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In AD 327 a Roman galley barely escapes a pirate attack with its extraordinary cargo In 1916 a British warship mysteriously explodes in the middle of the North Sea In the present day a cluster of important mosues in Turkey and Egypt are wracked by explosions Does anything tie them together? NUMA director Dirk Pitt is about to find out as Roman artifacts discovered in Turkey and Israel unnervingly connect to the rise of a fundamentalist movement determined to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire and to the existence of a mysterious manifest lost long ago which if discovered again just may change the history of the world as we know it

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    It's hard to write a review of this book because I have been an avid reader of Cussler's for many years Over those years the roles of the main characters from years ago have become diminished with the introduction of new characters The stories aren't as exciting as they used to be and that's uite sad because this story didn't really get started till page 395 Way too long but a good story nonetheless I will still read a few books that I already own then say goodbye to some old friends First time readers who haven't read Cussler yet may enjoy these newer books but if you really want some good reading start with the older ones first

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    When a Greek fisherman's net drags something up from the bottom of the ocean a terrorist group seeking to restore the old Ottoman empire strikesDirk Pitt is pushed into the middle of things when he and his wife are abducted by the terrorists in Istanbul Meanwhile Dirk Jr has a flirtation with an Israeli archaeologist vigilante and runs up against the same group Lots of derring do

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    Clive Cussler and Dirk PItt just get better and better with age and adventureIn the age of the Roman Empire a Roman ship containing something of extreme importance is attacked by a band of pirates Many centuries later in the early 1900's a British warship mysteriously explodes and sinks in the North SeaIn the present day a small team of terrorists is wreaking havoc in the middle east mosues in Egypt and Turkey are destroyed while at the same time Dirk Pitt is doing underwater explorations off the Turkey and Isreal coasts discovering Roman artifacts and coming head to head with a ruthless tyrant attempting to resurrect the Ottoman Empire Dirk's daughter Summer stumbles upon a manifest in England that dates back to the time of Jesus and sheds new light on early Christianity A wild ride right from the very beginning to the very end and never lets up A must read for Cussler fans

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    4 Stars for Cresent Dawn Dirk Pitt Series Book 21 audiobook by Clive Cussler and Dirk Clussler read by Scot Brick Another great Dirk Pitt adventure

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    this book is really great

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    I don't know why I do this to myself I guess I get stuck in ruts and start to crave rut busters Every once in a while I'll pick up a thriller just for something different and I should know by now that I'm not a fan of Clive CusslerI've enjoyed Dan Brown's books and the Jason Bourne series but these are just a little too corny for my taste The hero or in this case heroes as the book has several subplots on various continents uips in the face of almost certain doom and never seems to have a change of mood The mood thing bothers me as I feel like if thriller y things happened to me I would probably have moods frightened angry relieved and so on But not the Pitt family Wry amusement is their one size fits all moodYes the Pitt family The author apparently thought it would be a good idea to have two heroes named Dirk Pitt in the same book father and son And for eual opportunity daughter Summer Pitt also has a role This to me is one of the many things poking holes in the plausibility of the story I mean what are the odds that 3 members of the same family simultaneously and on different continents get embroiled in the same evil plot?You really have to put your critical reasoning skills on the shelf in order to get through this without too many eye rolls and some of it is flat our insulting During one chase scene the characters run for no apparent reason into an improbably located antiue car show on a small rural island off the Turkish coast Where they steal a car from a guy named Clive Cussler for God's sake In case you haven't looked at the back of one of Mr Cussler's books he is very keen for us to know that he likes antiue cars I'm sure authors write themselves friends family into books all the time But it takes a special kind of arrogance to do it so clumsilyOh and I'll keep this vague in order to avoid spoilers but even though I'm no archaeologist I would venture to say that the potency of weapons left in the elements for 2000 years might be somewhat diminished Just sayin'

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    Another Cussler book in which my attention was grabbed right from the very start I think that it must be something to do with the historical introductions that the Cusslers use to create an interest However that may be it certainly workedOn this occasion we have a distinctly Turkish interest with siblings Celik and Maria trying to reassert their “inheritance” to the Ottoman Empire Additionally there are others who are seeking the wreck for financial rather than political purposes Include in the developing plot the death of Lord Kitchener on the HMS Hampshire in 1916 something in which the Church of England may or may not have had a hand and his apparent ownership of a mysterious document called The Manifest the revelation of which could have great repercussions throughout the religious world and you have a Cussler plot that can hardly go wrong The pace is almost frenetic but I am beginning to lose count of how many times Dirk saves the world although not tiring of reading about him doing so Al Giordino and Dirk’s twins Dirk and Summer also have their parts to play with the characters of the twins developing with each storyNow looking forward to the next one – Poseidon’s Arrow

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    This is the 21st Dirk Pitt Adventure written by Clive Cussler and in this case his son Dirk Since I was a wee tot I've probably read about half of them These books are a literary version of a bag of Doritos or Oreos They're very tasty and enjoyable while you're consuming them but lacking in substance when you're doneThis one was about a plot to create a new Ottoman empire taht was uncovered by and can only be stopped by Dirk Pitt the Director of NUMA the National Underwater Marine Agency I listened to this one on audio and only discovered that it was abridged after I was done Even in a formula thriller there's a lot that can be cut out It did feel a little lite Oh well there's plenty where that came from 610

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    I see a lot of negative reviews for CRESCENT DAWN ISBN 978 0425242391 paperback 999 by the father and son team of CLIVE and DIRK CUSSLER I heartily DISAGREE with the naysayers If you have enjoyed any of the previous 21 Dirk Pitt adventures you SHOULD enjoy this one as wellPrimarily set in the Middle East with brief interludes in Washington DC and Great Britain Dirk Pitt and the rest of his family and NUMA cast of characters are confronted with two problems one religious and one historical The first involves the discovery of an ancient document called The Manifest This is a list of cargo on a Roman ship that was shipwrecked on or near the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea in the first third of the fourth century What is on the ship and The Manifest could have a mega negative effect on Christianity There is a race to discover the relics of the Roman galley There is a relationship to the explosion on board Lord Kitchener's flagship that sank the ship during WW1The second problem is that the Middle East is suffering through a series of bombings of mosues in different countries We know who and why this is happening An election in Turkey is the cause of this terrorist activity Pitt and company become involved when Dirk junior falls in love with an Israeli Antiuities agent They find out about a plan to blow up the Temple Mount in Old Town Jerusalem which leads them to Turkey There are car chases boat chases and mayhem throughout the story as the heroes try to stop the villains What fun I can recommend this CusslerPitt adventure without hesitationGO BUY READ

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    The Dirk Pitt books follow a formula The men are resourceful the women good looking and often very intelligent The venues are interesting and the history well researched and embroidered Lots of Ottoman Empire and Roman artifacts surround a terrorist plot that runs from Istanbul to Jerusalem The bad guysgal are intent on restoring the religious empire of the Ottoman Turks and are setting up a Muslim uprising to accomplish it Dirk Al and the rest of the usual team are arround and we even have a bit of British WW I maritime mystery thrown in If you liked previous books you will enjoy this one