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Each note brings her one step closer to the truthWhen the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation These memorieswhich involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their shipbring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins Radian is the long lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites a fierce race out to enslave the galaxyNebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past She is not the woman that died yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancé’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?

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    This was simply wonderful skilfully and smoothly written sweet without being sickly and just the right amount of scifi without being too heavily tech laden Loved it

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    See my review here I'm just not the right audience for this book I'm not a fan of romance per se and I'm keen on strong SCIENCE in science fictionI read a PDF version of Nebula’s Music that was provided by the author for review It is a novelette in 68 pages published only in electronic book format There are mild spoilers in this reviewNebula’s Music is a light pleasant romance in a science fiction setting; it could easily be converted into a Star Trek script The story arc is well constructed and uncluttered and the central concept the venerable trope of cyborg as human is sensitively exploredThe main character Nebula a cybernetic being fashioned from a corpse is an officer on a space ship She is experiencing intrusive emotions and memories from her previous human life something that she believes shouldn’t be possible triggered by the romantic classical music she plays on the piano Her playing is flawless but inexpressive“As always the fragments of thought were insistent and ephemeral They visited when her fingers brushed the keys but never lingered”She wants to know about the woman she used to be and tries to delve into the memoriesThe ship’s crew is an assortment of aliens with distinct tendencies and personalities and their relationships provide opportunity for humor and piuancy — a context familiar to aficionados of science fictionThe plot thickens when they encounter a rebel ship being captured by the fierce Gryphonites a race of intelligent rapacious bird creatures who have an unfriendly practice of capturing humans and other local species to labor as slaves in their mines After some debate on the morality of saving the rebels they rescue them by “phasing” them into secure containment on their own ship à la the Star Trek transporterBy coincidence Nebula recognizes one of the punk garbed rebels and is drawn to him initiating the central drama and romance of the storyWhat follows is an economical pedestrian TV script adventure of daring escapes noble sacrifices desperate plans and romantic awakening embellished with wooden dialogue stereotypical secondary characters and a tidy wrap up It’s not unsatisfying but neither is it a very special or interesting storyThe best part of the book is the exploration and evolution of Nebula as a robot human hybrid in the process of recovering memories restoring her humanity uncovering the sketched in story of her earlier life and the cause of her death and how that shapes who becomes Her emotional life though a romance novel trope — “the black void ached inside her” — is sensitively drawn and sympathetically invites the reader into her experienceAubrie Dionne the author is a musician according to the biographical note and I was sorry that music didn’t play a greater part thematically or symbolically beyond its function as the initial trigger of Nebula’s memories Drawing on her knowledge of music and its relationship to emotion and memory could have made this story specialI found several editing oversights One for example was an unintentional word invention “preservationalist” The most glaring issues for me were factual and technical errors At the risk of presuming your indulgence of my smarty pants nit picking Nebula rapidly calculates probability for various scenarios like other famous cyborg or super intelligent sci fi characters but in every case she conflates ratios with percentages eg “Her chances for victory were twenty four point eight two percent to one” My apologies if the following explanation is obvious remembering sixth grade math a measure of probability such as three to one odds is expressed as a ratio of three to four and is also expressed as 75% You can use any one of those representations but I don’t know how to evaluate the expression “2482% to 1” Another problem is the slow computer memory access and transfer times Surely in the distant space ship future it would not take “seconds” for a brilliant robotic entity to locate a piece of music and it would take less time than “milliseconds” to download a digital representation of that music A small inaccuracy but it detracts from establishing a persuasive sci fi context “ Nebula connected to the mainframe of the computer” If data of the future is searched and stored on mainframes that would be a profoundly retrograde and unsuitable technology At least a relevant knowledge of computer technology and creative envisioning of the future is de rigueur for science fiction “Radian sat on her right turning the gauges and checking the fuel” A gauge is an instrument of measurement like a fuel gauge in a car; one reads a gauge one doesn’t turn a gaugePerhaps the PDF I read was an early advance review copy In the author’s defense this book is a romance in a space setting and is only nominally science fiction by an admittedly strict interpretationIn summary despite a welcoming invitation into the emotional life of a cyborg Nebula’s Music is too routine for me to give it than two of five stars

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    The story follows Nebula a human cyborg who i programmed to carry out highly complicated calculations to help the captain of her ship She is not programmed to feel emotions or so she thought When she plays the Piano Nebula has memories that are not hers but feel too real Then she meets Radian the handsome man she has seen before in her memories and he also notices her The body Nebula was made from was the body of Radian's beloved As they struggle against their feelings for each other they must work together to rescue people who have been taken captive from the Gryphonite's This is an amazing science fiction romance I loved every moment of it which surprised me as usually i am not a big fan of science fiction But i adored it it was amazingI loved that the love story was such a central role in the story but that the book was also very action packed and fast paced and one didn't take a back seat to the other I loved the characters i thought they were amazing I was moved by all the emotions that Nebula started to feel and that she couldn't understand By the end of the book i found myself in tears i was so involved with the story and came to think of the characters as friends that i personally knew It was an incredible story and i loved it I would really love there to be a seuel to this story tho as i would love to find out what happens next and if they go back to the Gryphonite's ship to rescue all the other captive slaves

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    The good I LOVED this book It's as beautifully composed as the music mentioned within the story I was enthralled by the central character Nebula and her blooming emotions her struggle to deal with memories of her former life as a human The tension both romantically and dramatically are maintained throughout the story and the technology is touched upon but not so in depth that you feel as if you're plowing your way through a scientific text book There's some lovely world building and vivid descriptionsThe bad This is pure nit picking I thought the description of the filthy interior of the Gryphonite space ship was a bit OTT yes they are the bad guys but do they have to be dirty too? I would also say this is a science fiction adventure with an element of romance rather than a full blown SFR Some fans of the genre might find the single closed bedroom door scene doesn't satisfy their expectation of romance although I was absolutely fine with it myselfIn sum This is a poignantly sweet and smooth science fiction story with a touch of romance A delight to read and one that left me wanting Much much

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    Nebula has memories memories she believes that she as a cyborg should not have They come to her when she plays the pianoThis is a charming story of self discovery and love both in the midst of the conflict between the United Planets and the Gryphonites I really enjoyed every page and would gladly read it again Nebula's poignancy will stay with you beyond the last pages of the book

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    LOVED this book Was disappointed when a character passed away but it brought to mind wonderful memories of my favorite Sci Fi series and one particular character Loved seeing through the eyes of a non human as she encounters very real human emotion

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    Love the cover Love the premiseThe execution isn't perfect but it was good enough for me to want to revisit the universe someday

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    I read this on Kindle so am not sure if it ualifies as a short story or not Certainly felt short Action packed space adventure set in the future I enjoyed the different types of people and the flash backs It had a bit of a Star Trek feel to some of it and a happy endingbeginning

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    Nebula's Music is a lovely sci fi romance that skillfully conveys the emotional connection that people and androids can feel to music Nebula can play complex classical music perfectly note for note but there is an emotional connection missing in her playing That is until the memories of the woman she was created from begin to make their way to the surface of the android's consciousness Nebula's uest for a sense of her own identity is she fully android part human still or perhaps some new melding of the two is deftly interwoven with some good old fashioned space opera action Radian makes for a good love interest the supporting characters each seem to get their own nice moment not always easy to do in a novella length work and the bird like Gryphonites came across as a truly alien race For all that there's no doubt Nebula is the star an engaging character who is easy to like and very easy to root for I love the way music is used as the door to Nebula's search for a past that was supposed to be long gone At 76 pages it's not a long story and reads uickly but I found that it stayed with me because of the way music was used in the plot and because of the uestions it got me thinking about Stories about blurring the lines between artificial intelligence and human consciousness are always fascinating Think about all of the technology that you probably never dreamed of when you were a kid or at least never thought would walk out of the world of science fiction and become real The communicators on old Star Trek episodes look like the flip phones of today I recently saw a video posted somewhere wish I could remember where of someone in a later Trek series with what was basically an ereader We can program computers to do amazing things What happens if and when computers start to think for themselves? Such is the stuff of sci fi nightmares 2001 A Space Odyssey Blade Runner Battlestar Galactica but happily in Nebula's Music it is the basis for a sweet sci fi romance

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    Nebula's Music was a surprising read Dionne drew me uickly into Nebula's world with vivid and complex descriptions that captivated my imagination I was fascinated with Dionne's usage of science fiction and actual science They blended together nicely to create a world that readers will be able to relate to yet have enough differences to seem complete newFor such a short novel novella really this book has a lot going on The premise was fresh and had just the right amount of elements to make this one an enjoyable read Nebula's character was full of complexities From her personality to her loyalty I loved everything about her Unfortunately I wish I could say the same thing for the secondary characters For the most part they blended into the background Readers may be able to relate to a few of them But my issue was that they simply were not in the story enough to really care about themNebula's Music was a lovely novella I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Nebula's adventures and her journey to find herself through music which was a refreshing idea If I was to have one major complaint about this novel it would be that I wish it was longer There is so much in Nebula's Music that feels like it could be expanded The novella as it is was a wonderful read One that fair surpassed my hopes for it But also one that left me craving I wanted to really know this world and its characters inside and out And to an extent I did but I feel like there is a lot left to be discovered