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From Mitsukazu Mihara Comes A Unique Collection Of Poignant Stories That Examines Our Innermost Fears And Desires, And Ruminates On The Power That Love And Loss Has On Our Collective ConsciousnessIn This Anthology, A Young Boy Tries To Grant The Ultimate Wish To A Magical Snow Princess Two Strangers Struggle To Survive An Apocalyptic World And Each Other The Lonely Victim Of A Bully Takes Solace In The World Of The Internet And A Woman Who Has Had Extensive Cosmetic Surgery Learns The Frightening Truth About What Real Beauty Is With An Extraordinary Blend Of Magic And Realism, The Raw Emotions And Tragic Irony Filled In Beautiful People Will Lure You With Their Charm, And Leave You Haunted Long After The Last Page Is Turned

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    A wonderful collection of short stories The art is far from beautiful, but the clean lines and unique style is what makes it captivating Out of all the stories, I loved the last one It made me feel all warm inside I just might read of the mangaka s works.

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    This is a collection of short stories Beautiful art accompanies these intelligent and deep tellings of a variety of people, all struggling with the cards they ve been dealt I think I was most impressed by the post apocolyptic story of the last man and last woman both of whom are gay There s a certain melancholy attached to these various sentiments, and the art lends itself well to the unfortunate surroundings of the protagonists perhaps it would be accurate to call them antagonists, since they rarely change throughout the story Most of the stories are simply a snapshot or a portal view into the lives of the men and women involved A gorgeous portrayal of the range of human emotions.

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    it s been a while since i enjoyed shorts as much as these clear, nice looking art and stories with a good mix of sweet strange.

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    The last story really makes this anthology for me.

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    a bunch of short stories about true beauty the best one has to be the last story blue sky

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    This was a surprise find at an anime convention last weekend I hadn t heard of it before, but I have a penchant for Mitsukazu Mihara s books so I had to have it I love the art style, and find the rather macabre optimism appealing The book blurb used the word magical but I find that misleading, thus the stress on macabre Think Twilight Zone with sex as opposed to magical girl.It s hard to decide between a 4 and a 5 rating While it isn t the most poignant of Mihara s books, I was compelled to read through in one sitting which, sadly, doesn t happen too often these days I often find myself pushing onward with the hopes that a manga will eventually garner my interest enough to continue So to sum up, I liked it and will no doubt read through it again soon.

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    3.75 starsShort story collections are always a mixed bag, but this one was actually pretty good There were a couple stories that were just okay, as to be expected with projects like this, though the majority of them were solid I m glad that there were a greater amount of thought provoking stories Some were almost haunting in their story telling I d say that this one is worth a read if you enjoy short story collections Picked up at AX 2019 Manga Lounge

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    First manga ever An anthology of six short stories Princess White Snow ends with hope buried in it waiting to sprout World s End has a twist of the Adam and Eve tale a gay man and woman in a post apocalyptic world.My favourite is the Blue Sky Dark, enigmatic, sweet, heart wrenching Just like life.

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    If you are a fan of cautionary, Twilight Zone esque tales, this book is up your alley The lolita styling and blunt characterizations encompass short, entertaining what if stories in a stylish fashion.

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    This says vol 1, but it s the only volume It s a collection of unrelated short stories The first two stories are actually pretty crappy, but the last four were all really good The first two were just way too short to tell their stories decently, and you end up with no attachment to anything I rented this off Manga Takeout, but I think the final four stories would be worth the price of the book All the stories are essentially tragic, but not in an everyone dies sort of way More of a valuable lesson learned way I liked it.