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A family reunion at Christmas time There is a gaiety everywhere but in the hearts of these people Jenny must give up her love in order to care for her aging parson father The father in turn is heartsick because he has never had the confidence of his children and never realized what tragedy had struck his younger daughter4f4m

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    Old fashioned family melodrama though not gloomy or tragic with many light touches about a village parson whose grown children gather for Christmas and they all learn things about each other that are hard to process but which might lead to greater understanding For the most part these are nicely fleshed out characters that we come to care about even the comic relief old biddy aunt It also takes an interesting view of religion that isn't often promulgated at least among today's evangelicals and conservatives that a man or woman of the cloth should actually be less judgmental and understanding about the flaws of his parishioners and family members I recommend the 1952 movie which opens up the plot and setting a bit in the beginning but which is otherwise a faithful rendition of the play

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    35 A Christmas family drama where a group of characters end up discovering about each other throughout the evening They all feel lived in personalities and you can see how the father's academic religious occupation as parson seems to affect his three children Most of the dust ups aren't given full resolution but the final conversation between Gregory and his daughter Margaret about their beliefs makes the play

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    Bettie's Books

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    I don't have much to say about this one It's a relatively pleasant Christmas play It wasn't bad but it also didn't really grab my attention

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    No wonder the movie is so exceptional; it's almost verbatim the original stage play Powerful and moving