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There S A Bright And Shiny Magical Place Up In The Sky Where People S Dreams Come True For A Fair Exchange, The Shop S Proprietor Lin Will Gladly Turn Those Dreams Into Reality But Be Careful What You Wish For, Dear Reader Sometimes The Most Passionate Desires Can Bring About The Biggest Heartbreak Four Short Stories Of Fantasy And Imagination Recommended For Everyone Who S Ever Wished For A Dream To Come True

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    Weird.but I still kinda liked it..

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    Yume Kira Dream Shoppe is xxxHolic if you took out all the dark, creepy stuff, the memorable characters, the overarching plot line, and the quirky CLAMP feel.In other words, it s a collection of generic shoujo short stories about different girls who wish for love and have their wishes granted with zero consequences, and no lessons were learned Yeah, it s light and fluffy, but when I read wish granting stories, I like there to be some conflict or something bittersweet at the very least.The first story, for example, might have been a bit predictable if it ended the way I wanted, view spoiler with the tree actually giving her life for his hide spoiler

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    When I was growing up, nothing fascinated me than magic items with wish granting abilities Yume Kira Dream Shoppe is the manifestation of that fascination It inspired me when I was beginning to dabble in writing, and I will always love it for that Is it perfect No But you know what It doesn t need to be.

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    I thought the short stories were pretty cute and the artwork was absolutely flawless but this isn t something that like really really wowed me I m content with the cute stories and wouldn t need volumes than this one.

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    Cute short and sweet.

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    I saw this advertised years ago in the back of another Shojo Beat manga and wanted to read it I never did get around to doing so I figured now was a good time since it s a one shot volume with short stories The stories and art were good I liked the first and third stories the most A nice little manga to read if you are looking for something short and sweet.

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    Overall Rating D Synopsis This fantasy sh jo, created by Aqua Mizuto, we meet Rin A mysterious shopkeeper, Rin makes dreams come true, but only for a steep price The shop in question, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, is magical and as is driven home at the beginning and end of almost every chapter flies through the sky at dusk If you happen across the shop, or Rin hears your wish, he may grant it in exchange for something valuable in return For example, in one story a tree wishes to become human In exchange for granting the wish, Rin asks for the trees leaves He travels with a stuffed animal named Alpha, who has been animated by Rin s magic I picked this book up on a whim, and regret it From the description, I was hoping for something along the lines of xxxHolic, which has similar but darker and interesting themes Unfortunately, Yume Kira Dream Shoppe insists on ending every story with a sugary sweet happy ending and a reminder about how awesome the shop is That was fine the first chapter or two, but it got old quickly On top of that, each chapter is a short story, and the only connection between stories is the shop As a result, it was hard to care about any of the characters or situations presented I recommend you steer clear of this one.For manga and anime reviews, please check out Hobotaku.

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    Yume Kira Dream Shoppe, Volume 1 Paperback by Mizuto Aqua So i think this book is the greatest of shortstorys in a book.but htat is perosnaly becasue i really like the things in the booka and how it happened i can see it like it was a movie.it was so exciting becsue i never read a book like this before the storys are so different The i liked that the storys are liked in a way too.becasue it has the some of the same people in all the stoy and its like an advanture reading it the storys are like little dreams a person would ahve hoping they were in it but it is ironic becasue they are dreaming in the book for something like we are dreaming to be in te book the stories are romantic and very intresting.if you like magic and romance you should read this book it is very good and pulles you in after you understand the book.i also like how they explained some of how the bunny came to be there and it wasnt how it started thou ie was how they work then it explained it was easy for my brain to comprehend My favorite part of the story is when the tree blooms for her love and she is so much in love with him that she will give what is most precious to people i think it was really sweet that the tree couldnt bloom until he appeared and played and i wont tell you how becasue you will have to read the story to find out or ask me.

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    People say that any dream came true, if you work hard toward it But this story is the exact opposite in this manga, dreams can be exchange for something that one treasure The Dream shop flies in the sky, and the owner, Rin along with his helper, Alpha help assist people as they grant wishes, but with cost Throughout you discover four stories that contain characters who are willing to give up anything for a wishes to come true The moral is shown is that there are always second chances, they might be a shop that flies in the sky that will grant you wishes But you yourself, have the power is change your path or road, you re taking And you always have the chance to be able to reconcile or restore your past This manga was very touching I burst in tears especially on the second short stories Beyond the red eye Which gave foundation to Alpha and how he became Rin s assistant The characters are really fun to watch and it s inspiring to see them keep striving to have their wish come true, despite the price they have to pay Great Book, Aqua Mizuto

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    Warning Not super good at reviewing things Please bear with me while I learn to write good reviews I LOVED THIS MANGA I read it a while back when I was like in middle school and a friend gave it to me, honestly one of my first encounters with manga anime Japanese works in general She handed me a whole stack of manga she was going to donate to our local used book shop and she said I think you ll like these Read this one first She was right I read Yume Kira Dream Shoppe and it was one of the cutest things I ever read I loved the idea and the way it was written I especially loved that it was just a one shot At the end I was sort of sad and I thought, I want of this Its so cute But looking back I think that it might have been kind of boring if it were to become a whole series it would get a bit repetitive BUT I really did love all the short stories that were in here and I gave it a 5 5 because it was just so great Much love for this little manga