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All Constable Hadley wants to do is put the last few weeks behind him As if being taken hostage wasn’t bad enough he’s had to deal with all the stupid publicity that’s surrounded him ever since And the fact that he hasn’t slept since that night isn’t helping him feel any better about the world either The last thing Hadley needs is a shrink wandering around inside his head trying to dig up all his dirty little secrets When he finds out he’s being sent to Dr Rawlings—the man he’s had a crush on for months—Hadley knows his life has finally hit rock bottom The only thing that could make things worse for Hadley would be Dr Rawlings finding out how he feels about him But fate wouldn’t be that cruel to him—would it?MaleMale BDSM Erotic Romance

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    This was one hot short story My only complaint is that it ended too soon The story just stopped right when things were getting good I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series though I hope we see of the two main characters from Handcuffs and Leather

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    oh that was lovely definitely one for the re read shelf

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    2014 have amassed the necessary credit to buy the whole series hi ho hi ho it's off to read I go Sweet yummy but to darn short Original ReviewI liked it but there wasn't enough to satisfy although I genuinely enjoy Kim Dare's books I must admit that her short stories are starting to frustrate me her characters deserve IMO so I find myself getting miffed when the story ends so abruptly This is a sweet read and it is easy to like the characters I'll probably wait until I have a build up of credit buy the entire series and read them all in one sitting This close to Christmas I'm skint and will have to manage my frustration over not being able to read of these character's lives until next year

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    wails TOO SHORT KIM too short Okay so the title is Rawlings M e n #1 How is Rawling going to have than one man? I am not sure I think he should make Hadley share him When are you going to have characters with generic names like Tom Dave or John? LOL

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    I liked this story but I agree with the other reviewers it was way too short It was a great start to an interesting relationship between the cop Hadley and a psychiatrist Rawlings Hadley is very hesitant about his submissive nature All he has to go by is dreams but he's a natural once Rawlings shows him what it can be like At the end of the story Hadley is still very confused and I would love to see how he works through that confusion and truly comes to terms with what he wantsRawlings is in love with Hadley but has to hold back until the very end because he knows saying this will confuse Hadley I think he's a great Dom for reading his new sub so clearly but I wanted to see of how he coaxes Hadley out of his emotional shellOverall the way the two men learn to interact an trust each other was wonderful This is going to appeal to you if you like the softer emotional side to a BDSM relationship

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    Charming and enigmatic I kind of wonder why Rawlings jumps right in to the almost hard core BDSM play with Hadley right off but Hadley's a big boy and I could deal with it My favorite scene? In the very beginning when Hadley admits his dreams to his psychologist and Rawlings breaks his pen in half ^^;;First read October 2010Second Read January 2011

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    A uick little Ds story about a submissive cop and his crush who happens to be both a Dominant and the psychiatrist who is treating him Fast but very hot and fun

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    Completely unexpected turn at the end and not in a good wayWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 510PROS I love reading stories in which a character who’s always yearned to be dominant or submissive finally tries it for the first time and discovers that it really is as good as he’s always imagined it It’s nice to read a story in which the sub doesn’t do everything perfectly on his first try Not only does Hadley struggle to follow orders and remember how he should behave but he has an all out panic attack the first time he’s restrained The best part about this in my opinion is Rawlings’s firm but understanding reaction to Hadley’s floundering Some of the lines especially in dialogue are dry and matter of fact in a way that made me smile Case in point at one point Rawlings says utterly seriously “I don’t joke about leather”CONS Usually I don’t like stories that don’t have Happily Ever After endings but in this case the story sort of has one and I think it shouldn’t The time frame covered is less than a week and one of the characters makes a very abrupt confession of love right at the end that is so entirely unfounded that I actually scoffed out loud when I read it Is one week enough time to fall for someone whom you’ve been admiring from afar for months? Perhaps But do I believe in it if I haven’t seen any proof of that emotion in the character’s thoughts or seen than a cursory exchange of dialogue? No The main characters are referred to throughout by their last names which gives the whole story a slightly impersonal feel Dare often uses a descriptor to refer to a character rather than the character’s name that is “the dominant” or “the doctor” instead of “Rawlings” I found it very distracting especially when for example Hadley is referred to as “the constable” in the middle of a BDSM scene when his role as a law enforcement officer isn’t exactly at the forefrontOverall comments This is only the third work I’ve read by Kim Dare and I liked the first two much better than this one Dare does an excellent job with BDSM scenes the one in depth bedroom scene is hot but the story here just didn’t measure up for me

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    Hadley oh so tasty He's a cute constable who was kidnapped and has fantasies of being bound and taken by force Um well who doesn't have this fantasy? blink blink Introducing another Rawling man who actually isn't a cop He's a shrink I shudder when I read about a shrink but this one he makes me shiver with delight These short stories are so sugary sweet I'm almost comatose with a sugar high Love it

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    awesome read Kim Dare's got a flare for writing and puts you in the minds of the characters and just what they want makes You think about the possibilites of a Domsub relationship could there be something there? give me eight chapters and i would have been in heaven but four still kept me going guys don't read this at work in your cubicle unless you plan on staying there until You can stand Hot on to the next in the series