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It's North America but very little of what you know is the same The sun still shines and the grass still grows but there are no people There are or perhaps there aren't twelve Curials kit fox dolphin raven lioness and the rest who intervene in the lives of the inhabitants There are the inhabitants a myriad of animals mice otters meerkats and buffalo to name a few They live in their towns and cities pursuing their various occupations having occasional celebrationsand now and then they live in fear In fear of the Blood Jaguar the thirteenth Curial who returns from time to time and visits a horrible plague on the world nearly killing it entirely At such times a fisher a skink and a bobcat are somehow impelled to go on a uest to stop her They always fail There is no reason to think that this time of all times Bobcat will somehow not fail

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    Read this when I was a kid and it was like an edgier Redwall or Poppy I need to reread it

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    A fun nontraditional take on the talking animal mythical uest story Instead of a strapping hero out to save the world from a terrible catastrophe we have a loser bobcat catnip addict who's completely confused and frustrated by the epic turn his life has taken He finds himself the key player in a cyclic narrative caught up in the plans of demigods he hadn't even believed existed and spends most of his time just trying to wrap his head around matters Then when they get to the final goal of the journey and he goes forth alone to face certain doom at the hands of the prime antagonist even that turns out completely differently than he had come to expect I had initially thought the book would be a uick mediocre but fun read I ended up enjoying it much than I had expected to The uest format was given an entertainingly irreverent twist and in some ways the resolution was believable and satisfying than it is when the uest format is played straight

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    DNF at about halfway through This was sold to me by someone who said it was a book with a well defined and prevalent magical system Obviously we understood this to mean totally different things I try really hard to give small authors and presses a break but for all that this may have been a good idea it was weighed down with a myriad of uestionable editorial decisions The language was collouial at best and at worst not proper English It's a shame because it definitely had potential In the end however good ideas need good execution to be realized

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    I wanna support my furry fiction but I just couldn't get through this one I liked the three main characters and their dialogue amongst themselves The fantasyfable setting was cool enough too but the storytelling of their journey didn't really pull it together for me Chapter 4 the scene with the bison king was very cool but by the time I got to page 100 I realized it just wasn't keeping my attention and I kept having to reread passages Maybe another time

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    Great storytelling A complete world full of myths and cultures Don't let the talking animals fool you this is a great tale Wish it was 400 pages

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    SettingIn this world humans don’t seem to exist In place of humans we have animals with human level intelligence and dexterity Aside from this the world isn’t overly developed There are some gods who perhaps meddle a little in the lives of the people and they have a few things which they do apparently on some sort cycle There is a little bit of magic in the world It’s not really clear what the limits are or what can and can’t be done I was a little disappointed with the world building because the decision to make this talking animals instead of people seems entirely pointless They build houses and roads and caravans and can all communicate with other species just fine I am left a little curious as to Payne would go out of his was to write the characters as animals when it didn’t affect anything Ultimately it feels like a gimmick than anything of actual substanceCharacters Bobcat Bobcat is basically just a piece of garbage that only does anything because he’s forced into it We begin the novel with him waking up and thinking about how he’s gonna just go be a total jerk to someone else for no reason whatsoever other than wouldn’t that be funny? If you didn’t hate him based on the previous sentence he’s also a drug addict He has some previous trauma that I guess is supposed to justify this behavior and make him relatable but he spends the majority of the novel just being a whiny jerk Skink Skink is a largely cowardly little lizard but no so cowardly that he would turn away from the important uest he finds before him even knowing it is dangerous Skink is in that way kind of like Neville Longbottom Fisher Fisher plays the guiding role for the intrepid party She seems to have the closest thing to an idea as to what’s going on and with some help from Skink is willing to drag Bobcat along to his destiny as neededPlot Bobcat sets out one day to be a scumbag and is stopped when the literal god of death shows up and attacks him I’m not joking that’s chapter one Shortly after this we find out that said god of death does in fact have bigger plans than slapping around jerks The titular blood jaguar goddess of death is apparently planning to unleash some plague which would kill off about half the world Due to some prophecy it’s up to Bobcat Skink and Fisher to stop this from happening If only one of these prophecies ever went into detail about how to stop the ancient evil Dang inconsiderate prophecy writers It’s like you didn’t even want people to follow your prophecyMy ThoughtsMore than anything else I feel like this novel comes off feeling a little rushed The plot is almost aggressively fast world building is almost entirely overlooked and Bobcat is the only character that gets anything which can even be argued as development The strangest thing about all this is that it’s not like there wasn’t room for these things This is one of the smallest books I’ve read in the last year and fantasy readers are generally not shy about picking up fairly thick books so I really think that a little extra content could have helped out hereMuch smaller point here but why do none of the main characters get names? There are other animals who actually have names but all of the main characters are just named for the animal that they are This seems like a strange choice to me

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    The Blood Jaguar is a classic Hero's Journey story done rightYes it is predictable to some degree because as much as it tries to break the trope it IS a Hero's Journey with all the appropriate steps However it is also a sort of hero's journey gone wrong in a way as Bobcat finds himself ignorant of what he's 'supposed' to do in the periodic doomsday cycle Typically there are very specific roles for characters for the Plague Year a bobcat fisher and skink traveling together the skink having lost their 'luck' the fisher as a shaman and the bobcat as a visionary chasing mysterious prophetic dreams sent to him by the 'curials' However Bobcat is a catnip addict and a school dropout and seems to have missed out on the dreams and any semblance of a basic education This can be frustrating at times as Bobcat is freuently the only one who has no idea what is going on and somehow missed out on common lore that everyone knows I understand this as a storytelling techniue but really sometimes you just want Bobcat to get eaten by the Blood Jaguar for being so ignorant especially in the beginning when he whines for several chapters However I'm glad I stuck through the rocky beginning because the ending is excellent Another point in its favor is that it's not a trilogy Finally a fantasy story that you can read from beginning to end in a single volumeAside from Bobcat the rest of the characters are really interesting and complex though it can be annoying to read somewhat inconsistent slang You wanna cup? The other issue I had is that clearly the continent they're supposed to be on is North America but occasionally and JUST occasionally there are major breaches in ecology Like meerkats Why exactly there are meerkats in North America is not explained and it also seems as though the lion they refer to is an african lion and not a mountain lion by the language but it's ambiguous enough that I can't tell and I'm pretty sure Lord Lion shook his mane at one point There is also one leopard though she's a curial so I guess its acceptable? Honestly if it was a mixed fantasy world where the species were randomized a bit it wouldn't have bothered me but bobcats fishers jaguars kit fox and bison are all indigenous to North America so mixing in other selected species seems arbitrary and out of placeAnother consistency issue is really in the society It's confusing in a number of ways and it's not clear whether the animals wear clothes or have anthropomorphized hands or the level or lack of technology or how many things WORK In other 'talking animal' books such as Redwall it is usually clear but in The Blood Jaguar its spotty and inconsistentHowever whatever its flaws and despite the tropes the Blood Jaguar is a solid stand alone fantasy novel

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    One of my most favorite books 3

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    This one surprised me I saw it in the dollar store once and my experience with dollar store books has not fared wellThis is a story that can’t be summed up easily It’s a uest to save the world but with some interesting twists Though you can tell it’s a first effort by a new author it’s a good one I loved the snake dialogue when they were in the desert It feels like it should rhyme and it’s actually a joy to read The Bison scene is clever tooI have only two complaints One is that I’m not sure what animal the Fisher is and it was weird not knowing how to picture one of the main characters Did I miss the description or am I just dense? And our trio of heroes spends way too much time traveling eating sleeping walking and not enough time doing somethingMuch of the book comes across as mere filler and it could’ve done better with less traveling and scenes that strengthened the underlying theme Another draft might’ve helped fill the hollow spaces but even in its current state the last few chapters make the whole thing worth it Where our bobcat ends up saves the whole book Even if you don’t fully understand what all the other stuff means seeing how Bobcat saves the world is enormously satisfying He's a useless character right up until the end and it's so wonderful to see him change from a useless drug addict to unlikely heroI have a feeling it’s meaningful than meets the eye It wanted to be meaningful you can tell there's an insightful revelation hidden in here somewhere and again I wish Payne had run it through another draft to bring this forward It's just begging to come forward Unfortunately it's been left in an unfinished state and as a result it's unclear what it's supposed to showBut underdone as it is there's enough there to grasp this deeper meaning even if only on the edge of comprehension It's a satisfying read in the end but I still wonder what it would be like if it were developed all the way I mean that in the nicest most fulfilling way possible

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    A new and gorgeously illustrated edition of The Blood Jaguar is currently available from Sofawolf Press But I'm cheap so I bought the Kindle edition for under £2 I tore through this in a weekend of travelling It's a jolly fantasy in the classic journey uest vein with three bickering travellers heading off to confront the Blood Jaguar and prevent a cyclical plague which kills 50% of the population every hundred years or so And what a lovable population Otter labourers rabbit farmers exotic meerkats you really don't want to think about these creatures dying horribly so you feel the urgency of the mission Bobcat Skink and Fisher are onThe twist is that Bobcat like The Hobbit's Bilbo thinks his uest is a load of nonsense He doesn't believe in the Twelve Curials the spirit animals who preside over his world he certainly doesn't think of himself as any kind of hero oh and he has a small catnip problem Can Fisher and Skink straighten him out in time for the showdown?The action never really rose to a peak for me There's about eating and sleeping and travelling than there is of danger and adventure but it's so charmingly and humorously written with so many little details of this furry world that I couldn't really hold a grudge