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Meet Emba And Yuuen, Two Very Different Heirs To Two Very Different Warring Clans When They Meet, It S Love At First Sightand A Wild Romantic Odyssey Is About To Unfold But The Odds Are Stacked Against This Primitive Romeo And Romeo With Their Resentful Clans Providing No Support For Their Budding Relationship, Can These Star Crossed Lovers Get Behind Each Other To Stop The Long Standing Family Feud BLU Hits Boys Love Fans With A Hot, New Manga Wild Rock, Set In A Fabulously Fantastic Prehistoric Backdrop Not For the Faint of Heart Wild Rock ReviewSo armed with some weak beer I m back to review some provocative picture books, this time with the yaoi Wild Rock I picked this one out mainly because the cover, because it has a certain fantasy feel to it And for those wanting something that s kind of like fantasy, perhaps partly just tribal, it really is a fun, light read And I say a light read because there isn t much to read The dialogue is fairly sparse, both because of the plots of the story and because the dialogue takes a back seat to the art, which is great and cute and really sells the books.The volume is broken up into two stories, though they are linked rather strongly The first centers around a young man who doesn t fit in being asked to try and seduce the son of the leader of another tribe It s kind of an outrageous premise, but it worked for me, for me not really wanting to question anything It was cute, though there is very little to actually read Part of the story is that the main character can t talk or he ll give himself away as a man despite the fact that the other guy knows So it s a lot of fun scenes of them getting to know each other and some action and that sort of thing.The art really is the biggest reason for picking up the book If the cover left you unconvinced, the interiors are just as fun and hot and steamy There is plenty of tension and the sex is done well with care taken The setting is interesting and different enough, and the characters are varied so that there s no confusing them That actually is quite a compliment seeing as how in yaoi different body types are typically rarely seen But the second story is a variant on the first, though the characters are a bit realized and I felt for them It s almost sad, seeing as how the two stories play out, but at least there s a happy endingkind of.Which brings me to the last little bonus, a two page sequence that I just didn t know what to think of I mean, really, I had no idea how to think of it It washopefully surreal But otherwise the volume as a whole was good and solid, if not exactly anything that stuck with me long after I was done A fine manga, and, to me, a 7 10. 4 Excited Yaoifangirl s HeartsYuuen the second child of a tribal clan chief views himself as the weakest link in his clan and is shameful of his lacking He is so frail he couldn t even manage to hunt for his own food without endangering others around him and needing their constant protection and care He was the total opposite of Emba who s big, strong, brave and quick, making him the best hunter in the area His hunting prowess was unmatched even by the males of Yuuen s clan The only similarity Emba shared with Yuuen is that he too is a child of a tribal clan chief although of an opposition clan Both clans are in disharmony due to discord over hunting grounds Yuuen and Emba was brought together by a desperate deception devised by Yuuen s father to secure their own clan s survival Actually, I am not very clear on the exact motive behind this awkward plan of Yuuen s father It seems rather fanciful Shrugs I guess whatever works for a Yaoi story to bring the destined Uke Seme together for funtimes are the always excusable in the heart of a Yaoi fangirl giggles What I love about this manga The artwork It was mesmerizing I mean what could go wrong with men in loinclothsnosebleedsMore men in in sexy loinclothsdies and went to heavenAhhh, how I love the sensuality of the bishie men drawn by Takashima sensei They are such wet dreams for me Here s a few Takashima sensei s bishonen for our pleasure Yuuen Emba Yuni Selem Yuni is Yuuen s father and Selem is the father of Emba They both have a history together. Another reason to love this manga is that I absolutely adore how lovey dovey Emba Yuuen are The romantic things Emba would say to Yuuen makes my yaoi fangirl heart goes pitter patter Although Yuuen is pretty much of a damsel in distress most of the time all the time, I still like him very much as he is the type of Uke I am fond of beautiful, small, frail and needs constant coddling from his strong and manly Seme Yuuen s soft look reminds me very much of Andre Pejic my favorite male supermodel Yuuen is such a beautiful androgynous guy no wonder Emba would die for him.By the way this little baby boy here is Nava, he is the nephew of both Yuuen and Emba as Yuuen s brother married Emba s sister Nava is such a little brat but cute as hell tho To me, the artwork of this manga is breathtaking I really can t stop staring at the characters beautiful body and face And I have lost count as to how many times I have re read this favorite manga of mine.STORY INFO Title Wild RockAuthor Kazusa Takashima Genre Drama, Historical, Yaoi, Boys love, Tags Androgynous Protagonist, Cave, Collection of Inter Linked Stories, Forbidden Love, Insecurity, Outdoor Intercourse, Prehistoric, Reunion, Strong Seme, Weak Uke, Tribal, Profound Physical Size DifferenceLength 1 Volume only Oneshot , 5 Chapters ExtraDuration Read from October 03 to 04, 2013 I read this twice.Why I don t know, it s not that the plot is awesome In fact there are many inconsistencies and non sequitur vignettes and deus ex machina solutions.But it was so primal and had a perfect right in the feels aim I forgot about the raw simplicity of it all Or maybe it was the raw simplicity which made me fall in love with Yuuen and Emba No excuses, no shame, no dishonor, and consequently, no beating around the bush.I m sold. I ve read it four times, not because I was impressed with the plot, but because of the art I mean, come on Just look at them