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Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall a reform school for delinuent Prodigium aka witches shape shifters and faeries But then she discovered the family secret and the fact that her hot crush Archer Cross is an agent for The Eye a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earthTurns out Sophie's a demon one of only two in the world the other being her father What's worse she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal a dangerous procedure that will either destroy her powers for good or kill her But once Sophie arrives she makes a shocking discovery Her new housemates? They're demons too Meaning someone is raising demons in secret with creepy plans to use their powers and probably not for good Meanwhile The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down and they're using Archer to do it But it's not like she has feelings for him any Does she?

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    I am done I'm so tired of these type of books that I'm officially calling it uits until curiosity and good reviews bring me backWhy?Why must these books have to have the predictable love triangle?Why not a love suare?image error

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    Nejlepší scéna Best scene“I'm sure your wondering why I've brought you hereI moved to the center of the room my strappy sandals clacking on the marble floor I'm assuming this is where the punishment part comes in I said So do I need to clean all these mirrors or do I have tolike stare at myself until I feel shamed or something?Surprisingly Dad gave a tiny smile Nonothing uite that abstract I want you to break one of the mirrorsExcuse me?Dad leaned back against the now drapeless window and folded his arms over his chest Break a mirror SophieWhat what my head? Because I'm pretty sure that'd be corporal punishment and Mom would not be cool with thatWith your powersUghI took in the dozens of mirros and muttered I think I'd rather use my head” Hned ze začátku jsem si uvědomila kolik věcí si z prvního dílu nepamatuji Vůbec jsem netušila kdo je nějaká Alice natož co provedla Tím jsem zjistila že je to vlastně pěkná knížka příjemné počtení jenomže příběh brzy zapadne Ne že by to nějak výrazně vadilo Nějak si nevybavuju že by v prvním díle byl její táta takže jsem byla trošku zmatená když se tam zjevil Když pak se Sophie byli v zrcadlové místnosti tak jsem mu strašně moc přála aby se znovu dal dohromady s její mamkou Na konci jsem ho fakticky fakticky líto a oficiálně ho mám ráda Cal neměla jsem ho ráda v prvním díle nemám ho ráda teď No ne jako mít ráda ráda Spíš je to jen kámoš odvedle view spoilera to jejich zasnoubení? Fraška hide spoiler

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    This seuel to Hex Hall is KIDDING Lol It’s the exact complete opposite of boring In fact every chapter ender plants a smile on my face or induces a pleasant look of anxiety for what’s to happen next or invokes a crazy ugly sueal It’s a total page turner The plot is even adventurous and challenging and I’m completely engrossed especially because the narrations and dialogues are a whole lot funnier and the romance is a whole lot swoonier although I do empathize with readers’ revolution against the love triangle I really do To prove it I’ll gladly take Cal into my arms just to rid the story of the unnecessary love triangleI honestly enjoyed this I’m really very thankful to the author for making me laugh throughout the book My 11 year old niece kept giving me this my aunt is definitely losing it look because I couldn’t stop myself from giggling while reading this There seems nothing that comes out from Sophie’s mouth that didn’t make me laugh Even her reply to a romantic confession is downright hilarious Wow Cross I think you missed your calling Screw demon hunting you should clearly be writing Hallmark cards The side stories the new characters and other themes especially about friendship and family are delightful to read But that ending or the lack of itI was like I know I promised several amazing people here Melissa Daiane and Jilly that I’ll read Angelfall right after this but there’s no way I could do that now because this doesn’t have an ending guys and I might really lose it if don’t get my ending immediately So don’t hate me okay Bye Takes a plunge into the final book Spellbound Hex Hall #3

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    I feel a bit ashamed that the only part I've remembered is this scene “I'm sure you're wondering why I've brought you hereI moved to the center of the room my strappy sandals clacking on the marble floor I'm assuming this is where the punishment part comes in I said So do I need to clean all these mirrors or do I have to like stare at myself until I feel shamed or something?Surprisingly Dad gave a tiny smile No nothing uite that abstract I want you to break one of the mirrorsExcuse me?Dad leaned back against the now drapeless window and folded his arms over his chest Break a mirror SophieWhat what my head? Because I'm pretty sure that'd be corporal punishment and Mom would not be cool with thatWith your powersUgh I took in the dozens of mirrors and muttered I think I'd rather use my head” Which is still my favourite D I cannot help I love Sophie's humour and I love that her father has it as well I sort of felt like reading it for the first time because I just wanted to scream what The first book is slightly better but it was still awesome I love Nick and Daisy; they are so cute together I want of them And Archer is awesome as well But Cal is getting a bit on my nerves as well as Jenna is

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    I usually don’t give a crap about love triangles When people are like “Team BLAH” I just kind of half heartedly smile because I couldn’t care less Except in this series I actually do Given the choice between a jerky douchebag maybe traitor and a sexy sweet lumberjack type of dude I’m gonna go lumberjack every day of the week I remembered the love triangle from the first book in the series Hex Hall but I didn’t remember a lot of the plot before I started the second installment As it turns out that didn’t really matter because Rachel Hawkins reacuaints readers with all the characters and important plot points in a conversation early on I was happy for the reminders but fans who remember about HH might be a little bored for the first bitThe majority of this book is interesting but not riveting Hawkins has a great sense of humor but there were a lot of 2011 type jokes eg “Cryptic Dad is cryptic” and I wonder if the humor will date itself in the future In terms of plot without spoilering the last book Sophie Jenna and Cal go to England for the summer so Sophie can learn about herselfher powers and spend time with her father Aforementioned lame love interest Archer Cross has been sighted in England so it makes the situation dangerous than it could be as does the fact that L’Occhio di Dio The Eye has been actively attacking Prodigium all over the place Also someone is raising demons That bitesBack to the love triangle Archer is still all over the place in this one but I still didn’t really enjoy him as a character view spoilerAnd what the eff is up with that open ending? Kill him off already No seriously KILL HIM If Sophie screws Cal over and picks Archer I am checking out of this series Okay fine maybe I’ll still keep reading but I won’t be happy about it hide spoiler

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    Pre DemonglassDang I just read Hex Hall and I want to read this one now 2011 is too long awayHow come so many people have already read this? NOT FAIR poutEDIT Oct 22 COVER WEDDING DRESS AWESOME EDIT Feb 14 Ya know if they kept the orginal release date it would be coming out tomorrow I want it nowPost DemonglassSPOILERS TO HEX HALL not this one thoughWhat I feel like doing right now is crying while banging my head against the wall while laughing I knew going into this book that it was going to end on a cliffhanger with the end coming at least a year away Yet I read it anyway I'm hopeing to be one of the many people I hated who got an ARC for the next one 2012 will not get here soon enoughOn to the book So much happend but I was happy with it Sophie got some uality demon time with dear old dad found out who her betrothed was met OTHER demons and learned that not all monsters are technically monsters They could be the good guys in disguise Yeah you heard me Major twists are in this one That's one thing I love about these books I do not see the twists coming In everything I read I can predict what's about to happen Yet I never saw Archer with the Eye SOB Sophie a demon or the who the big evil people raising demons were I also did not see the whole crushing on Sophie crush by one of the other characters featured in Hex Hall Did not see that and nor do I get it much I'm so Team ArcherAnyway I just want everyone to go and enjoy But my little tibit of advice is this wait as long as you can before reading it cause the longer your wait for this one means the shorter and less aganonizing wait for the third and final Hex HallBTW THANKS TO ALL who liked my review before this book came out It totally made me feel special

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    You know how sometimes you just take a totally irrational liking to a particular character and when the story doesn't work out in their favour you just want to throw the book away? Yeah that's what happened to me with Demonglass Also why is this book called Demonglass when the demonglass doesn't play any major role in the book? Before I start the review I want to make some things very clear Objectively speaking this is a great book and very worthy of four stars Sophie is still as snarky and adorable as she was in Hex Hall I'm a little bit in love with her father and the plot has very many twists and turns than the first book It was an exciting breathless read SO what went wrong for me in Demonglass? Two words Team CalI know I know it's crazy How can I prefer the clean cut All American boy to the dark troubled rebel? Wasn't I the one who admitted to having a secret weakness for starcrossed lovers? And Archer's so hot and Sophie's so in love with him BUT What can I say I still like Cal better I swear I'm not doing it to be perverse I just think I would have liked the book about forty times if Rachel Hawkins had decided to make Sophie get the hell over her crush on Archer especially since she knows he's helping to kill hundreds of innocent Prodigium and made her slowly fall in love with the kinder compassionate and infinitely mature Cal However this is not my book and since Rachel Hawkins has done a good job with the direction she has taken I will grudgingly admit despite my blind partiality for Cal that the book works wellThere is some great chemistry between Sophie and Archer and I like the fact that Sophie doesn't miss him and think about because of how hot he is but rather because she misses talking to him and hanging out with him In Demonglass Sophie finally meets her father who persuades her to come to England to get to know him and learn about her demon powers before going through with the Removal She also discovers that she is betrothed to Cal which makes for plenty of awkwardness Sophie Cal and Jenna go to England where they also discover two other demon teenagers Sophie discovers that the Prodigium is on the brink of war with the Eye and slowly begins to accept her powers her future role as Head of the Council and her love for her father Into the middle of this come several crises including the reappearance of Archer in her life the threat of someone raising demons and the knowledge that someone wants Sophie dead This book is not as simplistic as Hex Hall The humor and snark are still there but you can see Sophie growing up to be a mature astute person Her growing relationship with her dad a mixture of sarcasm admiration and eventually love is great to see While the first half of the book was fun and interesting the second half was heart poundingly good The plot takes several unexpected twists and turns and what I really liked about the ending is the fact that the villains are not cut and dried 'I want to be the most powerful person in the Prodigium' warmongers; instead they believe their path is the only way to save the Prodigium It's so rare to come across shades of grey in YA literature that I'm always glad to see even a hint of it I have to admit that one of the things that really ticks me off is when strong heroines fall apart in crisis situations I know it may be realistic and true to life but personally I like my kick ass heroines to be kick ass This is one of the things that put me off Mockingjay the fact that Katniss fell apart at the most crucial moment the pivotal point at which her skill was most needed I guess I think a heroine is only really strong if you show me she is at the time she needs to be Really strong people deal with things as they happen and give themselves the luxury of falling apart only later So I was a little disappointed that Sophie ends up so passive at a point when she is supposed to be strong and needs to lean on Cal after all That's the sort of underlying reinforcement of the 'little woman' syndrome that makes me want to pull my hair outAs for the romance the only thing I have left to say is that if Hawkins was going to fall into the Triangle Trap the least she could have done was twisted it differently However I must admit I am curious to see where the story will go in the next book in the series and all in all this was a fun exciting read I would totally recommend it

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    Still heaps of fun I love a good paranormal book as much as the next person but sometimes they take themselves too seriously I'm happy to report that Demonglass retains the same sarcastic humor and a snappy action packed plot that is just as entertaining as the one in Hex Hall Sophie is spending some time on her father's estate to figure out whether she's going to keep her awesome but pesky powers and she's still secretly pining for her missing demon hunter crush Archer Cross Complicating matters is the revelation that cute as heck Cal has been betrothed to her for years hey they do things differently in the otherworld and the afore mentioned crush is part of The Eye a group hell bent on wiping out all of Sophie's kind Kinda puts a damper on the relationshipThe politics and power struggles within the Prodigium witches shapeshifters and fairies and with the demon hunters is growing steadily complicated and Sophie and her father must develop her gifts before time runs out It would be interesting to see of the plotting ladies within the Prodigium and to have the tension ratcheted up with The Eye but hopefully these will be further explored in future booksThe author does a fabulous job of moving the story along with cheeky attitude however while taking time out for real connections between Sophie and her BFF Jenna and between her and her dad There are also some brief but swoon worthy moments with her guy and you really breeze through this thing rooting for everyone to be happy I'm really enjoying Sophie and her smart and snappy banter and this series has fast turned into one of my fluffy and fun favorites The full text of this review may be found in The Midnight Garden

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    My Thoughts Wow Wow Wow what can I possibly say? I reviewed Hex Hall a few months ago and like I said before I was hesitate about this series but than I read Hex Hall and I loved it So of course I was looking forward to Demonglass but I wasn't sure if it would be as good Demonglass outshined my expectations it was even better than Hex Hall We are back with Sophie who has spent the last few months trying to get over that fateful night she lost a lot Her dad's back in the picture her friend is dead her beloved Archer is missing or hiding Whats a girl to do?Her dad shows up and suggests taking Sophie back to his house or maybe not his house exactly and she wants to bring Jenna with her Her dad agrees and he also suggests a mystery guest as well Who is the mystery guest? Cal Remember Cal he was the guy that was a few years older that stayed on campus when he graduated and or less became the janitor He heals people Yep that Cal Why on earth is Cal coming I asked myself? Well on page 18 I got my answer and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry I loved thatOf course leaving the school Sophie gets a strange feeling that all 3 of them will not be returning Sophie and her friends go back to the mansion aka Thorne Abbey There they spend the next few months discovering secrets about Sophie's heritage and just how powerful she really is The Eye is still out to get her as well and Archer shows up a lot throughout the bookOf course Sophie doesn't know who she should really trust When it comes down to it everyone seems hunky dory on the outside but Sophie starts wondering about her dad's friends who Archer really is and just how many people she can really trustWith a new set of characters intensity in Sophie's life the fact that the school may not be what it seems and the Eye out to kill her Demonglass was a hitLet me finish by saying this I really liked Archer in the first book but after getting to know Cal my feelings started leaning towards him and I desperately wanted something to really happen between Sophie and him And everything he sacrificed made me feel so giddy I wanted to jump up and down with excitement But of course she's still got it bad for Archer How do you choose between a super powerful warlock and a hot older healer? Decisions decisionsDemonglass was AWESOME And of course it ends with such a cliffhanger that Demonglass will make people want to cry because as of right now they can't run to the bookstore and get the next book Write faster HawkinsOverall Loved Demonglass Love Sophie Cal Jenna Archer her dad just everyone Cover It's awesome Love it Its even nicer than Hex Hall Beautiful cover What I'd Give It 55 CupcakesTaken from Princess Bookiewwwprincessbookiecom

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    Honestly this is a really fun series and the I had no issues jumping right back into it even though it's been years since I read the first book Well written with a fast moving plot line and unforgettable characters a must read for fans of the genre