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I Corinthians 13 is one of the most freuently read chapters and remains one of the most important passages in all of Scripture Unfortunately it also remains one of the least followed teachings in Scripture as well Fourth Century theologian John Chrysostom known for his elouence in preaching reflects here upon the true implications of St Paul's passage and reveals why there is great importance in understanding that the greatest of these is love With introduction by Frederica Mathewes Green

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    Read this in one setting Beautiful

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    Such a great and helpful commentary on the Love chapter found in the Bible 1 Cor 13

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    A description of what a true Christian love ought to beExcellent book A must read It speaks of what true christian love really is This is pretty much st John Chrysostom commentary on 1Cor 13 which can probably freely found on any patristics site or any site that has commentaries of St John Chrysostom

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    The Love Chapter by St John Chrysostom “The Love Chapter” is a collection of sermons written and delivered by St John Chrysostom the 4th century Archbishop of Constantinople Together these sermons constitute a profound verse by verse exegesis of one of the most famous chapters of Scripture written by St Paul I Corinthians 13 In this short chapter St Paul describes the nature of Agape the selfless other centered love of the Christian for his neighbor It is easy to read and gives every appearance of being self explanatory It is so well known in the Church that it is easy to take it for granted and gloss over it to look for challenging bits of Scripture It might even be tempting to think that we have mastered it and that St Paul is describing our love for others Through his patient exegesis St John carefully unpacks each phrase forcing the reader to slow down and examine the meaning of the text thoroughly In so doing I discovered how impossible is the task of loving as Paul describes it and was reminded how desperately in need of God’s grace I am even as I try to do something as simple as loving another human being I highly recommend “The Love Chapter”

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    Chrysostom unpacks 1 Corinthians 13 verse by verse in a deep discussion of a passage we often think we know better than we do He loses me a little in his very last chapter his theology on men and women and family seems a product of his time and place but not enough to put me off the entire work