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The healing power of Om mantra is well known for centuries but the development of subtle feeling for Om and the exact method of chanting is very important This is a very good book for that It is a good manual for Om mantra Chanting and AUM meditation It is generally set up to provide specific daily practices and meditations I enjoyed the chapters on the basic Om Chanting and practicing meditations I think anyone could find useful if they re interested in mantra chanting. This book is not in a genre that I often read Generally, when I read out of my genre it is an uncomfortable experience But this book is different It s difficult from a western point of view to really appreciate an eastern point of view But I ve applied one or two meditation practices to my life and they ve worked beautifully Conceptually, Om is very simple, but in reality it is the subtlest thing of the Universe Intellect alone can never understand it But through deep meditation one can realize its realm For anyone considering either practicing OM or gaining a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Om, I would recommend this Book There s a lot of emphasis put on practice and especially on meditation practice Regardless of your religion, beliefs, etc you can gain a great insight of your inner world and Om. In this book, Amit Ray teaches us the importance of sound in meditation I passed this book to dozens of my music students This book is really great The simple use of the Om sound without much of philosophy is very easy to practice in our Western society Law of attraction mixed with letting go, present moment awareness are inbuilt in AUM meditation Especially when I am stuck or upset Om chanting works like a medicineThe important aspect of the book is that it is not related to any specific spiritual path I think this could be one of those life changing or at least very pivotal books to read It s very simply set out and easy to comprehend The true meaning of life lies in our inner being I love music When I feel the inner sound of Om, my whole body thrills I don t know why This is the book helps me to experience that mysterious wonderful sensations and feelings. This is an amazing book I am from different culture, different traditions and different background I have nothing to do with mantra chanting or mantra meditation I do not know exactly why I purchased the book But now I realized rather the book has selected me After reading few chapters I left the book as it is One fine morning, it was around 4 30 AM two lines of the book started deeply reverberating in my mind I was in a half sleep and half awakening state Suddenly, I started feeling deep bliss consciousness in my spinal column I realized the clear light of bliss consciousness, without effort The book is packed with powerful spiritual energy. This book contains some of the powerful wisdom I am profoundly touched and influenced by the messages of the book This is a universe of vibration The teachings of Om, essentially, are focused on helping us to return, in all respects, to the Source from which all things are originated.Om chanting or Om meditation is not a mechanical chanting of the word Om It is about feeling This book is about that It is much subtle I urge you to simply carry this book with you for a few weeks Allow the energy that it contains to permeate through any resistance that your body mind might offer, and let it resonate with that inner place that is formless and boundary less This is what is we often called as soul I encourage you to read the book and apply them gradually in life. Einstein said The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift Om meditation is the best way to penetrate the logical mind and cultivate the intuitive mind This book provides the foods and fuels to ignite the intuitive mind. Almost from my childhood I am accustomed to Om Earlier, it hardly penetrated my consciousness I listened to it on every occasion, but unnoticed Normally, at the beginning of any mantra Om is added I was thinking I know everything about Om But after reading this book slowly my understanding changed Last few months I am doing Om meditation and now I realize it s depth Om increased the levels of my awareness and with higher level of awareness I get clarity of mind and now, I can make wiser choices in life I love Om meditation because it is easy and it is free from any Guru or Organization There is no complicated process, I just need to sit down and peacefully chant few Oms according to my pace There is no hurry in it I have a choice to do other Om meditations according to my liking Earlier, I was too serious and stressed on everything Now I can focus on every aspect of life with peace and tranquility Now life is a pure joy of helping self and helping others Now I understand other dimensions of life Now I know every set back is a seed for another grand opportunity Sometimes I focus on the Godliness aspect of Om and I cultivate love I expand my heart Om has given me the power to accommodate and accept others Moreover, I feel the protection and healing power of Om Now, I am free from fears and confusions and my consciousness is free from clouds The most wonderful part of this book is its simplicity Many thanks to Dr Ray for this wonderful gift of love. I picked up this book last month, because I was looking for the deeper meaning of the word Om The book is very straight forward I m a slow a reader I m in the middle of reading this For me, this is a milestone book Probably this is the best book on mantra meditation out there I learned the relaxing OM meditation tactics from this book From the book I learnt that the words OM and Amen are related Amit Ray s simplistic words guide the reader to the realization of our deep connection with the cosmic source in every moment of our lives The book inspired me to meditate regularly and for longer periods of time. This is a wonderful and very helpful book on Meditation I liked this book It is easy to read and easy to practice This is the kind of meditation book that you need to read again and again from time to time Anyone can be peaceful and happy for an instant, staying mindful on the eternal sound of AUM As you meditate on om your consciousness will automatically go to much higher level, instantly Highly recommended for daily meditation. The Book Provides Some Powerful Om Chanting And Meditation Techniques To Bring Balance Health And Harmony In Life In Eastern Religions, Om AUM Is Considered As The Most Sacred Mantra Om Is The Mantra Of Integration Integration Of Individual With The Whole Om Is The Mantra Of Harmony And Celebration Om Is The Mantra To Access The Supreme Divinity Residing Within Us In This Book Amit Ray Describes Several Om Chanting And Om Meditation Methods In Detail In A Lucid And Plain English Om Chanting And Meditations Have Healing Effects On The Body And The Mind This Book Is A Step By Step Guide To Practise Meditations With The Om As You Practise, A Long Lasting Sense Of Well Being Manifests In Your Life You Will Notice A Sense Of Joyfulness Entering Your Life Along With An Ability To Appreciate The Many Gifts That Surround You This Book Will Help Both The Beginners As Well As The Advanced Practitioners