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Those bones are the remains of Frannie Granger beloved foster mother of Emerald Monday After Fran's disappearance almost 20 years ago Emmy was taken from her home in Uncertain Texas and placed in foster care elsewhere in the stateNow Emmy's come full circle back to Uncertain She's here because of her foster brother Jed who's been accused of Frannie's murder Wrongly accusedEmmy has another reason for returning to Uncertain She's finally decided to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her birth to find out who her real parents areAnd then there's Riley Gray Wolf Now a widower with a small child Riley's the man Emmy has always remembered and had fantasies about She's imagined what he'd be like what he'd look like as an adult And she's not disappointed Riley may be a reason to stay in Uncertain The most compelling reason of all

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    Pretty good read out of order but it was a easy read

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    By Roz Denny FoxPublished By Bell Bridge BooksAge Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 4Book Blog For GMTASeries The Return to Caddo Lake TrilogyReviewUncertain Past by Roz Denny Fox was one of series in the 'The Return to Caddo Lake Trilogy Caddo Lake has finally revealed the bones Emmy has returned to Uncertain Texas to help with her foster brother who has been accused of murder and solve another mystery from the past finding the biological mother who abandoned her What will happen when Emmy's teenage friend who is now a attorney Riley Gray come into the picture Will these two pick up where they left off many years ago? But as this story continues strange things will happen because someone wants Emmy to stop asking uestions and is willing to threaten not only Riley but his daughter too Now to find out what will happen you must pick up the read Uncertain Past to get a well written story and Yes I would recommend this novel as a good read

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    By the end of the second part of this trilogy Emerald still doesn't know who her birth parents are but someone is town does wants to put a stop to her snooping by threatening her boyfriend and his daughter So she publicly renounces searching and marries Riley

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    I adore this series Each of the three books adds a richer mix to the over all plot of the series I especially enjoyed this one

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    I enjoyed this second book in the Return to East Texas Trilogy Thank goodness I have the third that I can dive right in to

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    great read