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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Brashares comes the welcome return of the characters whose friendship became a touchstone for a generation Now Tibby Lena Carmen and Bridget have grown up starting their lives on their own And though the jeans they shared are long gone the sisterhood is everlastingDespite having jobs and men that they love each knows that something is missing the closeness that once sustained them Carmen is a successful actress in New York engaged to be married but misses her friends Lena finds solace in her art teaching in Rhode Island but still thinks of Kostos and the road she didn’t take Bridget lives with her longtime boyfriend Eric in San Francisco and though a part of her wants to settle down a bigger part can’t seem to shed her old restlessnessThen Tibby reaches out to bridge the distance sending the others plane tickets for a reunion that they all breathlessly await And indeed it will change their lives forever—but in ways that none of them could ever have expectedAs moving and life changing as an encounter with long lost best friends Sisterhood Everlasting is a powerful story about growing up losing your way and finding the courage to create a new one

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    What was I thinking? Why did I bother? Okay I know why I tend to do better with audiobooks that reuire less concentration and offer an engaging story that's not too challenging And although I didn't have high hopes for the fifth fifth Am I actually still reading these? book in the Traveling Pants series when I saw it was available on audio I couldn't resistWell If I tell you the pivotal plot point it will be a big fat spoiler so I'll try to gripe about the book without doing that As usual I have several complaintsWish fulfillment and emotional manipulation No Just no Ever patient tolerant boyfriends who you up and leave with no explanation who then proceed to lend you 10K no uestions asked? And much later after a continued period of no contact said boyfriend drops everything to come across the country to meet you? And when you drop a major bomb on this same boyfriend all he cares about is YOUR feelings? In what universe? And really would I want a long term relationship with a guy who was so short on backbone or opinions? How genuine can this love really be if the guy doesn't even take it personally when she disappears?Re Lena and Kostas I just have one word AGAIN? Again with the back and forth? Again with the fear of revealing feelings in the context of this supposedly loving relationship? Again withoh I just can't any Not to mention children who immediately win the hearts of women with absolutely no childcare experience both of whom thought they never wanted kids but almost instantly changed their minds when faced with these angelic cherubs who love them immediately and never throw tantrums Oh puh leezeDon't get me started on the ending where the girls suddenly inherit a house from someone who supposedly had financial problems Huh? And the ridiculously prescient letters Yet another instance of the incredible wisdom cum ESP foisted on the dyingWe haven't even gotten to Carmen's incredible superficiality leading up to the unbelievable turnaround where she does a 180 and becomes deep again And the jerky guy she's dating despised by all except her Carmen really gets idiotic in every bookThe girls haven't grown up The few changes they've made are somewhat ridiculous and over the top Three out of four are with the same guys even I will not read the next book I will not read the next book I will notwell if it's the only thing available on audio I don't know

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    ARC of this I'll write an official review closer to the publication date but I will tell you I have never cried so much during a book except maybe one of the previous Sisterhood books I stayed up half the night reading this book I couldn't put it down review for library websiteA lot of books have made me cry but only a few have made me sob tear stained pages reaching blindly for a tissue Two of those books are Ekaterina Gordeeva's MY SERGEI and Ann Brashares's the SECOND SUMMER OF THE SISTERHOOD FYI the 2nd Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie does not do this series justice It basically crams 3 books into a 2 hour movie I was overjoyed to hear that Ann Brashares was releasing a novel SISTERHOOD EVERLASTING set about 10 years after the 4th book FOREVER IN BLUE It is classified as an adult novel instead of young adult like the rest of the series but it's not for content reasonsit's because of the age of the charactersYou're hooked from the first page I stayed up entirely too late reading this book because I could not put it down The girls haven't really kept in touch since college Like it says in the prologue Growing up is hard on a friendship They all have their own lives now in different parts of the country Carmen drives me crazy in this book and I want to shake Bree Lena and Tibby are both tied for my favorite character Tibby reaches out and buys them all plane tickets for a reunion in Greece None of them will return home the same One thing I love about this series is you really feel like you're one of the sisters I feel like everything that has happened in this series has happened to meI can't tell you why I sobbed but be warned to read this with a box of tissues handy I thought I had said farewell to the girls after book 4 but then they returned as full fledged adults in this book and I had to say goodbye all over again at the end of this book I really didn't expect to like the ending of the book especially after sobbing so much throughout it Everything comes together in the end Everything happens for a reason

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    At least I triedIn this 5th book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series Ann Brashares brings back the characters we knew and loved as they enter their thirties Four friends ten years later How has the sisterhood fared how has life treated them and where are they now? Although the girls had gone their separate ways and had sort of lost touch with each other Lena Carmen and Bee gather in Greece for a reunion arranged by Tibby What they find there changes their lives foreverThis is a story of enduring friendship and love Although at times almost maudlin and certainly sentimental the narrative makes us root for each of the girls to finally find true happiness I enjoyed the book and recommend it as a fitting conclusion to the series introduced to the world of young adult readers in 2001 Some have said that this novel is not for that YA market but I think teens who enjoyed the other 4 books and movies will want to follow this sisterhood of best friends into adulthoodAddendum I'm adding this last part because of advice not to read it because it's sad Yes some parts of the book are sad But who among you has a perfect life that is not marred by some disappointment or other event that you wish you hadn't gone through? I think the things that happen to the girls in the book provide a realistic depiction of how we all fare through adulthood There is regret and loss Everything for most of us is not always sunny and happy Neither is it for the girls of the Sisterhood And I think that's how it should be Received free from Goodreads first reads

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    This probably only deserves four stars but I don't give a shit I'm giving it five stars Until about the last forty pages I thought I knew what I was going to write in this review I was going to say that Brashares is incredibly good with the inner lives of her characters I was going to say that she brings people to life in magical absurdly readable and moving ways I was going to say that despite this reading this book is like expecting to jump into pool and float back to the surface but instead you start drowning sucking up little bits of air at a time just trying to survive I was going to say that as readable as it was it was just too much for me to handle and that these girls always seem like they need to learn the same lessons over and over again and the lesson never sticksBut then I got to the end and I started crying and I couldn't stop To be honest about it I'm still crying right now They're the good kind of tears by the way the bittersweet ones Ann Brashares is not Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult both of whom I always feel manipulated by like with them tears are the goal and not just a product of something great that they've created Sparks and Picoult want me to feel luxuriously sad about my life Brashares just wants to tell me something true Does that make any sense? This book just got to me It got to me on an emotional level that a book hasn't in a really long time and there's nothing I can do about it I don't feel like critically evaluating this book for its failings I only feel like feeling So that's what I'm going to doI'm warning you right now if you pick this up you better have a box of tissues ready by the end and your best friends on speed dial

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    Okay this is not really going to be a kind review I'm not trying to sound mean or like a weirdo Internet commenter but there are some things that really ticked me off about this book So there's a spoiler that all Traveling Pants fans knew about months ago one that you can read pretty easily online and that many have but if you don't know and want to read the book stop reading here And if you do know the major spoiler there are revealed below so just take care if you do want to read the bookSPOILERS COMMENCESo I found out from my mother who read it in a Kirkus review a few months ago that Tibby dies in this book Upon finding out I was in a state of shock and for days went around telling people TIBBY DIES yes including people who never read a Traveling Pants book I considered not bothering to read the books but I didn't think I could ever skip a Pants book But it turns out that Tibby's death is the least bothersome thing in this book It's easiest to explain by pretending that I'm the dust jacket of the books back when they were still YA and going character by characterCarmen always my favorite character now a successful TV actress engaged to a producer that none of her friends like Here's the jist of what Carmen's character has become she's horrible because she has an iPhone Seriously the others all look down on her because in this universe only shallow terrible people use shudder iPhones So instead of focusing deeply on things that are a concern like her being engaged to someone she doesn't really love or how she barely eats any the biggest concern is that she uses an iPhone But don't worry she becomes a better person when she meets a widowed man and his two children on a train and gives up acting All because her iPhone doesn't work Seriously all iPhone users Ann Brashares is sending you a messageLena always my least favorite character she's still pining for Kostos Sigh Enough already is what I thought when I first read her storyline but this surprised me by turning out to be one of the better storylines in the book Bridget Oh this really annoyed me No actually made me angry So while grieving for Tibby in a very erratic way that I kind of hoped they would explore Bee discovers that she's pregnant Sigh We all know that of course she'll have the baby Much like television characters book characters never have abortions But the way she comes about making her decision is just such a bizarrely anti choice scene that I could barely believe I can only uote Bridget thought about the thing in her uterus not a thing but a person a soul and she felt chastened Just look what she was willing to do Had been willing to do You hear that pregnant ladies? That's a soul you're carrying and don't you dare even think about not having it Then she cries for the people like herself grimly forsaking what few precious gifts they would ever get I can forgive Ann Brashares for killing off a character but I don't know if I can forgive her for forcing a stance like this into her book As I said no surprise that Bridget would keep the baby but could we have had a different way of arriving at this decision please rather than condemning anyone who would consider not carrying an unplanned pregnancy?And then there's Tibby oh Tibby even in death you keep making the same mistakes over and over again just like you did in the other books After some thought I've decided not to reveal the real key to why Tibby dies those who already know some of the spoilers may know that it's speculated that Tibby may have drowned on purpose But I will say as someone who has spent most of her life watching soap operas the the real reason behind Tibby's death is ripped from some of the weakest soap opera storylines I can't really reveal except to say that her death could have been a strong storyline was weakened and cheapened by the true circumstances Also Tibby way to write elaborate long meaningful letters to all your friends well except Carmen but she's a shallow iPhone user but leave nothing for your parents and siblings Reeeaaaal Nice So overall I didn't think I would love this book the way I loved the others but I also didn't think I would hate it This series is another one that helped gain YA some much needed respect so it feels even personal to me to have had some of my favorite characters used this way

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    I had a lot of people tell me that this book was horrible they hated it and I should skip it but this kind of time jump conclusion to a series is absolutely my kind of thing I love seeing where characters you spent a lot of time with end up many years laterAs for if this book is terrible? Definitely notYeah there's a thing that happens that I don't LIKE that shook me made me mad made me disagree and to be honest there's a part of it that made me uestion the treatment but I don't have the ualifications to say whether or not it was bad but this explores so many facets of growing older that hit me in the feels It was painful in its truths It explores losing your family losing your friends losing yourself These are things I usually dislike reading about because I'm already living them but I'm glad I finished reading the book because you so often don't get to see your favorite characters grow over a lifetime and see them in such a real light

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    Having read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series I was so excited to find out that there was a ten years later installment coming out I was definitely very greedy with this book reading it in one afternoon desperate to be moved and amazed by it However about halfway through I realized I was uickly reading just to get to the end of it Unfortunately I had heard that there was a pretty shocking event in the story awhile back before the book actually came out So of course I was anticipating that event It happened uickly and the rest of the story just kind of started to drag for me At this point I'll suggest you cease reading if you don't want any indication to spoilers in this story The characters were certainly not endearing to me the way that they once were Bee was childish and irritating Lena was just so blah and determined to be miserable while Carmen seemed shallow and fake I was a little disappointed to not be introduced to any new characters It seemed unrealistic that aside from Jones and honestly he was hardly a character these girls would not form any new relationships over 10 years I found the plot rather predictable too Even without knowing that there was going to be a big spoiler you pretty much deduced early on that something would be up with Tibby as she was glaringly absent through the first few chapters Of course this story produced than its fair share of tears The most endearing character for me was Bailey as the scenes with her were by far the most animated and interesting The most irritating one was the father Carmen befriended on the train see that I finished this book not half an hour ago and I already I forgot his name It felt to me that he was being introduced so that he would become a romantic interest for Carmen Not only did I not like that idea but it never really happened anyway I thought the whole idea of all of them living together on Tibby's land was a bit lame and cheesy but I saw that Brashares was trying to create the place that would be the home base for the four of them again All in all I think that I would have been better off had I left the Sisterhood back in their teen years Sisterhood Everlasting really just did not give me the continuance of their story that I had hoped for

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    This book was such a hot mess I'm super dissapointed because I loved the first four books and was so excited to see that there was fifth one But pretty much everything was wrong with this book 1 The girls are supposed to be 29 but no one seems to act like an adult in any way I had a hard time remembering that they weren't teenagers any2 None of the girls seem to have any drive or ambition in life at all They don't have normal or healthy relationships with anyone They don't even seem to have jobs Well Carmen is an actress Lena works at a college although we never really see that 3 Despite the lack of jobs they seem to have a whole lotta money for galavanting around the world How many Eurpoe trips can Lena make in one book?4 The ending is completely absurd 5 It's sort of weird to me that 3 out of the 4 are still hung up on or with their high school boyfriends It's like they're stuck in a traveling pants time warp and can never move on6 I used to find something endearing about all 4 of the girlsI really found nothing to like in any of them any Carmen and the damn iPhone Lena just sits around and whines Bridget's character is so bizzare that she doesn't even seem like a real person any I never really got a good sense of Tibby but the letters were way too hokey for meOkay enough with the Pants for now

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    So here I am writing a review for a book before it comes out This makes me a big loser Whatever Anyway words cannot describe how excited I am to read this When i realized that this is a new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book and not another 3 Willows book yes it was cute but not the same i started tearing up I wish I was joking I'm not Thats how excited I am REVIEWWhen an author has written a good book you feel like you are part of the story the characters are your friends and you can identify with them all That has definitely been the case for me with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I was there to see them come of age When Carmen’s dad got remarried Lena fell in love with Kostas Bridget found out the truth about her grandmother and Tibby had a pregnancy scare I felt like I was going through the same things with them not literally of course In return Lena Bridget Tibby and Carmen were better friends to me than most of the people I knew at the time I read them in middle school and my middle school classmates? Not so nice I was like an honorary sisterhood member And even though they were older than me at the time and I wasn’t going through the same things as them I identified with each of the girls I related mostly to Tibby and Lena but I also saw myself in Bridget and Carmen It is like Carmen says in the first book; they are four girls with very different personalities but when together made a “complete” person Mix up all of the girl’s personality wise and I saw a lot of myself in them I finished the original series in freshman year of high school and was very sad to see the series end Fast forward four years later to the publication of sisterhood everlasting I’m sure you can imagine what my reaction was I cried with joy I couldn’t wait to be “reunited” with the Sisterhood the girls who were there for me during the less than pleasant times in middle school my friends This book started out being about the reunion of the Sisterhood and I felt like I was reuniting with the Sisterhood as well I was happy when Bridget Carmen and Lena reunited at the airport after all the time However as much as I didn’t want to I could sense what was going to happen from the very beginning Not the way it happened but that it was going to happen I have read through Sisterhood Everlasting much uicker than I had planned or even wanted to Although I have really enjoyed reading it and having a final reunion with my childhood book friends the beginning was hard to read Not hard as in boring uite the opposite Hard as in it was painful to ee the characters so depressed The book takes a turn mid way which reminded me of why I loved the Sisterhood so much in the first place Despite the unfortunate events and their aftermath in the beginning of the book the characters all grew up and got to where they needed to be Part of me is wishing it were longer because I feel like this is really the end of the series which makes me sad Like the original Sisterhood books Sisterhood Everlasting will stay with me for years to come and it was nice to say a final goodbye to the much beloved characters

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    I believe that this is the last book in the series and its a great way to wrap up the story lines of the characters I'm not saying that just because I won a free copy of this from good reads It is just too bad that Tibby had to die; its so sad She left behind Brian her daughter Bailey and friends and her family She wasn't even thirty yet This book teaches readers a great life lesson life rarely goes accordingly to way we plan it but the obstacles that one faces does not serve as an excuse to stop trying or caring Yes the loss of a loved is extremely painful and should be mourned but just because they're gone doesn't mean that you should stop living your own life too Because life is that short you should live life to the fullest and follow your heart Not everyone would agree with the decisions you make but those who truly love you will come around Tibby's decision to move to Australia with Brian puts strain on the girls' friendship With Carmen being a famous actress who lives in New York and Lena as an art teacher at a prestigious school in Providence and Bee moving to San Fransisco the distance makes it harder for the girls to stay in touch Tibby's absence make the girls feel that it is wrong to have any get togethers or formal meetings without her because it was always the four of them In the beginning of the story the girls are supposed to meet up in Greece for a reunion; it was Tibby's suggestion But when the girls arrive and see no Tibby they decide to wait After hours upoon hours of waiting the girls start to get worried Morning brings no better news as the girls find out that Tibby has drowned in the ocean The girls at first assumed that Tibby had taken her life because the letters that she leaves the girls indicates that Tibby knew that she was going to die The girls are shocked and blame themselves for Tibby's death They are angry at Tibby for her lack of communication with the girls and her family in the states but they are also angry at themselves for not trying harder to reach out to Tibby As the story progresses on the girls all go through a series of phases where they recover from Tibby's tragic death The letters Tibby leaves the girls instruct them to do things that would not have done on their own At the end of the story all three girls with their respective lovers and Tibby's family all meet up the ranch that Brian and Tibby bought Lena is finally with Kostos and Bee is pregnant with Eric whereas Carmen breaks up with her self absorbed finance The girls are all staying at the ranch to watch over Bailey Tibby's daughter Tibby writes in one of her letters that she knows Bailey won't be without a mother; in fact she'll have three loving mothers who will watch over her as she grows