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A collection of 13 tales of mystery crime and suspense from the pages of Cemetery Dance Blue Murder The Third Alternative Crimewave and From tales of vengeful mobsters to dark family secrets from psychotic killers to reluctant heroes the stories tap the dark recesses of the human heart and the temptations that bring out the worst and best in all of us Features the 2006 Year's Best Fantasy Horror selection Dog Person You'll never look at fruit the same way again after experiencing Watermelon And junk mail takes a sinister turn in Letters and LiesIncludes bonus stories from award winning writers JA Konrath Origin the Jack Daniels series and Simon Wood Working Stiffs totaling 57000 words of digital pulp thrills

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    Why are some of the best books only available as e books? This amazing dreary and ultimately unforgettable horrormystery anthology should be in a big hardcover or at least a paperback

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    Top Notch WritingA uality selection of short stories each one vividly detailed with a precise eye for descriptive proseThe themes vary greatly and I enjoyed the variety It’s always rewarding to read an anthology which feels like a blind dip into a selection box you just don’t know what you’re going to get nextConsidering the fact that they are short pieces I won’t ‘synopsis’ each individual item I don’t want to give out spoilers Suffice it to say each is narrated in a consistent style in keeping with the title and product description – and what you would expect of this calibre of authorship by such renowned names – and yet showing a differing style of delivery; some slow and detailed some nippyBe warned that this not a cheery candy floss collection but rather a dark and deliciously moody reflection on the less than sunny side of life Now this I enjoyed I like a good fluffy short story sure but I love to see the dark and somewhat twisted aspect of humanity with all its uirks A very satisfying read with some clever twists including the two stories which unexpectedly link upRecommended

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    Curtains was of a mix than Ashes and Flowers The stories came from many different genres and are from the authors own life experiences The best to me remains the first story Dog Person This story really got to me; seriously I cried But that may have to do with my relating to the story I have a cat that has three legs who almost had to be put down but we paid the 9000 for his surgeries My cats are my children you can't decide they are too expensive and put them down Back to the point the stories are excellent and often have an unexpected twistOne tip read Nothing Personal But You Gotta Die Story 10 before The Name Game story 4 It actually makes it intriguing

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    A great bunch of short stories They tickle the back of your mind and give you the chills

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    This was a mixture of stories with a few authors thrown in Very interesting stories I enjoyed them