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In the first of a mystery series set amid the bright lights big egos and Botoxed brows of Hollywood Cheryl Crane daughter of legendary movie star Lana Turner introduces a smart hilarious and utterly loveable heroine in realtor turned amateur sleuth Nikki Harper

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    This is a great series I've read them out of order Love all the head nods to movie tv stars Well written and a fun read

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    First Sentence Nikki Harper snagged a Norwegian salmon canapé from a silver tray as a server passed her Nikki Harper is the daughter of a Hollywood legend Victoria Bordeaux inherited enough money from her late father that she need never work and yet supports herself selling real estate in Hollywood with her friend Jessica Martin One of their recent sales was the house of Edith March Originally they worked for Edith’s husband Rex until he died in a small plane crash eight months ago his body never recovered Or at least Rex was thought to have died Now Rex who clearly had not died in a plane crash has turned up clearly murdered naked for gold lamé bikini briefs in Jessica’s bed and she is the prime suspect in his murder Nikki who knows her friend is innocent but is afraid the police won’t look further than Jessica is determined to provide her friend is innocent New authors are always advised to “write what you know” and Ms Crane followed that adage to good end Author Cheryl Crane does sell real estate in Palm Springs She is also the daughter of real Hollywood actress and legend Lana Turner whose second husband was stabbed to death and for which Cheryl pled guilty The case was ruled as justifiable homicide as Crane was protecting her mother from a man who was known to be violent and abusive However rather than this being a dark and bitter book it is absolutely delightful There are three critical elements for which I look when I read characters dialogue and plot Ms Crane scored very high marks on all the points In contrast to the setting of the rich and famous Nikki is a delightful protagonist In spite of her collection of high end watches she drives a Prius doesn’t generally wear designer shoes or clothes and is self supporting Although due to her upbringing she is connected to the Hollywood glitterati she’s seen behind the screen and isn’t impressed This is refreshing for although the book is filled with famous names and labels you realize these are simply part of the character’s life than being there to impress Nikki’s mother Victoria is an absolute gem She is Hollywood nobility but with good sense and an understanding of the importance of treating everyone with respect The relationship between them is a realistic combination of love affection frustration and exasperation Crane has an excellent ear for dialogue It’s natural crisp often funny and occasionally touching The only weakness was in trying to capture the sound of a deep Southern accent in print It slowed down the pace of reading and just didn’t really work The plot was so well done Crane uses Nikki’s background similar to Crane’s own to explain her distrust of the police and why she felt compelled to investigate the murder She followed the clues worked with others and never came up as TSTL too stupid to live She did a wonderful job creating plot twists and red herrings without their ever feeling contrived or awkward Even if you think you know the killer you’re not at all certain until the very end The story is refreshing in that there is almost no profanity but neither is it so sweet it makes your teeth hurt The language is occasionally euphemistic rather than profane and the story is without either graphic sex or violence It will be interesting to see Ms Crane develop as a writer and Nikki develop as a character “THE BAD ALWAYS DIE TWICE” is a very good book multiple generations of readers could enjoy and should so doTHE BAD ALWAYS DIE TWICE Ama Sleuth Nikki Harper Los Angeles Cont VG Crane Cheryl – 1st in series New York Kensington Books ©2011

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    You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance Rating 35 out of 5I won this book from Goodreads First Reads program which was a nice surprise because I probably wouldn't have purchased it for myself if I had seen it on the shelf in the bookstore Note to publisher that cover is HORRIBLE Cheryl Crane is the daughter of actress Lana Turner and there are semi autobiographical touches throughout the book which add an air of verisimilitude I believe this is Ms Crane’s first novel although she has published other non fiction works in the past While there are a few glitches that detracted from my enjoyment of the mystery Nikki Harper was a likeable character with a strong voice and I'll definitely be looking forward to reading the next Nikki Harper mystery Hollywood realtor Nikki Harper is the daughter of 50s bombshell Victoria Bordeaux and is celebrating the recent sale of the white elephant mansion of TV has been actor Rex March But only a few days later Rex March’s body is discovered in the bed of Nikki’s best friend and business partner Jessica Martin What makes the discovery so bizarre is that Rex supposedly died 6 months earlier in a fiery plane crash Nikki finds herself trying to clear Jessica’s name and as the investigation progresses we meet some of Hollywood’s uirkiest characters But Nikki soon begins to wonder if trying to clear Jessica’s name has attracted the killer’s attention to this realtor turned PI There are many things to like about this mystery Ms Crane's writing is smooth and easy to read and Nikki Harper's character is very likeable and down to earth I love the relationship she has with her 50s movie star mother Victoria Bordeaux and all the glimpses of old Hollywood glamour Victoria and Nikki come across as real people you would want to spend time with and Nikki’s friends and family make up a zany but loveable supporting cast Also you'll really enjoy Nikki's voice which I think promises well for Ms Crane's future novels I would have rated this book a 4 if it were not for a few small complaints The first is that Nikki's best friend Jessica is really obnoxious When Jessica is accused of murdering a former client and lover Nikki immediately steps up to investigate what's going on but Jessica is so unlikeable that it was hard for me to understand why Nikki would be her friend much less such a loyal friend that she's willing to snoop around to clear her friend's name The second complaint is that there are small hints of a romantic relationship for Nikki but these never really materialize into anything If the relationship is going to be important I would like it to be a central part of Nikki's life If it's not then I'm not sure the character even needs to be included because his presence doesn't add much to the narrative arcAll of that aside this was a pleasant read with a well thought out mystery Nikki Harper was such a likeable character that I kept turning the pages and the secondary characters that make up her support system her mother and several friends were delightful

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    As a devout and obsessive reader I am always delighted to discover a new author andor a new series that I can follow While author Cheryl Crane is not new to me her autobiographical account Detour is fascinating and de rigeur Hollywood reading her new series involving realtor and intrepid detective Nikki Harper is And if The Bad Always Die Twice is any indication the series will be a wonderfully pleasing diversion that any reader can eagerly revel in I'm not certain which aspect of The Bad Always Die Twice I liked better the amateur sleuthing or the classic Hollywood connection The sleuthing performed with a stealth like grace by heroine Nikki was entertaining breath stopping and nervewracking Nikki proved to be a feisty character a tenacious lady who appears to live by the motto all things are possible She simply cannot be kept down and she doesn't give up I immensely enjoyed her as a heroine; she was smart uick and self sufficient and established herself uickly as a very devoted friend and daughter But let's talk about Nikki's mother the regal classy and very indomitable Victoria Bordeaux Victoria was a 1950s movie actress a sexy siren who still lives her every day as the very elegent star she was once was and still is for many fans I absolutely and positively loved her with the passion of a thousand suns Maybe it was due to author Cheryl Crane's own famous mother but throughout the book I visualized Lana Turner as Victoria Bordeaux and just thrilled at every scene that included her To say that Victoria was a scene stealer would be a drastic understatement this lady owned every page she was on Between these two incredible female characters is indeed a mystery a whodunit? that is clever and will keep you guessing until the end I was surprised by the reveal not disappointed in the least and gratified that Ms Crane didn't insert charactersplotsred herrings that did not pay off in the end Despite being a realtor herself in her other life Ms Crane is a very adept and able writer The dialogue is fresh not forced or stilted and the characters are a fun panorama of LA area residents Purveyors of home and garden goods will love the references to property amenities while fashion junkies will excite to the designer handbags and shoes The pages will fly by as you read The Bad Always Die Twice and if you are like me you will be left anxious to return to the glamorous Victoria Bordeaux and her Movie Nights with daughter Nikki and her two beloved dogs The Bad Always Die Twice is the kind of book that you simply won't be able to put down nor will you want to Highly recommended and I would beg of Ms Crane to please include generous doses of Victoria Bordeaux in future books Review Copyright © Psychotic State Book Reviews

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    This was a fun read When it comes to the backside of Hollywood you have to admit that Cheryl Crane daughter of screen legend Lana Turner really knows her stuff The Bad Always Die Twice is a Hollywood murder mystery with all of the fun details that only an insider would knowNikki Harper is a Hollywood real estate agent selling those megamillion dollar mansions in the hills with her partner Jessica Martin They are young pretty celebrity savvy girls “One of Jessica’s most endearing ualities was that she wasn’t any impressed by celebrities than Nikki was Their only difference was that Nikki had grown up with them and Jessica slept with them The combination of their personalities made them a great team at work”Sort of sets the tone for their interaction Jessica is the pretty flashy girl who flirts with the gentlemen clients and reels them in Nikki is less flashy with a understated style and the Hollywood chops to make the deals And when Jessica is accused of murder Nikki puts those Tinseltown connections to workThe real star of the story is Victoria Bordeaux She is stunningly beautiful incredibly poised an old school screen goddess in the style of well Lana Turner She is also Nikki’s mother Nikki’s relationship with her mother and her mother’s particular flair for dealing with people are the best parts of the book Nikki is a great character with a complicated love life interesting friends and the sort of foibles that will make her a fun read Still Victoria is what will keep me coming back — you can just tell that she’s going to be very involved in whatever Nikki doesand that’s not a bad thing at allI was a little wary taking this on — sometimes you suspect that a writer got their contract based on a celebrity pedigree than their writing talent — but it was a real pleasure I would certainly enjoy picking up the next Nikki Harper mystery

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    I had a great time reading this traditional mystery garbed in Hollywood style The protagonist is a winner the plot is well above average and my weekend lightened right up Way to go Cheryl Crane

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    I enjoyed this mystery How can someone die twice?Just about everyone who knew the victim is a liar Or misinformed Or just delusionalThere were very few characters I liked Certainly Nikki and her Mom And Jessica's elderly neighborI don't know if this celebrity author has any further insights but I may try another in this seriesI borrowed a copy from the public library

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    35 Delightful cute amusing engaging Enjoyed this light 'read' audiobook a lot

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    liked very much easy to read and follow

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    Synopsis Nikki Harper daughter of a Hollywood legend is a realtor The husband of a recent buyer thought deceased has been found murdered