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It seems innocent enough A disgraced British colonel beueaths a mysterious letter to his only son But the moment Adam Scott opens the yellowing envelope he sets into motion a deadly chain of events that threatens to shake the very foundations of the free worldWithin days Adam's lover is brutally murdered and he's running for his life through the great cities of Europe pursued not only by the KGB but by the CIA and his own countrymen as well Their common intent is to kill him before the truth comes out While powerful men in smoke filled rooms plot ever ingenious means of destroying him Adam finds himself betrayed and abandoned even by those he holds most dearWhen at last he comes to understand what he is in possession of he's even determined to protect it for it's than a matter of life and death it's a matter of honor

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    My friend had never heard of Jeffrey Archer I told her he lived near Cambridge and wrote bad novels But have you ever read one? she asked I was forced to admit I hadn't On Christmas Day I found this book tucked inconspicuously under the tree I felt honor bound to read it So now I know what I'm talking about and I can give you a nuanced picture Jeffrey Archer lives near Cambridge He writes appallingly bad novels

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    A stand alone novel by Jeffrey Archer first published in 1986For no reason I can think I have always dismissed Jeffery Archer’s work I had never read any of his novels not one Then a couple of months ago a neighbour asked me if I would like a box full of books if not he would take them to the opp shop I couldn’t help myself I took the lot In the box were half a dozen books by Jeffery Archer So far this is now my second book by Jeffery Archer and much to my surprise I have really enjoyed both of themNot to go into too much detail a young man ex British Army gets left a Russian Icon painting after his fathers’ death Unknown to the father there is a secret compartment in the icon that contains a contract between the Americans and the Russians that was signed at the time when Russian sold Alaska to the Americans The contract states that if the Russians want Alaska back they must pay America an enormous amount of money on or before a given date and now that date is only four weeks away The Russians want Alaska back and their only means to achieving this is to get their hands on the contract The Americans on the other hand are not about to hand over Alaska with out a fight Once the now owner of the Icon understands what’s at risk his life as knew it is overThe KGB has sent one of their best and cruellest agents with orders to stop at nothing to get the contract back in Russian hands before time runs out It all sounds a bit James Bondish but it made for page turning entertainmentRecommended 4 star reading

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    I was lent this when I was a schoolboy and the spectre of how bad it was haunts me yet Set in the 1960s it has a deeply silly plot about needing to stop the Soviets from getting the title deeds to Alaska because otherwise there wouldn't be any kind of a story at all Well maybe it wasn't the title deeds exactly but it was something along those lines Herman Goring and a Swiss bank deposit box were involved what needs to be said view spoiler the bank deposit box was the best character dramatic sombre and poignant by turns view spoiler not really sigh hide spoiler

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    This is the First Archer book I ever read I was hooked after this one

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    Synopsis Adam Scott a British civilian has been left a letter with specific instructions in his father's will Thinking it to be some sort of inheritance he is eager to receive this beuest which he has to retrieve from a Swiss bankOn the other side of the world the Russians are after an icon said to be the famous Tsar's icon which contains an important document If found within the specified time it would change the course of history And Alex Romanov has been assigned to the task of retrieving itWhat happens when their paths cross? Review Divided into four parts this is another riveting thriller by the celebrated author Jeffrey ArcherPart One starts in May of 1966 in The Kremlin Moscow General Secretary Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev is commanding the KGB Chairman Comrade Yuri Efimovich Zaborski to search for an original Rublev after carbon dating reveals that the one in their possession since before the Revolution at the Winter Palace is a fake Assuming that Tsar Nicholas II may have hidden an important document in what they call 'the icon' which is presumably in the painting to save his family from execution is what leads Brezhnev to immediately put the State Security on the issue Because it is a much bigger issue Seeing that only a month is left as per the late Tsar's testimony in order to make the US a mere pawn on the Russian chessboardIn Appleshaw England Captain Adam Scott is with his sister and their mother at their solicitor's to get to know the contents of his father's will It is now June 1966 And there's a surprise a yellowed envelope containing a letter mentioning a gift that has been placed in a Swiss bank in 1938 The same envelope that held the whispers of treachery by his father which he had to endure while growing upPart Two starts in 10 Downing Street London on June 17 1966 and Part Three is based in The White House Washington DC on the same date While Part Four has us returning to The Kremlin Moscow but it is now June 19 1966 Once Adam is in possession of the icon the story takes place within three days spanning Russia England America and a couple of European countriesInitially the chapters alternate between Russia and England Then they start intermingling I loved the character descriptions that Archer provides just after one of the main characters is introduced About one to two pages long there's nothing by then that you don't know about them I don't know why but I was very surprised to see the subtle shades of humour all throughout the story Maybe because I am coming back to thrillers after a long time and have uite forgotten how they exactly work I had read this one some six ten years back when my father got a copy from the office library but I don't even remember anything about itThe first few chapters build up the story after which the action starts with a few deaths of course How will it be a thriller otherwise huh? There are layers and layers of mystery Initially it was a bit amusing to see Adam's unawareness about the situation a man who's on the run for his life without even knowing why What he thinks of as inheriting a mere painting to be auctioned off and earned money from unknown to him is actually a worldwide political drama where no one is to be trustedI had uite forgotten what a thrill it is to read thrillers Oof Waiting with bated breath for the next move sometimes even forgetting to breathe till being sure about the safe passage of the protagonist How exhilarating it all is It certainly is impressive how intelligence works It was really interesting to see the cat and mouse game between Romanov and Scott While the former thinks the latter's not as good at escaping as he looks to be the latter is so resourceful that even as a reader I couldn't have imagined at first Adam does keep getting help along with some great advice from unexpected uarters but here I have to agree with some of the reviews that I have read on Goodreads It seemed pretty convenient at one point about taking innocent people for a ride and for them to believe in what he says and helping him on top of that Also some things didn't add up even after I went back and forth trying to find the linksThis is Archer's sixth novel and I couldn't uite agree with the views of Belfast Telegraph about the novel yep I read every single page of a book including the scores of views and reviews Jeffrey Archer has style a rollicking good yarn turns the clock back to the days when books were for curling up with not for churning our stomachs with a surfeit of violence and sexOkay so this book didn't have sex at least not the graphic kind But then again this is hardly a romance novel 'for curling up with' Because yes it has violence and of the kind that will churn your stomach So read at your own perilNevertheless a tale of the East vs the West of powers that be it was a thrilling ride from the get go There was also talks about a movie being made I wonder when it would materialisePS I don't exactly remember but I have read this book sometime back in 2010 Maybe during the summer holidays when I was in twelfth standard my father had got a different edition from the libraryOriginally posted onShaina's Musings

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    Adam Scott has been left an unopened envelope in his father’s will Should he open it or let sleeping dogs lie? Well if Adam had not opened the envelope Jeffrey would not have been able to write this novel So Adam opens this mysterious envelope and has to deal with the conseuencesThis novel was written over 30 years ago and I have not read a novel by Jeffrey Archer before The author had a long political career with the Conservative Party and has been imprisoned for perjury and perverting the course of justice But as this book was featured as a Kindle Daily Deal for just £109p I thought I would turn a blind eye to his history grab a copy and read his book with an open mindI was very surprised by A Matter of Honour It is set in 1966 and is a thriller involving fakes lies and secrets Modern thrillers contain a lot of detail about email the internet and mobile phones But over 50 years ago things were very different No email no internet and telephones were connected by copper cables were not cordless and people used public call boxes by inserting coins in the booth But people still told lies and bad guys still had to be tackledAlthough this novel was set over 50 years ago it is still easy to relate to easy for me as I had used pounds shillings and pence in my childhood So in my mind I thought about the time I was a child when I wondered what the adults were doing and what the fuss was all aboutI liked the style of how Jeffrey Archer told his story and for the written word sounded like Ian Hislop on the BBC television comedy panel show Have I Got News For You The character development of Adam Scott was spot on and you could imagine his accent to be similar to Ian HislopI liked the plot of A Matter of Honour and how you developed suspicions of all the characters The pace was good and the story was engaging I liked how all the little details sparked in your head making you think “this is relevant”I found this book to be a joy to read as I was transported back in time and into another world For all the modern technology we have today I can imagine these things still going on because of the way people are underneath I was fully entertained by the depth of this storyI liked the way Jeffrey Archer wrote this novel and how the characters told lies so easily making me chuckle because of his own imprisonment for telling porkies I thought his writing was very clear and the story easy to understandA Matter of Honour was a pleasant surprise for me and very different from my usual current day crime thrillers I enjoyed it as my daily read and the uality of this novel gets the top score of 5 stars from me I suggest readers forget the time period this novel is set in and just enjoy this story for what it is A Matter of Honour was published in 1986 and is available as an Kindle eBook

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    Finished reading October 21st 2014 “Adam took one hand off the handlebars and fingered the envelope in his inside pocket like a schoolboy the day before his birthday feeling the shape of a present in the hope of discovering some clue as to its contents” view spoilerThis book was recommended to me by a friend who knows I like historical fiction and the thrillermystery genre And he was right I always enjoy reading books set in the Europe of the last century especially when they are related to WWI WWII or the Cold War In this case A Matter of Honour is set during the Cold War and tells us about a lost Soviet treasure that can possibly give the Soviets the right to claim back one of the US states Jeffrey Archer takes us on a journey through various European countries where the Soviets chase the man that supposedly is in the possession of the painting that holds the document An interesting read and recommended to those who enjoy historical fiction and spy thrillers in generalWhen the Soviets find out the original painting wasn't destroyed in a plane crash all hell breaks loose The document that is hidden inside that painting can force the Americans to sell one of their states but the document is only valid for one month And they start a frantic search in order to find the painting that has been considered 'lost' since the Revolution In the mean time in the UK Adam Scott inherited an old envelope from his father Inside he finds a letter from the German Goering promising his father something that has been deposited in a Swiss bank for him to pick up As you can guess it involves the exact same painting the Russians are looking for As soon as he picks up his package the KGB murder his girlfriend and start a manhunt to catch Adam And soon everybody is looking for him in order to obtain the precious painting Will Adam be able to escape death and finally restore his father's honor?Even though it was an interesting read I felt there was something missing to consider it as a pageturner It was hard to stay focused at some points in the story and not every plot detail was as convincing as I would have hoped The fact that Adam was able to continue the way he did and that he had a lot of 'luck' in meeting just the right people seemed a bit unbelievable to me Still it is a nice read and I will try to read of Archer's work in the future hide spoiler

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    A novel I thoroughly enjoyed just did not wanted to keep it down once I had started it Each page turned would only arouse your curiosity and keep you glued to it However I just could not believe Heidi had to die Maybe it was her character that made me like her so much I would wish to meet a person in real life who has a pleasant personality and 'laughing eyes' God I loved the way author described herSometimes I feel the description of various modes of torturing gets exaggerated I don't uite comprehend why the readers need to know how to kill someone if they may sometime will Or maybe Archer didn't have that in mind he is just narrating what goes on behind those bars and locked cells All in all a good read My thumbs up to it

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    I Hate to admit it but I just could not be bothered to work out several key bits of this story Was the book so boring that I didn’t realise they were not in fact key bits? Maybe I’m just trying to flog a dead ISO Brain 🧠 Was it me I ask or did I just not bother because it was so very lacking in lustre?

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    What surprised me reading Jeffrey Archer’s A Matter of Honour was how uickly I was reading it because there was nothing to detain me; it was all plot The writing was plodding if the reading wasn’t It was a thriller that didn’t thrill A murder didn’t affect one nor a torture because no character was engaging The writing’s bad A character is blonde so the reader shouldn’t be told her hair’s fair Is ‘three sombre old men in grey suits trying to look like three sombre old men in grey suits’ an effort at wit? One simply can’t take ‘fast mincing strides’ I did find Rosenbaum’s following of Scott the hearty hero interesting because that was Goering who was long dead Hitchhiking as a means of hidden travelling for his hero doesn’t come readily to the author’s mind A car is taken to Paris instead of crossing the country to Calais Read the collected works of Proust? The author means the one big work He’s right though the Swiss did become rich fleecing both sides in the war The author’s not keen on using the subjunctive and his hero has less French than any educated Brit It’s the kind of book if you put it down you didn’t want to pick up again I’d reached p 296 before bed and did pick it up again to finish it next day It’s a junk book to be picked up at an airport for the flight and as the author observed by the time you realise how bad it is it’s too late; you’ve paid for it It’s been well researched the kind of book my publisher might publish