a way, because of this same story, remained a child She cannot move past the trauma and the magic and the charm, and it is what keeps her art repeating and repeating the moment of injury and transcendence Throughout the book, characters admire each other, resent each other, work to run away from the past or to address and make peace with it Their realizations can lead to self doubt, tragedy and loss, or spiritual growth Sometimes a combination of all of these things Always there is a wisdom in the sadness and anguish of those who make terrible mistakes, or discover something important, but too late There is also wisdom in the contentment, which, I am glad to say, shows up in these pages, too.

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    If you re already familiar with Moto Hagio, then this is definitely a must read for you even if you weren t a big fan of her other published work If you ve never heard of Moto Hagio before, then this would definitely be a great one to try granted that you re willing to pay the higher cost for the larger, hardcover treatment of this release.A Drunken Dream or rather anything by Moto Hagio is different from most shoujo in that it s not all fluffy and stuff, like the majority of modern shoujo released today A lot of her work has elements of sci fi and fantasy in them, and like real life, they don t always have a happy ending some of them even have a twist at the end Like most manga anthologies, you will probably find yourself liking some stories than others, and they don t always make the most sense some stories kinda feel like they end abruptly, with you the user left to think about what was the true purpose of the story Still, I pretty much enjoyed each and every single story My personal favorites are Hanshin Half God, Angel Mimic, Iguana Girl, and The Willow Tree.Some of the stories are definitely pretty old so it does contain 70 s 80 s style kind of art, and while that might put off some people who are used to modern looking stuff, I actually found it to be quite beautiful I think that the art itself fits in with the tone of Moto Hagio s work.This 1 volume anthology is recommended to those that have an open mind when it comes to reading manga comics I think that someone who doesn t normally read manga but is open to alternative comics, might enjoy this as well.

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    A collection of ten short stories by influential but unknown in America shoujo author Moto Hagio More than just short stories, the tales contained here are three decades of haunting and touching relationships.Hagio s art has a distinctly 70 s shoujo vibe to it, but the art is clean and easy to follow The short stories could be surprisingly poignant, and many, though they felt complete, left me wishing for And as the stories progress, it s fun to see how she s improved over the decades in both art and storytelling Of note were Hanshin Half God focuses on conjoined twins one beautiful but weak and disabled, the second scrawny and ugly, but brilliant The expected theme of yearning to be separate while living the only life they know as a set doesn t lessen the emotional impact Iguana Girl was probably my favorite story in the entire book, following a girl from birth through adulthood Most people see her as a normal person, but from the day she was born, her mother saw her an iguana You can t help but feel sorry for Rika when she s ignored or yelled at no matter the situation, and my only problem although perhaps this is was common in the Japanese familial situation is that the father, who clearly has no problem, isn t around and doesn t step in throughout a lifetime of neglect But it s a hopeful, rather than depressing, story.Not that the other stories aren t good, but those two stood out for storytelling and the characters themselves.The book itself is also gorgeous Hardcover, large print, kudos to the publisher for designing something that shows off the art and doesn t detract.

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    I just finished teaching this once again in my Comics Graphic Novels course, and I have to say, wow, I love it My students described the book as weird, trippy, sad, and overwrought but in a good way It is all that, and then some.Hagio does comics the likes of which I ve never seen anywhere else The best stories in this volume, such as Iguana Girl, Hanshin, and the title story, are disturbing little masterpieces of mood, insinuation, psychological depth sounding, and sheer gender troubling uncanny strangeness Sentimentality turns on a dime into horror horror into weird humor sadness into reflection Beautiful, elegant drawing and page making as well and a wonderful translation by Matt Thorn and book design by Adam Grano Fantagraphics did comics lovers a favor with this one I pray for .

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    Every time I read this book, I cry at a different story I don t know why.

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    Some good stories in here.

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    A nice collection of manga short stories I haven t actually read much old classic manga, so this was fine introduction to one such artist And I was a bit surprised how much I liked the stories I didn t expect the stories to have so sad and somber tone in general but that just made me like them Because even though they were melancholy, they were beautiful And although Hagio s stories are very much branded as shoujo, I thought some were josei actually.Obviously I liked some stories better than others but all of them are very much worth reading Some stories have a sort of dated elements, so you ll know you re reading an older story even without looking the publication date but it s not so bad, it s a bit like reading classic girls books nowadays They are lovely but tell of their time and age.I m not always a fan of the style in older manga but I found Hagio s art lovely There s also a long printed interview with Hagio from 2005 which is a nice bonus and interesting look on how shoujo manga began and evolved.

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    Excellent collection of shorter Manga from throughout Moto Hagio s 4 decade career It s fascinating to see Hagio s line work and storytelling skills develop as her core obsessions so many dopplegangers and distant mothers remain in place The Fantagraphics hardcover includes a long, revealing interview with Hagio and an essay about the Magnificent 49ers , the female centered Manga scene of which Hagio is a key member These are both useful resources, but I would have preferred detailed bibliographic information on when and where the stories collected in this edition originally appeared.

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    The first story did not leave me impressed, neither by its art, nor by the content, but as I was reading, I fell in love with the stories Some of them too sad, but all of them so beautiful.