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After conventional means fail Sebastian Maruess of St Just takes reckless measures to secure the crumbling monstrosity known as Trembledown a haven for local smugglers and spies He plans to scare not seduce its owner But after a midnight encounter leaves them soaked with one blanket he finds her maddeningly desirable

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    Yeah yeah you know the drill Another serious international novel means another frothy historical romance Here it is Cute as it was it made me want to go find another book by Katie MacAlister I don't know it just seemed like it could have been better? Of course it was extremely amusing that the dashing gentleman is named Sebastian How she would love to have brilliant color like that around TrembledownWhat lovely shrubs she said almost against her willShe caught the Maruess looking at her no doubt awaiting for offerings of praise for her She sent him a tight smile and turned her gaze back to the sea feeling rather foolish for her outburst Before she settled at Trembledown she never would have taken notice of a man's shrubberyAh but that's love It makes us do things we wouldn't normally do But I have tried everything I have flirted and wooed as I never have before I brought her hams

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    Entertaining Humor romance made the story flow well Annoying that the review reuires so many words Word word word word

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    25 stars rounds up to 3 Disliked the two main characters but liked the author's voice otherwise so I'm torn There were some great lines see my reading activity of evidence of this but ultimately I couldn't overcome my annoyance with Violet and distaste for Sebastian's actions Which is a pity because I love a good secret identity plot

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    Very silly plot