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'Twas the night before kindergarten and as they preparedkids were excitedand a little bit scaredIt's the first day of school Join the kids as they prepare for kindergarten packing school supplies posing for pictures and the hardest part of all—saying goodbye to Mom and Dad But maybe it won't be so hard once they discover just how much fun kindergarten really is Colorful illustrations illuminate this uplifting takeoff on the classic Clement C Moore Christmas poem

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    I read this as the anticipatory set for an expository writing activity that will see my fourth graders paired with a kindergartener for an activity This book follows the pattern of Clement Clarke Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Interestingly my students did not pick up on that nor did they recognize the poem once it was pointed out to them Sigh This is a typical book of the anxiety of going off to school for the first time Of course most students these days have been in preschool so the traditional arrival at kindergarten is no longer what it once wasNevertheless this was a fine introduction to our project

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    The Night Before Kindergarten is a children's picture book written by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Julie Durrel It is a book that shows families getting ready for the first day of school – specifically kindergarten As today is the day before the first day of school I thought reading this book would be apropos to my nieces particularly the middle one who is heading off to kindergartenWing's text is simplistic and lyrical It is written in the style of The Night Before Christmas The poem was written especially well and follows the rhythm and style of the original poem extremely well Durrel's illustrations are wonderfully depicted albeit a tad cartoonish but represented the text and tone rather wellThe premise of the book is rather straightforward It is the day before the first day of kindergarten and families are getting their children ready for it When the day comes the children are surprised that there won’t be any nap time but uickly forget it and have fun The parents however feared separation anxiety had nothing to fear as the kindergarteners declare that school is coolAll in all The Night Before Kindergarten is a wonderful children's book done in the style of The Night Before Christmas It is a story about families getting ready for school – particularly kindergarten and the worries that both parent and child may have

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    Not the book I was looking for to help my stepdaughter in prepping to begin Kindergarten It isn't bad But it seemed too repetitive of other books I was finding And right now I am keeping away from books that are very obviously mother and father together She is still grasping that her mother and father once WERE together and now adding me into the picture Since her night before kindergarten will not have a mother and father figure together to help her prep I thought it best to just set this one aside

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    Great book for the night before I started kindergarten

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    This book is uite cute and would be a great book to read to your students on the first day of school It talks about getting ready for school and all the wonderful routines students will go through every night to prepare for school the following day It would even be a great book for parents to read their children to calm their worries about entering school This book talks about picking out school supplies your favorite outfit and making your lunch for school It is uite a great book however I did find one major issue with it Unfortunately the book follows the idea of the famous Christmas book T’was the Night Before Christmas Had the book not followed this I would say that it would be perfect for the first day of school but because it does I don’t know that I would read it because it may be against your schools policy Overall if it were up to me I would love to read this book It is great to note that they have a book for many of the grade levels of teaching so you should look into the other books available

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    This book reminds me of when I was in elementary school and the night before the first day of school I was so excited that I couldn't even sleep I think this would be a great book to include in a Kindergarten classroom teachers welcome packet because every child feels this way on the first day of school This book could also be used in rhyming word lessons because there were tons of rhyming words

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    When I read this book I thought about all of my first days of school in my early years I was as excited as all of the children in the book I remember how I would pick out my clothes the night before and get my backpack and everything ready also It was really funny and interesting the parents were anxious than the children My mother was not like that however

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    The Night Before Kindergarten Picture book ISBN 9780448425009Author Natasha Wing depicted a very relatable situation which most of the kids feel before going to Kindergarten This book originally published in July 9 2001 Its genre is fiction Illustrators are Natasha Wing and Julie Durrell I think it is very relatable It is all about the night before kindergarten and as kids get ready they are excited and a little bit scared It's the first day of Kindergarten Packing school supplies posing and smiling for the pictures hiding their nervousness and showing excitement and the hardest moment of all saying good bye to parents After spending their first day in Kindergarten children realize that it was not that tough although they enjoyed Only one part is little debatable that where parents standing by the classroom door and all crying and having a difficult time saying goodbye to their children This can makes kids worried that their parents are crying without them After readinglistening this book kids will feel that they it is not only them but also the other kids who are anxious as well It will be appropriate for the pre k Parents should read this book a month before the first day of kindergarten

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    This book is about all of the little activities that happen the night before kindergarten When all of the parents finally bring their prepared kids to school for their first day they are afraid that their children are going to cry However it’s the parents who end up crying while the students happily wave goodbye with excitement at their door This book gives a very happy perception on the first day of kindergarten or the first day of school in general This book could be very useful for a younger class that may be uneasy in their classroom Reading this within the first week could excite a class about starting a new year Also I would use this for classes that are a little bit older than kindergarten so they can do reflections on how well they think this book represented their personal experience I think that it may have been beneficial to have a book that was written about kindergarten that may be a little bit simpler If a kindergartener could read the book themselves it could be useful