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With a little bit of sand in pockets the Travelling Pants and the Sisterhood that wears them are back and ready to embark on their 16th summer Lena's in love but will it end in a broken heart? Bridget She's about to face up to some painful truths about her late mother Carmen She's hoping destiny will play her cards right for once Tibby's going to film school so will she be star of the show?

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    I didn't like this one as much as the first book and I'm not sure if that's because I was so familiar with the first book due to the movie or whatCarmen I can relate to her the most but her plot was kind of melodramatic this time in my opinion One thing I really don't understand is her relationship with her step brother When did they get close? Tibby I was pretty disappointed in Tibby and while it's realistic that she wouldn't have changed overnight after the events of book 1 I just was annoyed with her storyline 90% of the timeLena I seriously cannot deal with the insta love going on with her story She was literally in love with someone who'd said all of 5 words to herBridget I loved Bridget's story the most in this book It had the most meaning but unfortunately there are parts to her story that were so laughable to me that it undermined the depthI don't know I just want showing to back up all the telling At least in my experience I remain unconvinced of a lot of what the girls are going through Carmen is the only character who I feel any connection with because she is always so emotionally charged I feel like I really know why she feels how she does and see her raw reactions There is so much potential in Tibby and Bridget's stories and while I'm told 'this is a sad thing' over and over I'm not really seeing them reactingWe spend so little time in each character's POV before it switches to the next girl that I feel like I'm only getting to know them on a surface level despite the very important topics the book is trying to get at I listened to this on audio and the POV switches were terrible in that format because they ran together I do want to point out that there are a lot of dated attitudes in this series lack of body positivity and use of the 'r' word in casual insults are examples from this book so this could be something some readers won't enjoy But I grew up in the same years these characters did and the books are a product of that time period early 2000s

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    Re read in 2019 I am so glad that I decided to read this one again because I realized that I blended the storylines of books 2 and 3 into uite a tangled spiderweb It's now summer again and the four friends are still confronting family friends and love interests issues IMHO the winner in this one was definitely Bridget's storyline as she travels to check out her maternal grandmother Greta and get answers about her mother Marly Of course Bee tries to mask who she is but her curiosity leads her to one step in coming to terms with her mother's deathRunner up would probably be Tibby Attending a film camp and coming to terms with her mother issues and also being given a potential love interest made for a good storylineLena and Carmen are given fairly similar storylines as book one Lena ended her relationship with Kostos but spends most of the story pining away for him and then a couple of wrenches are thrown around Figuratively of course Carmen was hung up on her Dad moving forward with a new family and now it's time to act like an infant when her mother gets a boyfriend I think I had sympathy for her with the father who was living away and just flung it on her during summer vacation Also other than being fixated on her parents could this girl be given a meaty storyline? A 3 star rating is still a good rating but having re read it I realize that there wasn't enough growth as I would have expected Also not washing those pants makes me realize that people must have been very patient with odors Goodreads review published 061019

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    As I continue my reread of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series I'm struck by how many of opinions about the characters change and how many stay the same When I first read this series as a teenager my two favorite characters were Tibby Carmen As an adult I still love Tibby But God I can't stand Carmen Carmen is a terrible person and I'm wondering what drew me to her as a teenager Carmen is the type of person who grows up to become a mass murder Her inability to control her rage is troubling and no one seems to be worried about her irrational rage It was just uite surprising how much my opinion changed More places my opinion changed I think Bridget is becoming one of my favorite characters My opinion hasn't changed however about Lena She's still BORINGAnd who cares about Kostos? I sure don't Overall I'm enjoying my reread Its fun to see how adulthood has changed how I see these books They're still great books and I think they mostly hold up except when someone mentions running out of cell phone minutes

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    I wasn't terribly impressed with the first book but I was interested enough in the characters to want to read I am so glad I didThis book seemed realistically teenaged girl both the good and bad The girls had to face things in their lives that they could avoid as children and came out strongerThough other people criticized the way that Bee changed I thought it was actually a pretty accurate depiction of a girl hurt by her early sexual experience Teenagers experiment with their appearance and stereotype all the time and Bee did not have a family to try to steer her courseFor whatever reason this book just touched me in a way that the first one didn't I like book series that age with their audience and I think this one has really managed to do that

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    35 stars ​“She used to cry roughly three times a year Now she seemed to cry three times before breakfast Could that be considered progress?”I enjoyed the 1st book of this series much much The only thing that improved in the book two was the writing it was refined and less juvenile but unfortunately that was the end of improvements “She got tired of herself She got tired of not being able to say what she wanted or do what she wanted or even want what she wanted”The only character that had an appealing and meaningful story was Bee everybody else's storylines were just a mess Bee's storyline honestly saved the book for me I really loved exploring the attic of memories with her and watching her reinvent herself ​I couldn't stand Carmen in this book at all she wasn't my favorite in the first book but here she definitely took the gold on the most annoying character ever Her story arc was exactly the same as in the first book but with a different parent total waste of time ​Tibby was as usual coarse and bitter and unlikable which made no sense considering what she went through in the first book I really thought that her character would be different but she kept making the stupidest choices for absolutely no reason “I mean putting yourself out there in the way of overwhelming happiness and knowing you're also putting yourself in the way of terrible harm I'm scared to be this happy I'm scared to be this extreme”Lena's character was completely lost in her romantic arc which was so incredibly unrealistic Lena was my favorite in book one because she had personality she loved art books and she knew what she wanted from the world Lena in book two was a lovesick puppy with absolutely no personality left it was disheartening to read Despite the uninteresting and repetitive plot lines this was still a good summer read I am just hoping that the next book is much better otherwise that will be the end of this series for me My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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    It was ok Didnt enjoy this as much as the first one so I think I will stop here

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    25 starsI feel like it took me a whole month to finish this book because I couldn't deal with anyone but Bee than because I was reading it in Swedish and trying to write down all the words I didn't knowSeriously though I expected much from Tibby and Lena only to be so horribly disappointed by both of their arcs Carmen's story line was even interesting compared to these two but we all know Carmen is a drama ueen so it was obviously a bit over the top Bee's story line is what saved this book to be completely honest She was a great character and showed a lot of development throughout the book and left me positively surprised I'm sad that Lena's whole story line revolves around Kostos it's like I wasn't even reading about her Overall could've been much much better

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    I forgot what Kostas did Ugh

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    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd Short and Simple Review I liked this one okay enough I couldn't remember the first book so I had to keep looking up details online so I wouldn't get the girls mixed up The story switches between the four girls sometimes within very short periods a page of one girl a page of the next etc Sometimes it was annoying because the girl we were focusing on never did anything or I was interested in what another girl was doing but doing so did also sometimes showed how close the girls were and how some summers nothing interesting actually happens I had to keep reminding myself that the girls were teenagers and were bound to make stupid decisions Of the girls I was incredibly frustrated with Carmen and Tibby Carmen acted really bratty because her mom was dating someone and Tibby was making friends with the wrong people I had to remember that they were bound to make stupid decisions and they did eventually realize that I was interested in what Bridget was doing because she was staying with her Grandma that she hadn't seen since she was really young but was pretending that she was someone just looking for a summer job Her story was one of the heartfelt ones in the bunch Overall I was annoyed at points confused at points but I also wanted to see how these girls were doing I admittedly am jealous that these girls are such close friends because I never had friends like that While I am not wowed by this series I will likely keep going because I own the rest of the books and I am curious to see where these girls will be when they are older

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    Third Read August 22 27 2016Second Read May 2009Original Read March 2004My re read of the series continues this time on audio book All so I can finally read the final book in the series Sisterhood EverlastingI found that I was annoyed by most of the girls with the exception of Bridget all through this second book in the series Carmen Carmen behaved like an abominable brat for 90% of the book Her reaction to her mother daring to date and basically have a life made me want to smack her I understand it had just been her and her mother since her parents divorced but come on Carmen was almost 17 years old and would be leaving for college in a year anyway But Christina had the audacity to date and find some happiness and that sent Carmen into a tailspin and behaving like a selfish child having a tantrum She was thoroughly unlikable for most of the bookTibby I've always liked Tibby but her choices in this book had me so disappointed She spent her time and efforts trying to gain the favor of two cool kids whose favorite past time was mocking others And in the process she was thoughtless and cruel to Brian and her mother hurting them both Shame on you TibbyLena Lena's pining over Kostos was annoying since it was she that broke things off And then she's devastated to learn that he went out with a girl? Uh you broke up with him Was he supposed to magically understand why and then pine after you till the end of time? The events with Kostos at the end of the book did have me completely sympathetic toward their plight but all the angst leading up to that point smacked of melodrama And the thing with Paul? I had totally forgot about that since my last readBridget Bridget was the only one who seemed to be making smarter decisions this time around and growing in the process I loved reading about her summer with GretaNot my favorite book in the series but I'm still looking forward to continuing my reread of the series