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Fleeing an obsessed suitor Fiona MacEnroy rides recklessly into Scotland's wildest hills and is captured by a horde of well armed men Instead of battling for her life she finds herself swept away by a powerful stranger and carried off to a remote forbidding keep

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    45 Stars easyOh man I've been in a highlanders funk ever since I dipped my toes in the historical genre and was introduced to Julie Garwood Nothing was uite holding my attention Slump over New hunky set of highlander alphas found While not as funny as Garwood I loved this new family and extended family Nothing like a good ol' multi clan web to get you all tangled up and dying for I've already gone all the way back to book one to start at the beginning There were so many secondary characters in this book I'm excited to learn all their stories

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    Made it to the 70% mark I loved the heroine but the hero was pretty mediocre Finding out he had a surprise kid from his ex lover made me throw in the towel on this book

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    I dinnae need sweet words I dinnae need flatteries poetry song or gifts I just need ye to tell me every now and again that ye love me p348 loc4252Author Hannah HowellFirst published 2004Length 384 pages 4459 locationsSetting Scotland 1472Sex freuent reasonably erotic Light bondage she ties him upHeroine Has been chased and caught by a MadMon who could not take a nay to marriage Each capture resulted in a planned scar including on her face and threat of rapeHero Has a face scarred by his enemies Almost celibateSeries Book 9 of Howell's Murray series Book 3 of MacEnroy's Also family to the Cameron's with Sigimor making an appearanceIncludes Murray family tree Excerpt from Highland Conueror and Highland Lover by Hannah HowellThere I was reading yet another Howell Medieval Romance when this image crosses my fb pageYup it's a bit like that My reality while imperfect isn't all that bad And my Hero loves me unconditionally and I love him There's no need to prove himself by saving me from the Evil Dudes and he isn't going to wait until it's almost too late to declare his LoveAnywayAnother nice Howell Medieval Romance For a change we have a hero who isn't a rogue Ewan is next to celibate with his yearly rutting with a tavern wench Fiona is nicely drawn and grown up Sigimor makes a fun appearance and Gilly is again involved as she is mentioned in almost every conversation Fiona hasOver the Murray series Howell has developed her background characters allowing them to give the books colour and substance It makes the stories interesting to read but a reader who pops in out of seuence may find the multitude of previously introduced family coupled with people from the new clan may be overwhelmed The need for a family tree albeit incomplete and convoluted amply demonstrates the difficulties author and reader are presented with So many people so many years only so many books that can be writtenOverall again it works It's an easy solid romance Nothing too exciting But nothing wrong with it eitherMurray Family Three brothers – the patriarchs of the Murray FamilyBook 1 Highland Promise Balfour Murray and Maldie Kirkcaldy 1430Book 2 Highland Honor Nigel Murray and Gisele Deveau 1437Book 3 Highland Destiny Eric Murray and Bethia Drummond 1444 The daughtersBook 4 Highland Vow Elspeth Murray and Cormac Armstrong 1456Book 5 Highland Knight Avery Murray and Cameron MacAlpin 1458Book 6 Highland Bride Gillyanne Murray Conor MacEnroy 1465 RelativesBook 7 Highland Angel Payton Murray and Kirstie Maclye 1468Book 8 Highland Groom Ilsa Campbell and Dairmit MacEnroy 1471Book 9 Highland Warrior Fiona MacEnroy and Ewan MacFingal 1472Book 10 Highland Conueror Sigimor Cameron and Jolene Girard 1473Book 11 Highland Champion Kiera Murray MacKail and Liam Cameron 1475Book 12 Highland Lover Alana Murray and Gregor MacFingal 1475ReferencesAuthor's website ISBN 9781420119398 CR

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    35 starsA much better story than the previous one Although the beginning of how Fiona got found by Ewan and his men was a bit of a weak plot point After that Fiona and Ewan made a reasonably good pair Fiona the only girl of the MacEnroy brothers was brought up virtually as a boy and so her unladylike manners were considered uite acceptable And Ewan MacFingal was not as thick headed as some of Ms Howell's other heroes The MacFingals being in a deadly feud with the neighbouring clan was used to keep all of Fiona's relatives and connections away for most of the book Another weak plot point but overall a good read

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    A favorite comfort readWhen I don't know what I want to read this is one of the books I pick up most often Fiona is a brilliant combination of a confident feisty and compassionate woman Ewan has no chance of not falling in love with his captive and what a fun read it is watching the love develop Thank you Ms Howell for your Highlanders

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    Re reading I have never forgotten this one and it has been years Yep I am remembering why I always loved Hannah Howell's Murray books Even after 10 years I still like them

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    You can skip this one honestly If you do give it a try you’ll definitely be skimming a lot I was hoping Highland Warrior would be a Julie Garwood esue romp through the medieval highlands but it was not Instead it joins the growing list of highly rated historical romances that I just did not enjoy this yearFirstly the book was a bit boring; the parts that should be exciting are rushed the characters and dialogue are generally uninspired If “eye dialect” is a pet peeve you’ll also find the book annoying LOTS of ‘aye’ ‘didnae’ and ‘wouldnae’ However the main problem with Highland Warrior is the classic “telling versus showing” method of character and plot development A character suddenly decides they are feeling a certain way and states this as fact or the third person narrator tells us this Meanwhile we haven’t seen what has made them feel this way—aside from being subjected to their copious internal monologuing An example that sums up much of my frustrations 20% into the book the heroine suddenly decides that the hero is her soul mate At this point Ms Howell had only covered their first meeting In addition to the instalove I also mean that 20% of the book was entirely focused on the first meeting

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    Ewan FionaScared by similar and yet different situations fate puts these two together I think this is such a wonderful story of beauty being within a person and not so much on the outwardly I also love the part that we meet the MacFingles and I also love seeing the Cameron’s again The comedy in this story knows no bounds Another great story

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    This book wasn't bad but I didn't understand how the heroin was connected to so many families but yet no one could protect her from the mad man who kidnapped her several times in order to cut her I did like the fact that she was smart and knew how to somewhat protect herself

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    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 Review to come