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From William W Johnstone and JA Johnstone authors of Jackknife and Border War comes Home Invasion their most explosive and terrifyingly timely thriller yetThey Will Invade Your Home Home Texas Two men break into the house of an elderly couple Guns are fired Blood is spilled When one of the intruders sues the homeowner and wins the good people of Home take the law into their own hands In a stunning case of backward justice fueled by the liberal media the left leaning US President decides to make the town a test case to strike down the Second Amendment of the US Constitution Ban all guns in Home Texas And to enforce it the newly formed national police force is sent in They Will Take Your Weapons Unarmed Defenseless Denied their civil right to bear arms the citizens of Home are now easy targets for America's closest enemies the Mexican drug cartels who spill across the border every day This time they've set their sights on a secret military arsenal But they need a base of operations And there's no place like Home But They Won't Destroy Your Spirit Police Chief Wade Bonner is one of the few in town permitted to carry a gun But Bonner knows that his friends and neighbors will never surrender their freedoms or submit to an outside enemy no matter how strong or ruthless Soon they will be put to the test Because the war is coming home And Home is fighting back

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    When two drug cartel intruders murder McNamara's wife sue him and win millions the Home Texas citizens take the law into their own hands to get justice for one of their own In this backward justice novel the left leaning President has plans to use Home as a test to take down the Second Amendment and If the President says it's legal it's legal His plans for the country seem impossible but step by step Homeland Security runs over the rights of the American citizens accounting to no one The use of the media makes them as culpable as the rogue government twisting and turning the truth and outright lying to make it seem as if the town is out of control and needs to be stopped As martial law is declared it opens the door for the Mexican drug cartel to come in and try to intercept a military shipment of biological weapons the President has plans to use against his own countrymenAs I read along the feelings of anger outrage and injustice made me wonder how close we are to the President being able to use Homeland Security as his own private army When people are pushed far enough and evil and injustice are thrown in your face how long will it be until you fight back? When the media become scavengers feeding off human misery doing and saying whatever it takes to make a name for themselves who can you trust to keep you informed? A thought provoking novel that hopefully opens people's minds to the possibilities of corruption of government right here in the good old USA Home InvasionWilliam W Johnstone

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    If you like right wing paranoia propaganda this is the book for you It would have been a lot better without all the liberal bashing and thought for the story

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    This book can be an event that could happen in our country I read the book at with little breaks in between I think it had suspense action and courage on the people's part Good read

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    Here we have a novel with serious flaws and misconceptions put together after the author's death from notes and outlines Could this book be prophetic and was WW Johnstone thinking of writing it as a satire? It wouldn't take a lot of vocabulary changes to make this 2010 novel mirror our 2017 situation today The ghost writers have attempted to make it into a thriller by slinging a lot of lead around The reader will therefore be advised to wash their hands before eating directly after reading to avoid a case of lead poisoning That said the original plot had potential The President is off his rocker and hopes to be able to take away all American 2nd amendment authorized weapons Must be off his rocker POTUS is also orchestrating a secret nerve gas experiment in S Texas and the little town of Home TX is going to be his experimental test site since it's just down the road You will want to root for Pete McNamara whose spunky first chapter shootout with some Mexican Drug cartel guys actually is the best chapter in the book You'll also like Police Chief Alex Bonner and her tiny department of cops who try to stand against first the government takeover of Home and then once all the guns have been removed stands against a bunch of drug cartel thugs who would steal the President's nerve gas for their own purposes before it gets tried out on tiny Home The side story of the two rogue CIA agents gets a little too complicated for this whole scenario so you probably won't bond with Fargo and Parker Minor characters fit the microbiologists nomenclature TNTC Too numerous to count You'll lose track Some uestions for the ghost writers arise in the reading The President is a liberal? Oops Liberal Presidents are the best thing since Mother Flag and Apple Pie for gun and ammunition sales and proliferation in this country without guns ever being taken away Why would a liberal President destroy our economy so badly? Must really be off his rocker This book is not written by the master whom we remember as the man who actually rode the Indian Mountain Man and Cavalry trails that appeared in his writing His legacy is gone but you can still find his originals amazing historical fiction novels My rating of a 2 out of 5 would have been lower but for his name on the cover I had hoped to find a smidgen of WW in this book I didn't RIP WW Johnstone

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    I thought this was a stand alone novel however it seems to be part of a series called The Black opsAnd as per usual I read these out of order This novel did explain some things mentioned in other books down the lineInteresting book fun in a modern Western sort of way with a twist of right wing and left wing conspiracies tossed inIf you tend to lean to the leftIf you are anti gunIf you are pro big governmentSeriously you may want to give this one a passHere's the basic storyTwo cartel members come across the border illegally break into a house and are shot by the homeowner One dies the other does notThe burglar is granted bail turns around sues the city county state and federal government along with the manufacturer of the firearmsHe wins his lawsuitThe federal government declares martial law and confiscates all weapons from private citizens They didn't leaveRenegade cartel in Mexican soldiers invade the city now that there's no resistancemeanwhile the government is planning to unleash a nerve agent to kill everyone in townThe lady police chief and two renegade CIA agents save the Day

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    I'm not sure what Johnstone was thinking when he wrote this book He took a very probable and real life scenario of a home defense situation where the robber ended up suing the home owner and blew it into an entire town being disarmed due to Martial Law Then he threw in a Mexican Cartel trying to steal a top secret nerve agent that just happened to be stored near the same town The events leading up to the end of the book are ripped right out of the headlines During Hurricane Katrina people of New Orleans were disarmed Law abiding citizens were forced to give up their guns at gun point All to often when someone breaks into a house today they end up suing the home owner for everything from unlawful imprisonment to attempted murder Recently a thug was killed breaking into a home and the family said How else is he going to get his money? There was no need to kill him I fear for the stupidity of our citizens today and I think Johnstone captures the absurdity of the current culture very well

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    GoodAlthough I enjoyed reading this story I thought it was not as good as the previous books in the series But it continues to paint a bleak picture of what might happen if we don’t stop this slide that we as a society seems to be encouraging by some of the politicians we vote into office

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    The book is speculative fiction but so real It could definitely happen in our current world People need to open their eyes and see what is happening right around them

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    Wow I liked this book a lot I like how the characters are written the plot the pull of the story the story the writing the plot twists the ending etc I short the book a star due to a few items that bother meThe book is about a small city in Texas taken over by a very large entity and that will have to be discovered while reading The great thing is that none of the takeover takes place right away The story has number of threads and it takes a bit to tie it together The reader knows it's going to tie together and that is one of the things keeping you on the edge of your seat trying to figure how that will happen This book starts on one level and ends up in a very different place I love when i can't figure an ending out and that was pretty impossible here Another great things is that every character is expendable which is typical of the Johnstone westerns I've read Love how that worked out here Made it all so much realisticThese days in our current political atmosphere the plot seems possibly not far off from possible Staunch liberals will hate this book People opened minded will greatly enjoy it I sure like that conservatives are put in a good light here I read so much contemporary mess where the conservatives Republicans patriotic people are evil Though this book flips the favoring it is still less strident than sooooo many authors I've readMy concerns are mostly technical I'm not a lawyer but I believe there are some pretty big holes in how the court case early in the book is handled Though I like the ending I don't uite believe everything would go so uick back to normal considering the premise of a fixated populaceBesides a great story I'm also amazed at the level this book is considering it's coming out of the Johnstone mill The amount of books pumped out a year by Johnstone and company would lead one to believe the books are just rot machine gunned out by ghost writers This is the second book recently produced by the mill and am staggered at it's uality I really expected a loosey goosey mess of a non stop battle involving what I figured might be the Invasion before reading the book As I read I discovered how very wrong I was Have to almost wonder if some of the ghost writers are long time professionals filling in some economic gaps by producing theseI highly recommend this book

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    Now and then we read about a home invasion — and I'm talking about the seemingly random ones the ones based on opportunities seized by drug addled bad guys Well Johnstone's book is also about a home invasion based on opportunity but it's not the kind of opportunity you'd ordinarily associate with this sort of break in It's all about a lottery ticket the bad guys scoring good publicity through some corrupt political maneuvers and the actual relationships the bad guys do — and don't — forge with their victimsIf you're looking for a thriller kind of book with an unusual twist and some psychological and political aspects you generally wouldn't expect then by all means slap this baby on your to be read pile Great good fun of a read and I shall indeed look for from this author