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Experience real change Now for the first time Inside Out and its companion study guide are conveniently packaged together giving you two excellent resources at a great value Inside Out Spiritual growth involves change becoming like Christ and less like our old selves That's what Inside Out is all about If you want a vital union with God a richer relationship with others and a deeper sense of personal wholeness let Dr Larry Crabb help you look inside yourself You'll discover how God works real liberating change when you live from the inside out Inside Out Study Guide Designed for individual or small group use this study guide will challenge and motivate you to apply the principles in Inside Out to your life giving real change an opportunity to grow

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    This book has been sitting on my shelf far too long Friends I respect consider it one of their top reads While I don't know the whole story of the parting Dr Crabb and Dr Dan Allender were once close associates with as I understand it Crabb wanting to teach lay members of the church and Dr Allender professional counselors I see similarities in their philosophies regardless of their different training focusesthat our stories do not go away when pushed under a rug and ignored That all of who we are is meant to be brought before God in the context of safety in order for the deep healing we need to connect again to self God and others My personal work through Dr Allender and Mars Hill Graduate School's now Seattle School of Theology and Psychology conferences have been some of my most trans formative work to date Reading this book as well provided perspective on change that is not simply band aided through cliched Christian sayings often over used Bible versesor one time fix all prayers Change also does not come from right theology or just trying harder It comes according to Crabb through honest internal assessments acknowledging the grief it brings a turning away from our methods of self protection that result from this grief we've tried to keep at bay and a turning toward God to take care of the ache some of us if we're honest may never shake completely in this lifeSome favorite uotesThe hard to handle issues in our soul that keep us from relating to others deeply and constructively are ignored in the church; and easier to handle matters such as social courtesies and appropriate language become widely accepted barometers of spiritual health35When available comfort that we can come up with on our own like food is exceeded by inescapable suffering then bitterness depression and a commitment to escape develop62A core sadness that will not go away is evidence not of spiritual immaturity but of honest living in a sad world 74We tend to relate to one another with the hidden purpose of maintaining our comfort and avoiding whatever sort of interaction we find threatening 122When things do not go well especially for an extended time when our heart is filled with pain than joy the temptation to let our desire for relief become a demand is strongest 138It is only when we face the horror of desperately longing for what no one has or ever will provide that we give up our demands to others to satisfy our thirst and we turn in humble broken dependence on God 176The deeply we sense our thirst the passionately we'll pursue water 202Reading this book over vacation transformed me in one key area at least As he wrote of the kind of pain we can't ignore that shakes us that even yesterday made my voice break during a phone conversation I was comforted again that God sees That even though its been two years since the inciting incident I am not spiritually immature because I still acheBut than that I was reminded that no onenot the perpetrator of the pain nor my husband friends or the church can REALLY take care of the ache While I still believe in the power of transforming relationships that they are often God's way of us healing connecting and knowing Jesus with skin on in this life I saw the pressure I was putting on my relationships to provide it So while Dr Crabb affirmed my ache and insistence it will not be eased by well intentioned advice or better Christian living I also do not have to expect others to take care of it Remembering some things aren't fixable releases the pressure of making things happen and allows me to relax in the midst of staying committed to connecting with others and living transparentlyThis doesn't mean I'm giving up on others who would commit with me to live a honest human life Change from the inside out is rare Very few people are willing to deeply embrace their disappointment And even fewer when they've faced their disappointment are willing to firmly say 'My pain is not the problem The problem is my determination to relieve my pain any way I can 184Join me?

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    Perhaps one of the best books I've ever read At first upon the initial reading I had to put the book down because I did not mesh with its content At least that's what I thought A year later I was floored by the substance in the book; the breath and depth of what inside change looks like from the perspective that emphasizes depravity and our natural longing to make life work I think crab has a perfect framework based on what on Jeremiah's broken cisterns It is a challenge to read this book as many of the individuals I've offered the book to have admitted; either by dismissing it entirely or glossing over some really powerful concepts that no one could if you understand the significance Real change is possible just as Larry crab presents but you must be willing to change from the inside out And the inside out approach is not what we may commonly think Routine Bible studies ministry and even fellowship All these things are important and essential but there is to change than that that I think crab addresses this from a biblical perspective Some have argued Crabb is disingenuous when it comes to effective biblical counseling because he touts the secular psychologist as a resource I think that such individuals are sadly mistaken as to his diagnosis of any human problem as well as the solution Anyone familiar with Crabb's work namely his first books that lays his counseling the theoretical framework knows Crabb is first and foremost a student of Scripture and proper hermeneutics involved in understanding the Scriptures This is a must read for all Christians It still takes time once you have grasped the key concepts to practice changing from the inside out

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    You can't win with this book Even if your being honest you're not honest enough If you admit you're broken you're not broken enough If you're happy you're lying It is not a feel good read with no practical application Larry spends too much time talking about himself and his most extreme example patients No references about real people in the middle Blah

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    A book that keeps telling you to face your pain and disappointment can be a bit hard to get through but it was worth it Trying to numb the longings pain and disappointment in your heart is not the way of sanctificationNow pardon me while I take some time to honestly explore my pain and repent from deep seeded self protective mechanisms Yippee

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    Though Inside Out contains great wisdom and insight into the depth of authenticity lacking in the lives of most Believers I struggle with some of Crabb's theology He claims that spiritual depth will intensify the pains of life because of the true realization of the fallen world in which we live He states that Until then Heaven a disturbing sense of incompleteness will continue to blemish the most responsible and most blessed life We can deny it we can cover it over with busyness and pleasures but we cannot get rid of it What about experiencing the Kingdom here and now? We as Believers have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit living in us Love dwells IN us Joy dwells IN us Not tastes of love not tastes of joy not just emotions but Love Himself Yes I agree we must acknowledge the reality of pain that we experience in the world working with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers to truly heal our pains and not gloss over them But to say that we will never experience relief from pain on this side of Heaven is pretty close to blasphemy in my opinion Christ came so that we would have life and have it abundantly Not just in Heaven but here on earth And perhaps if only treating our pain on a soul level this never ending pain may be true We are triune beings body soul spirit To neglect the spirit realm by trying to muscle our way through the soul realm will continue to result in frustration I don't intend for this to become a theological debate and so I'll end here If you choose to read Inside Out just please read it as you should any book with the filter of the Word the Holy Spirit Don't ever simply take any authors theology as your own because of their credentials

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    Crabb's insight is makes this book a must read Are we sensitive to health and wealth matters than we are to relational matters? Many times we are but it should be the other way around Do we realize the difference between the veneer of false confidence and trusting faith? God has a way of sorting this out by trials and tribulations Are we demanding when we should be broken in terms of expectations? Crabb's view is that we need to work on cleaning out the inner vessel As to how this is best accomplished is another story though and I was less convinced that most of our wrongful behaviors are primarily self protective actions Is the way to recovery through a good long facing of past hurts until reaching an exhaustive sorrow and acceptance? I say sometimes at least for the cases he cites Does his emphasis euate with the generality he shares? I found this harder to embrace However that Christlike Character is not the same as Christlike behavior this is an insightful gem along with those mentioned above

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    This book was very difficult for me to read; I often felt intensely threatened and unnerved by its message I also felt a deep appreciation for an author who could articulate uestions and predicaments I have encountered but which seem too intense to be acknowledged in other social forums or by other people in positions of authority Good behavior kindness self discipline and personal responsibility seem virtuous and desirable but Crabb deftly demonstrates how misleading and injurious they can be I was impressed by his refusal to sugar coat the problems and suffering people experience Rather than offering rose tinted glasses to his readers or attempting to inculcate them with a positive mentality that demands that they refuse to look at insoluble or irredeemable situations he allows his readers their pain and confusion Despair horror and prolonged uncertainty are often received socially as gauche and are conseuently hidden beneath a veneer of affability and competence Crabb shows how this veneer is reenforced by desires to be productive selfless and strong for others but how in fact it precludes deep connection

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    This is one of the first maybe the very first Christian based book I read It ticked me off tremendously I got so angry reading it at one point that I physically threw the book across the room great visual memory of its trajectory as it bounced off the wallThis book spoke truth to me at a time I didn't want to hear it I later came to appreciate the message and am grateful for its writingLarry Crabb's writing has evolved over the years as his own journey with Christ continues to mature It's worthwhile to read some of his later titles as well I find it interesting and encouraging to see growth in an author over time Perhaps you will too

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    This has to be one of the most difficult discomforting books I've ever read; I'm still wrestling and suspect I will continue to wrestle for a long time with a good number of insights and principles that it outlines Christians who are comfortable where they are would not be pleased with this work which forces one to challenge himherself and confront some very hard uestions that can shake up hisher life

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    Dr Crabb does a great job explaining why things are still wrong in the world and why Christians still experience trials and strugglesAnd he does a good job explaining how to seek resolution that may not imitate resolving the problem but understanding and putting it on the shelfGreat read for those who ask the uestion Why do bad things happen?